Do you remember the magic of seeing a paper boat, or other origami figure, being folded in front of you for the first time?
I was about five years old when a friend of my mother’s folded one and gave it to me. I spent a marvelous morning taking these pictures and enjoying the fall foliage at lake Shaftsbury, Vermont. Yo era tan pequena cuando aprendi a doblar este barquito que, para mi, saber doblarlo es como saber coger el tenedor o saber amarrar los cordones de los zapatos.

Una companera de universidad de Ro, cuyo nombre no recuerdo, lo plego en frente de mis ojos un dia que Ro me llevo a clase con ella. Those photos are gorgeous – the bright boats against the beautiful landscape looks magical! It took me a couple of trips to the lake, but I had most fun playing with the boats and taking the photographs! To make the boat last longer when it's on water, try using foil paper or grease-proof paper.

Later at home, I found a rectangular piece of paper and folded a little boat all by myself. And even though many years have passed since that first introduction to origami, the magic remains.

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