The Gutter Shop offers copper gutters and copper gutter parts like elbows, copper end caps, copper outlets, copper miters, copper hangers, copper downspouts, copper eave boxes, copper conductor heads, copper step flashing, copper hangers, copper rivets, copper nails and dozens of other copper gutter accessories, all at great prices!
Recently, we set out to solve a rivet problem, that until 6 months ago, could not be solved. SuperLight™ tools offer a riveter to optimally fit the power and stroke requirements for each riveting application.
It used to be… Wow that tool puts in nutserts that fast and easy?  Well how much are they? This video shows a variety of Orlock and Blue Pneumatic Fastening Systems rivet applications. The video shows the basic operation of the Orlock Blind Rivet from Blue Pneumatic Fastening Systems.
This video is a teaching aid to help would-be product designers and Blue Pneumatic Fastening Systems distributors to gain a keen eye for applications that can be improved by using special rivets. Oh… and did I mention that there is wide variety colored caps you can put over the heads of these.
Johnzsmith wrote:When I said leak, I really should have clarified that they are like weepers.
Well its about time i started this thread and im glad to finally be in a position to do it. Nice job so far mate Have you thought about using spray foam for the hard to reach places. Our communities encompass many different hobbies and interests, but each one is built on friendly, intelligent membership.

Our Marine websites focus on Cruising and Sailing Vessels, including forums and the largest cruising Wiki project on the web today. I invite you to share your stories relating engineering challenges that you may be facing, or are facing now! This rivet tool is designed with a one inch stroke and sets multi-grip and structural rivets in a single stroke. These riveters are equipped with a super efficient mandrel collection system to collect the spent mandrels.
Big Blue Junior has the power of the large “heavy duty” riveters in the body of a small one. This rivet tool allows the operator to easily install blind rivets in spaces were access and space is limited.
More Power means this rivet tool also has the most impressive size to power ratio available anywhere. He can answer your questions about rivets, rivet nut tools, air and hydraulic riveters, lockbolt tools, etc. In particular, the video showcases the unique properties of the Orlock rivet from Blue Pneumatic Fastening Systems.
The wide blind side flange allows you to join materials otherwise only attachable with a two piece rivet. I had the boat filled with water for a few hours and at most got a couple tablespoons of water all together from about a dozen places. A new rivet, in this case, that saves time, money and improves product value or makes it safer.

By the way, the problem started because the customer was using inferior, multi-grip ( Avex sylyle rivets) in this application.  A good rivet but incorrectly applied.
Hear you can gain most of the basic knowledge needed to assemble products using blind rivets and in particular Orlock style rivets.
Replacing the rivets and sealing this would be the best solution.Would re-seating the rivets do the trick? Along with the sealant of course.Maybe, but generally re-seated rivets have failed and are better off replaced. Wood vs aluminum, wood will win out simply because it's easier for me to work with, and I have the majority of the tools I will need. Revolutionary idea because distributes the clamping load of the rivet over a wider surface area, like a nut and bolt can. Quick question id like to hook the worklight up to the reverse lights as they suck but also retain it as a work light is this possible?
I figure it will take a little bit but I really want to get it done in time to use it by the first of July or so.
What is the best way to attach the floor support to the boat?Aluminum rivets are the best way and are easy to remove by drilling out with the same size drill bit as the hole. I always picture the bottoms of these boats with 2 inches of sharp screw point sticking out the bottom, but I know that isn't right.

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