Teale assumes you already speak the language of boats, but even so I don't know if there is quite enough granularity in this compact little tome for most of us to design one of today's complex high-tech, overly-intricate behemoths, but there certainly is enough to understand and put into practice the fundamentals which like the sea, haven't changed much recently.But Teale doesn't shy away from addressing the intricacies of modern materials and structures, and even if one never actually designs their own boat, grasping the fundamentals in will leave the skipper nicely equipped to outmaneuver the shoe-salesman masquerading as a yacht-broker, or the sincere but misinformed dock-expert.
For the serious skipper, who has already acquired a nautical lexicon, and wanting to better understand his own craft, this is an first-rate book to have around - its brevity and succinctly being a great asset.

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