Confession: I accidentally pinned a "Battleshots" drinking game on Pinterest the other day thinking that it was a kids' game (in my defense the kids playing said game really did look like kids to me).
Cut a piece of paper (I had a very plasticy type paper that worked well to cover grease on the bottom of the box, but contact paper would work well too) to fit inside your box. Put your paper scraps randomly on the board, just like you would in the real Battleship game. Seeing as we care so much for the environment (we are nice like that) we thought we would bring you guys another post about recycling. So what do you then do with these corrugated cardboard boxes if they cannot be let’s say broken down and remade into other pizza boxes? The chances are you will have some old vinyl records laying around the house; if not get your mum on the blower, she will have some. Just like the huge NES controller built from LEGO, this Pizza Box Xbox 360 Arcade Controller isn’t going to be an easy build and it will be more of an “eye-candy” piece than anything, but how many people can say they have an Xbox 360 Arcade Controller made from a frickin’ pizza box? Sure, you can buy Arcade Controller pre-made, but why wouldn’t you want to build your own using a pizza box? If you can’t be bothered to switch on your microwave (we know how long that can take), but you have time to throw together your own ghetto Pizza Box Solar Oven. Oh, if you are wondering about the structural integrity of the chairs, the dude in the photo seems to be sitting down ok. Thanks to the creatives from South Korean studio Argo9 we can all reminisce about firing rubber bands (elastic band) at our class mates. This idea is such ingenious and simple that we are ashamed we had never thought of it before. You know Mary Poppins would be a very happy woman knowing that you were cleaning up after yourself. If you have never played Battle Ships before the game is simple: Simply draw a 10 by 10 game board on the bottom of the box using a marker. What we found more amazing than the fact the football table was made from a pizza box was the fact that he also cut up chocolate bars and cereal boxes to make advertising for their pitch. You know what it’s like, a pizza shop is holding a competition and the winner will win…wait for it… a years worth of FREE PIZZA!

A week’s worth of hard work, research (yeah, research, their suit was based on a Gusoku-style armour that became popular in the 16th century) and a trip to their local Little Caesars pizza shop paid off for them. It’s been a while since we have fished out the Lord of the Rings trilogy box set and tickled them. We're a family of five learning to slow down, live lightly on the planet and find joy in the simple things. Still, I can't stand just recycling those big boxes- what a waste for a one time use of 30 minutes or less! After I got over my horror that I had inappropriately added it to my Early Childhood Ideas board (oh, the shame!!), I decided I actually wasn't too traumatized to make my own (real) kid-friendly version of the old Battleship game with a focus on helping us to recognize our letters. I just used a couple pieces of scrap paper, but you could be more creative and use toy battleships or anything else you have lying around. But this time we thought we would teach you guys how to reuse your empty pizza boxes – a bro’s dream!
We aren’t sure why this theory came a reality for one person, but we sure as hell love them for it.
There is just the problem of the laptop bursting into flames when it cannot cope with 10 minutes of play on built-in game Solitaire.
Or you have more money to waste on creating a Pizza Box Solar Oven than it would cost to buy a fully-cooked, new pizza then this project is for you. As much as we love food poisoning, we would suggest not to reheat your meat feast or chicken pizza. But now we are older we need something a little more sophisticated than our fingers as the firing mechanism. We mean, come on, a basketball hoop made out of a pizza box that you place over a bin will bring at least 5 minutes of happiness to our lives after it’s built.
He ordered in a pizza (any excuse :)) and created a football table with the empty pizza box. Well, Little Caesars, a pizza joint in Virginia, held a Halloween costume contest and offered to give away the very same prize. I did 26 for letters, plus the numbers 1-10, which meant that I could just do 6 rows and 6 columns.

The key is to have two of everything because each player will need to use an identical game piece on his board. Because although many pizza boxes have a recycle logo on them, the second they get tarnished with grease and food they become like any other non-recyclable household waste. A guy who refers to himself as “the freak” felt that the D-Pad on the Xbox 360 ??controller was far from accurate so he decided he must take matters into his own hands. Maybe your laptop case was that broke it was falling a part, or maybe you just ordered the parts online and thought a pizza box would make the lads LOL, it doesn’t matter.
Say for instance you are going to a music festival or going camping and it’s going to be a heatwave then it would be more than useful.
If you are throwing a pizza party then go for it, if not it may not be worth the price and you will probably look like a slice of pizza by the end of it. That is where your own cardboard gun comes into play that will be guaranteed to spice up any work place. Just the awkward moment when you miss and then you have to go and pick it up to actually put it in the bin seeing as you are then next to the thing.
Then draw another 10 by 10 game board on a piece of paper and stick it to the top of the lid. You use the piece of paper with the drawn on grid to mark of square that you have asked so you can keep track. Little to say, two guys got together and came up with the genius idea of creating a Samurai Suit made entirety of pizza boxes.
This mind-bogglingly brilliant (yet devilishly simple) twist on the tedious original will definitely make you want to play more than the obligatory one game before packing it in (or, in my case, lying about whether the opponent hit my ships or not just to speed things up). He decided to use a pizza box not for an “amazement factor”, but simply to allow customization before creating a shell.

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