A self built trailer can often be easily be accomplished with the help with a set of illustrated boat trailer plans, the ideal materials, and the ability to weld steel.. You then slide the axle assembly forward or aft till it is the proper weight for the boat you are carrying.
Build your own boat: W elcome to our on-line catalog of camper and travel trailer plans and patterns. Boat plan net has boating links for sail boats thru to wooden boats for all your boating needs including insurance and numerous boat pics and plans.
Dinghy trailers in the UK typically use a rubber torsion suspension system that is tuned to lower weight boats.
John Beatty was unable to buy an off the shelf trailer in Fiji, so he designed and built one, buying the road wheels, suspension units and ball-hitch from the UK.
I think it's the first time I have seen a design available for home build of a trailer trolley combination.
Does this rule out torsion axles all together, or does it just rule out torsion axles rated over 1000 lbs? An aside: My boat, a Coquina, overhangs the end of its trailer by enough that the trailer's tail lights are hard to see, so I've been thinking about copying Thorne's rig and making a stern bracket to carry the lights and license plate up where they are visible. I suppose there is some very slight legal risk in the light bar without the side lights, but suspect it would be a very small part of any overall legal fallout from an accident. Make sure the wheel assembly is not simply attached to the end of a transverse leaf spring.
Again, this trailer design question isn't for my immediate needs -- I have two that should work OK for my boats.
A few years ago, I read an article about building a wooden trailer, maybe designed by LF Herreshoff? And of course if you are concerned about these you can set up a wiring run to clearance lights on either side of the wiring harness for the light board.
An interesting design, but I'd modify it to take a commercial boat trailer axle and the lightest leafsprings possible.
I wanted to raise another issue at this point, which is that boat trailers can be too lightweight for some trailering conditions.
But when the road ran up onto the top of the levee along the Sacramento River, the wind was blowing across the river with gusts over 70mph, and the boat and trailer were blown up onto one wheel at around 30 degrees -- the maximum that the towball would allow. I suspect that this would not have happened had I been towing my dory skiff (350lbs or so) on the galvanized EZLoader trailer (200lbs or so). You can download articles from Wooden Boat for very little money, dimes I think, so it would be easy to get a copy of the full article if you have no archive. John L - the Holsclaw is a wonderful trailer, so if you can get yours fixed up it will be well worth the money. Juniper - While the PWC trailers might be OK for adding a longer tongue for heavier wooden boats, I don't see any rated for less than 1200 lbs, and many higher -- which probably indicates the use of 2000lb leaf springs. Dave W - we'd probably all like that, as the Trailex trailers seem to be the only commercial ones easily available with a suspension rated at less than 1000lbs. If your wanting to reduce the bounce on a generic trailer or one customized to work with boats under 600 lbs then what about using small motorcycle or moped shocks on the axle.
Rkler - read some of the earlier posts in this thread about the Holsclaw coil spring and shock suspension. Location: Tucson, AZ I remember seeing your video a few years ago - most excellent! Did you ever consider rigging up a cable and pulley system so you can steer from the front? Originally Posted by RonKMiller I remember seeing your video a few years ago - most excellent!
I was pleased to see your idea and do not know why people do not place their campers on pontoons as you have.
Attached is a picture of a 10.m Myark folding trailer barge that has a Jayco caravan on top at the back of a lake in New Zealand. On the front of the lake are caravans and campervans in a caravan park that have to pay fees and staked close to each other.

You are not allowed to camp around the lakes in NZ but you can camp on the water line side with the shore line to yourself.
Location: 1k Islands I'm sorry I didn't look at this thread earlier, that is fantastic! One thing though, quiet about that "Chiricahua National Monument" thing, do you want everybody to know about the most beautiful place in America that no one's ever heard of?
Location: United States Camper on a boat I have a company that makes boats for this exact use. Originally Posted by myark I found this similar to yours on google, the picture was tacken in 2009. Location: United States Portable The boat in the photo came to the lake in the back of the truck it now rides on.
Here is a photo of that same model, set up as a white water RV,actualy in the Grand Canyon, not a photoshoped fake. Tug boat propulsion » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Folding T-Top?
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Frosty Previous Member   Pull the winch wire right out and round the back of the trailer and re attach to the front attachement .
Putting it back on is just as easy just allow the front of the trailer to rise as it wants ,--it will come back down again as the weight comes forward. I thought this was a boat as in BOAT boat As Frosty said you can winch it off on the grass, winch it back up when you've fixed the trailer up. Pull the trailer forward until there is place for more wood on the good side of the CoG, then move the trailer out of the way.
Location: Eustis, FL There are lots of ways to get a boat off a trailer, most heave some risk associated with them. Of course if you know some one with a front end loader or back hoe, it would make things much easier and a lot faster.
Frosty Previous Member   I never advise anyone to do any thing ever ever unless I have done it.
You can still place wood planks or support under the boat for protection, but a lawn is perfectly safe. Add rollers to the trailer if you don't have any but so only the last half a meter lifts the boat from the rollers onto the skids.
If it is possible to lower the boat on the trailer then it is always worth the extra work and time. Oh and by the by, if the boat has been sitting on the trailer for a while then you can expect the felt on the skids to cling to the hull.
Location: Yeehaa To lift this boat off the trailer we first brought the front of the trailer down, this lifted the stern up, stacked up 6x6 or 8x8 blocks tight under the stern, put a cushion, then lifted the tongue of the trailer which took the stern off the trailer, then supported the fwd part of the boat with the jack stands, then lowered the tongue of the trailer and later pulled it from under the boat. Location: North Port, FL How to get your Boat off your Trailer There are lots of ways to get your Boat off your Trailer.
Location: Nelson, NZ To digress, the question reminds me of an incident a few years back where a local yokel bought a new Salamander 570. At Loadmaster Trailer Company LTD., we feel that each and every boat is special and unique and deserves the best trailer possible, which is why we custom build each Loadmaster trailer. These photos of some Loadmaster Performance Boat Trailers are sample photos, as each trailer is unique for the boat and the customer.
For boats with a step hull design, it is extremely important that the bunking have a step design feature, not only to properly support the boat, but also to prevent fiberglass wear and damage along the step. Every Loadmaster Trailer can be custom painted for freshwater usage, or hot-dip galvanized for saltwater use.
Many Performance Boat owners elect to add aluminum diamond plate to the trailer’s fenders and steps and also an engine drive guards to protect the expensive outdrives. For saltwater usage, not only do our performance boat trailers come hot-dip galvanized, but they also have all stainless steel hardware and then different braking options. With a bit of planning, you can build your own trailer to transport your horses or your speed boat.

He kindly wrote upthe build and supplied the drawings for the design which was for a Welsford Truant. This would also allow me to remove the lights and store them in the car before launching the boat, thereby keeping them dry. My first canoe yawl once adopted an alarming and noisy list at 50 mph, and it took me a good 10 minutes to find where that wheel went. I am still inclined to go with the light bar and just hope I never run into a (ahem) law officer with an inclination toward strict compliance.
Just last night you could see more pages, including a dimensioned profile and a cross section looking forward at the axle.
The "camper on a raft" thing has been done and done, but that one is really well executed! I'd strongly not recommend using the bow eye to support, drag or other wise handle the dead weight of the boat. If the transom is hanging past the trailer bunks, you can lift the whole stern in one shot with a floor jack. USA OK Need to make things a bit clearer stainles Bow eyes with backing block will work fine for Boats up to 5000 lb.
After a couple of trips out in it, he returned to the dealer complaining that he couldn't get it to plane. Regardless of the boat, all our trailers do have the appropriate bunking and bow stop for your boat’s configuration. A Loadmaster Performance Boat Trailer has all custom bunking, set to the manufacturer’s drawings and measurements. Other popular customizing options include aluminum wheels, structural walkways, front storage boxes, all LED lights, remote control winches and power tongue jacks.
For minimal saltwater exposure, an all-wheel freshwater brake flush system for the standard drum brakes is the least expensive option.
The files are posted on the Welsford Yahoo Group so any one can join the group, many probably are members already, and download the files. For a quote, please telephone 1-800-258-6115 or submit a trailer request form on our website.
All bunking is made of treated lumber that has been routed along the edges and then covered with our special marine carpet.
This prevents the bow of the boat from hitting the winch when launching the boat and causing damage to the boat’s bow. However, the standard trailer includes all the features necessary for safe, easy and legal towing, loading and launching of your boat. I need to do major repairs on the trailer and I thought there must be someone out there that has done this before without crushing themselves or someone else in the process. You'll need a strap sling and find the balance point, but this is fairly easy once you start lifting. With the stern on the jack, you might get away with using the bow eye and a come along or engine hoist.
So the yokel backs the 4x4 down the ramp, unhitches the trailer, jumps into the boat and away.
The bunking is designed not only to properly support the boat, but to ease the loading and launching process.
The choice of braking systems, paint color, type of wheels, ladders, structural side guide (to help loading the boat) and other options is up to the customer. They are willing to fit it with an extended tongue, or one can use the usual growth tricks on your own. I am a 'One Man Band' here with just a 2 ton floor jack, an engine hoist and a few tires laying around. A little more blocking and I was able to roll the trailer out a little at a time to clear all the bunk hangers.

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