Not specifically skin on frame, but here's a recent relevant discussion thread on fishing kayaks with lots of good ideas and links. If you think SOF will be tough enough George Dyson sells many weights of cloth and aluminum tubing which should make a lighter boat. Modern skin boats can take a lot but they will never sustain the abuse a plywood hall can endure.
No matter how you slice it you will have to figure out what you will accept and live with whatever compromises are involved. Coming to the understanding as Chuck points out that there is likely no perfect boat at least as far as meeting all of my desired features. So far I'm leaning towards a umiak for its 'workhorse' appeal and also Dave's Whitehall for something stability and movement in the water. What if one made a wide beamed canoe SOF and then one or two small mid section outriggers, would that not make for a water craft that is stable, moves easily in the water and light weight?
I started out building a 20' flatbottomed plywood canoe (too heavy and hard for one person to cartop).
This spring I made a 9' cartop; use Daves plywood frame method and built it with only a bit of thought to shape. I like to build the SOF way with ply frames as it is very forgiving and allows me to try many different shapes.

Connecting with a wide range of traditional and non traditional boat builders is great, I'm constantly learning about new (usually old type) boats. Using the SOF method I only need enough data to how to shape my frames, then its just a matter of keel and stringers.
Commissioned by Australian singer-songwriter Josh Pyke, he is now auctioning off his Guitar Boat as seen above in order to raise funds for the Indigenous Literacy Charity. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. With a little more length (less than the rubber craft below) and a solid deck they would be very tough, not as heavy as the tupperware takeapart, and able to be stood on or mount a seat.
If you are set on an SOF it's up to you to decide how careful you can be paddling the water you do. If you want stability you need a lot of width and that will make the hull harder to drive thru' the water.
Then I discovered Daves's version of SOF, he guided me through a tandem kayak SOF that was modified to enlarge the cockpit area for fishing. It turned out nice but still a bit small and not very graceful on the water, but fun and light. The Adirondack guide boat is close to a small freight canoe in design and should provide stability and reasonable paddling, plus shallow water exploring.

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