With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. Determine how big you want your sails and cut them out of a couple of sheets of normal printer (or copy) paper. So to help out anyone else choosing to undertake such an endeavor, I present to you my very first attempt at an Instructable!
How to Build a sail boat that is much cheaper than retail ones.by When in doubt, duct tape!
Gus:After you have composed your message, click on the "Click here to choose your attachments" below. In my previous post I showed a photo of an ultra small model of the USS Constitution to show how model craftsmanship was not limited by small size. If you just watch this video, you will miss out on most of the high level details, skim through videos 1-4 to see the lights, and intricate floor designs.

But on the other hand, if I am using card stock for covering the hull, how would I make the A deck walls, the ones on the side of the hull? And, I started it 2 years ago (when I was a modeling noob) so lots of things are inaccurate, but now that I've been researching a lot since then and my skills have grown, (I'm still by no means an Art or Morten) it is a fairly detailed model, but just not all that accurate.
When I started it, I accidentally made it not wide enough, so i got a pair of snips and cut it in half! Whatever he used, it looks to scale.That matchstick masterpiece is out of this world as well. And as I mentioned earlier, the Poop Decl isn't very well formed, or the right size, here is a picture of it.
I am not going to include any interior rooms, only the 2nd Class Promenade on C deck and the Cafe Parisien, and optional A deck interiors.
I want to do it the way Peter Davies-Garner did it: Make the keel, cut the slots into the keel for the frames.

Insert the frames, and fill the gaps in between the frames with wood cut to the correct size.
Fill and sand, fill sand, fill and sand until really smooth, then draw the shell plate lines and attach the shell plates. Thats what he said, but Plank on frame is when you do the method I just listed but just slightly different, AKA putting planks onto the hull THEN the plates.

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