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I recently purchased a 14' aluminum Springcraft with EZ loader trailer from a local classified site for $500.00. In the first picture you can see I have already torn out the first casting deck that was quite shaky to say the least. I like it, but I would have ripped out the center council and put on a stern controlled motor. How to Build a sail boat that is much cheaper than retail ones.by When in doubt, duct tape! In recent years however, tinkering has expanded rapidly out of the rod, reel, and lure arena and into angler’s boats and tow-vehicles.
There are a million things an angler can do to put his or her personal touches on their rig, and Bassmaster Elite Series angler Scott Ashmore has experience with most. One particular accessory Ashmore has helped pioneer is the integration of LED lighting, something that until a couple years ago only a handful of anglers were doing.
As great as it would be if we could all afford to install LED lighting on every square inch of our boats like an Elite Series Pro, but the reality is; most of us are working on limited budgets.

Blue Water LED is an American owned, faith based company located in Kentucky, right in the center of bass country.
The gas tank was out in the open and the battery was laying out uncovered from the elements. Whether adding a couple of suspendots to a jerkbait or dipping the tail of a brush hog in some chartreuse dye to get just the right look, bass maniacs have always attempted to apply their unique style to the sport. Pro anglers are given free rein to design their jerseys, boat wraps, and tow-vehicles to best represent their sponsors and individual personalities, making a trip to a tour-level event these days a spectacle reminiscent of P.T.
Blue Water LED is a pioneer in the development and installation of high performance LED lighting systems for a variety of outdoor industries including boats, trucks, motorcycles, and atv’s. To that end, I recently caught up with Ashmore and asked him to make an “LED Priority List”, of the five places he recommends installing LEDs to not only look great, but increase your safety and efficiency on the water. Bluewater even makes special strips for reverse lighting as well that will really light up the bottom of a small ramp. Their LED lighting and accessories come with an industry exclusive lifetime warranty, the only dimmable system components, and they will go out of their way to create a custom lighting system for any application. He was the first to integrate an Ipad into his dash, and his vivid wrap designs and bold color choices were unique on the tour until very recently.

I’ve seen people trip on tackle bags, step on rods or baits, and even fall out of boats in the dark.
I am a lot more efficient because all my compartments are well-lit and I can easily find what I am looking for. Visual Effects' services include vehicle wraps, truck wraps, van wraps, boat wraps, vehicle lettering, graphic design and logo design, stationery, business cards, window lettering, storefronts, signs, banners, t-shirts and custom apparel.
For this live well I used a coleman cooler, covered it with the indoor outdoor, and used a bit of wood to match it to the back seat area to make it look like a permanent fixture. I then drilled a small hole covered with marine silicone to seal it and ran positive and negative leads from the pump to the battery.

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