You can now learn how to draw cute cartoon animals, characters, food, objects, places and more using simple printable lessons perfect for anyone! In this lesson, drawing a simple cartoon boat - use your imagination to come up with a style that best suits your taste.
Before you jump in, it's not a bad idea to take a look at a photograph of a real boat so you can get a better sense of what components you'll be adding subtracting. Given the examples below - you should have a really nice experience in bringing the 'boat of your dreams' into view.
In the end, you've got a unique - stylized vehicle - one that can be personalized as well, just as I've pointed out with the 'Name Your Boat' logo on the side. This boat is made of a mainmast (2), the bow (3), some nice decorative flags (1) and a rudder (5). Don't forget the main sail and the deck! You can also try the simplest way to draw a boat (5) by drawing one rectangle and two triangles.
Enjoy a great collection of nine e-books that can also be used by teachers, mothers and even grand-parents!

Learn more about this offer here and see why learning how to draw cute cartoon characters as never been so fun and accessible! Work on the contours of the upper and lower lines, including the nose and the back of the boat. This is why you can use color pencils if you decide not to shade in your drawing with # 2 pencil. Since there are many many kinds of boats, you won't be able to learn all the different parts in this tutorial! When drawing the boards, keep in mind that you see the inside of the boat from the left-hand side and the outside of the boat from the right-hand side. A wooden boat is built from many bent lengthwise boards, which are fastened to its sides like ribs. Since you drew the details inside the boat, now draw details on the outer part of the boat.
Boat structure has many straight lines, so you can use a ruler to simplify the drawing process.

As you see here, first you need to draw two straight lines for beams and then draw an oval around it. It is very important to convey the right proportions, so double-check your drawing before moving on to the last step. All you have to do is go over the tentative lines pressing firmly on your pencil and add more expressive lines to the boat.
It is very important to convey the right proportions, so double-check your drawing before moving on to the next step.

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