One of the most photographed boats or ship, is the Santa Maria de Colombo, otherwise known as the Pirate Ship, which is the exact replica of Christopher Columbus boat, build in 1998. This trip has an adventures feeling about it, as one can almost feel how it was when the island was discovered 500 odd years ago. The boat also goes out twice a day and covers the same route as the catamaran which also stops at the bottom of Cabo Girao (The highest sea cliff in Europe), for a swim.
The meeting point for the Santa Maria Pirate boat trip is in front of their main ticket office at the harbour, where the boat departs from.
Once you’ve completed the model, immerse yourself in the fantastic tale of Blackbeard the pirate. Times are tough, my friends, and I've got bills to pay, so I decided to put my encyclopedic knowledge of all things sci-fi & fantasy-related to use to help me land a day job.
We would love this because our school mascot is the Pirates and we love anything to do with them. I would like to win this prize because many years ago when the husband and I lived in Savannah my husband tried to make a ship in a bottle but our beloved dog, Cindur, was jealous of the time he was spending on it. Model building is always fun – now if I could just keep the cat from laying down in the middle of the project.

I cannot list all of the reasons I would love to win because I have such a devotion to ships.
I would like to receive this for two reasons; my husband and son would have a nice time putting it together, and it would look cool on the shelf. I have always wanted to try building a ship in a bottle and would really like to do this with my whole family.
I would love to win this as I have always wanted to build my own ship in a bottle as I love them. I’ve always wanted to build a ship in a bottle, and the kids love pirates, so it would be a double win! I would like to win because Pirates are far superior to Ninjas even if my husband disagrees.
I recently got spinal surgery and I’m home on disability from work and I would really love for something to do. Display your handiwork on your mantle at home or your desk at work, so all your friends and family can appreciate your sense of adventure and your spirit of creation. The fully illustrated copy of Blackbeard will thrill you with a detailed account of the ill-fated pirate’s terrorizing and bloody conquests.

I like to think that my first calling is fighting crime and delivering a heaping dose of sweet, sweet justice to all manner of thugs, miscreants, hoodlums, ruffians, and ne'er-do-wells, but unfortunately, violent vigilantism doesn't exactly pay big bucks these days. When he left the project to go answer the phone she took the ship and crunched it into bits of kindling and hid the pieces under her doggie bed. I would love to win this to give to her because she works so hard being a stay home mom and taking care of our home that she rarely has time to enjoy the things she loves…I just want her to have something she could really appreciate. Build your own replica of Queen Anne’s Revenge, beloved vessel of Captain Blackbeard, as you read all about the infamous pirate in the accompanying book.
I think he would enjoy this because once I bought him a kids (Klutz) book kit where you could build your own pirate ship and he took it on the boat with him and put it together.

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