The Remote Control (RC) Helicoptes we see on TV or at the park are spectacular electronic toys. The combination of spy products and a remote control helicopter simply intrigues me, can you blame me?
This Do It Yourself project creates the Helicopter from left over electronic products and their salvagable parts, such as Hard Drives.
You could also find additional aerial solutions by simply getting Electric RC model airplanes already built for aerial photography or stick to the spy cam area by learning how to build spy cam sunglasses. If you are a Geek who likes New Gadgets, cool Technology or fun Designs and want to write about it, let us know! EmailPrintMubarak Muhammad Abdullahi, 24 years old physics undergraduate transformed broken cars and motorbikes parts into a ready to fly helicopter. The helicopter was build from a second-hand 133 horsepower Honda Civic car engine and with four-seat from an old Toyota. Mubarak Muhammad Abdullahi has no formal training in flying and his helicopter has never flown higher than 7 feet of the ground. In the near future Mubarakc want to build a better helicopter which will be able to make 3 hour flights. For now Nigeria’s Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) didn’t show any interest for the home made helicopter. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader.
Dear, Mubarak Muhammad Abdullah,take my salam.yes i appreciate you for build up helicopter by rejected spare motor parts.
The thing shown in the picture has never flown or will it ever fly unless its thrown over a cliff! Here I am Sreekanth and i want to know how you made helicopter from car & motor bike parts so if u can send please send the details how to make it.

Hello there, plz can you send me the details how to make an helicopter, I can’t express how i am looking forward to make it by my hands. I want to know how its functions , what kind to motor required for it and how can we fly it from the earth. It seem so much intrestin to do that kind of thing and i want to do that with a motorbike engine and what can be possible. Im like it helicopter machine faster one,very good this one for you for me for every boldy man,how very much to build this big kaka?. You big man you make it for big problem with V8 mate from Holden Kingswood very faster engine mate,rotor propella make from stinky Popadum condom and rats kaka , tank you verrrry much you big man you ! I also built helicopter out of egg cartons, and I flew across Australia, but had V8 holden Kingswood engine not kaka honda engine so muchly power. September 21, 2005 Flying is not a sport generally associated with those people who are light of wallet – which makes the Mosquito Ultralight helicopter something of a rarity. The Mosquito’s designer John Uptigrove is a mech engineer by trade and like a lot of people alwaysdreamed of being able to fly.
To date, Uptigrove’s Innovator Technologies has sold 37 mosquito kits (two in Japan, two in Canada, one in Spain, one in France, one in Belgium and the remainder in the US) and a dozen have been built to airworthiness by their purchasers at the time of going to press.
All of the mosquitoes sold so far have been built in kit form, though the company has just begun offering a factory build program and the first factory-finished Mosquito is being finished as you read this. The Ultralight legal Mosquito and Mosquito XEL are only permitted to carry five gallons of fuel and hence have a range of just 60 miles. You can actually start building your Mosquito for a lot less as the kit is sold in bite size chunks and the first kit group, the frame kit, sells for only US$2,995.00.
In a sense they provide us the freedom to control flying machinery and also grant us the ability to fly (or an alternative to it). It goes through with detail how to build the Helicopter, attach the servos, and how to build a spy cam for it.

I have been designing, building and flying large scale radio control helicopters for over 15 years, including flying real Robinson’s R22! I am very much interested in making helicopter my self through my limited resources for personal satisfaction. I send you plans of my helicopter, it is also 7 m high, and I used a boomerang for the tail rotor, but made it fly around in circles, very hard to fly in straight line. Every month our editors search tech sites and recommend you the articles you must read to keep up with today technologies. The entire kit for the Mosquito can be purchased for US$20,000 and if you think the minimalist Mosquito leaves you a bit vulnerable, there’s the fully enclosed Mosquito XE and XEL which can be purchased for US$23,000 apeice.
The open frame Mosquito first became available in 2002 and the XE model was brought on in 2004. Provide proof that you have had helicopter training from a certified instructor to at least the "solo" signoff, or a minimum of 10 hours dual instruction by the time of your purchase of the last group (Rotor System and Blades) and Innovator will discount the final price by US$2,000 to help pay for your training.
This DIY project outlines how to build your very own remote control helicopter that has a wireless spy cam for photography and view. Just imagine the ability to eaves drop or record people without their knowledge from the air – a little appalling isn’t it? Building the kits will cost you about 200 to 300 hours to build or you can have the plane built for you for a flat US$4000.
Getting airborn for under US$20,000 in your own, new helicopter is quite a feat – we’re not aware of any other helicopter in this price category and on top of that, both Mosquito variants offer very low maintenance and operating costs.

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