With the keel and the hull sides attached, I can think about filling the hull with foam and carving out the bottom of the hull. With these cardboard pieces installed, I will only need foam pieces that are an inch or so thick to finish off the hull bottom. After all the foam pieces are attached, I can start sanding them smooth with my homemade sanding block.
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As I study the hull bottom as it sits, I notice that the hull sides have some waves in them. Since it is much easier to fix this now, I go ahead and glue then clamp some thin pine strips along the inside of the hull sides about ? inch below the upper edge.

The front of this hull requires thicker pieces, mostly because I would rather have thicker foam here instead of dealing with fitting cardboard to these more severely curved hull sections. Once these extra hull pieces are secure, I measure and cut cardboard to act as a surface on which to adhere my dry foam.

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