After you selected and collected all the required material for your car you are almost half the way to run your car. Hey you through this will inspire lot of technical guys to share there knowledge and lots of layman like us will be drawn to such technologies. Learn how to design an RC model airplane from a clean sheet of paper to test flights to the final prototype. The Finch is an easy to build, three channel miniature RC airplane made from free full size CAD plans you can download here. A sport scale RC model of the 1912 Blackburn Type D monoplane is very easy to build from CAD plans and flies just great. See pictures of Alan's version of the Blackburn monoplane with a slightly reduced wingspan. The Yard Ace was published in the Sept 2008 Quiet and Electric Flight International magazine. A typical set of plans provides all the needed information to complete the aircraft within the plan itself.
As you gain experience with plan built models it is quite easy to make modifications to the original design. A very nice flying model of the 1912 Blackburn Type D monoplane can be built from a set of CAD plans. Once you are able to build an RC model airplane from plans, there is an entire new world out there of existing RC airplane plans, many dating back to the 1930s that would make ideal indoor flyers. Models designed in the early days had to fly well as all the models needed to be capable of stable free flight before the advent of radio control systems. The older structures will need to be lightened for optimum indoor flight, but that is all part of the fun. Once you gain experience in building from RC plans the ultimate step is to draw a plan of your own for a completely new aircraft design.
The new Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs are really quite easy to learn for drawing regular plans, and allow you to draw just about any shape necessary. An example of a plans built model is the Yard Ace, an aircraft I designed for larger indoor flying venues or outdoors under calm wind conditions. CAD plans for the Chickadee, a three channel indoor electric RC airplane are FREE when you purchase a set of Blackburn plans. Chickadee plans were published in the September 2009 Quiet and Electric Flight International magazine.

Building your own simple yet powerful wired robot is the first step in the field of robotics. In differential drive system we mount one motor with right wheel and other motor with left wheel. KTM had previously announced that a small displacement sportsbike with styling cues from the RC8 superbike and Moto3 racer would be launched in India by early 2014.In an interview with popular motorcycling journalist Mr. All published model airplane plans shown on this website are drawn with TurboCAD drafting software. Follow along as I design the Robin, a four channel electric RC airplane for the electronics and RC gear from the Horizon Hobby E-flite 4-Site biplane. 2 hours and 50 minutes of video training using TurboCAD to draw an RC model airplane plan available for sale here.
Download the PDF version of the Snapper plan here, or obtain the full CAD version of the Snapper RC plane plan on the training CD set showing you how to use TurboCAD model airplane design software to draw your model airplane plans.
The Chickadee is a great flying three channel indoor electric RC airplane built from plans.The Chickadee plans are included for free when you purchase a set of Blackburn plans. While the first test flights were flown in a Golf Dome, the Yard Ace is a bit fast for normal indoor flying.
It is quite easy to gain a level of building proficiency with kit aircraft, which have a set of RC plane plans and detailed building instructions that will allow you to build any model from just the plans alone.
You may wish to increase the wing span, add some details or perhaps strengthen the landing gear.
In addition, it is very easy to use a local graphics shop to shrink or enlarge older RC airplane plans to just the right size desired.
The Yard Ace plan was published in Quiet and Electric Flight International magazine in Sept 2008.
While too large for indoor flight, the Electro Aviator looks great, is an easy build and flies extremely well.
If you are using two motors on front wheels then make your rare wheels free to rotate with the help of ball-bearing.
An H-Bridge circuit can be made using four SPST (Single Polarity Single Toggle) Switch or one DPDT (Dual Polarity Dual Toggle) Switch or using BJTs (Bi-Polar Junction Transistor). Select your power source with enough current rating so that the speed of motor does not decrease during an obstacle. 2, you just need two DPDT(Dual Polarity Dual Toggle) Switch and connect them as shown in figure… Thats it!!!

I have been using TurboCAD since the year 2000, and have designed the Electro Aviator, Yard Ace, Chickadee and Blackburn RC airplanes with this easy to use computer aided design software.
No special jigs or fixtures needed to build these great looking spoke wheels and they add character to any airplane from the early days of flight. The easiest way is to use DPDT switch but if you wish to use microcontroller, then you will need to create a BJT H-Bridge circuit.
Stefan Pierer,  CEO of KTM stated that the company is currently working on three faired motorcycles – RC 125, RC 200 and RC 390. You will need to cut out the necessary formers and ribs, and the model is built directly on the full size plans. If we rotate right motor in forward direction and left motor in backward direction a torque is produced in anti-clockwise direction and the car turns to left. He also added that these motorcycles will be unveiled at the EICMA show in November.The KTM RC 390 will be the first bike to enter production sometime in early 2014.
Similarly if left motor is turned in forward direction and right motor in reverse direction the torque is produced in clockwise direction and car turns to right. If the car is not moving freely then align all the tyres again so that they are free to rotate. A chassis can be made of anything which is flat, light, flexible, hard, and easy to cut like Toughened Styrofoam, Acrylic sheet, plastic tray, etc. We suspect that the RC 125 is exclusive for the export markets while the RC 390 and RC 200 would make it to the domestic market.With naked and faired range of motorcycles, KTM is looking to cover all the types of biking enthusiasts. Just take care that the rod fits properly in the tyre and tyre is not slipping over the rod.
If you select a motor with high speed then it will provide less torque and if you select a motor with high torque then its speed will cripple.
If you plan to run your car in mud, dust or sand then you should prefer an internal gear system to avoid jamming of gears with mud.

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