If it ever was your dream to an ultimate Amazon Jungle Adventure, you came to the right place.
Whether on our River Boat, in our Jungle Lodge or deep in the Rain Forest, we make you never forget this experience. I'm thinking a simple seat, with a rod holder at the side and a tray in the front for fly boxes.
It worked well but the size of the actual plank was a bit of a pain to transport because of the size. I got an Airflo deluxe seat off eBay for ?70,it folds down nicely & is comfortable enough,much less hassle than a home made version. I was thinking take a 4ft plank build the seat on it and use ratchets to fix it on to the planks that you get at fisheries?
Here's what I did,no don't there's better ways of doing it though but it only took an hour to make.

I use tie downs on my aluminium seat now,I didn't on my homemade seat,I screwed a piece of 2x2 at both ends of the plank to stop it sliding back of the top of the boat though. You could easily use a length of scaffold plank etc instead of ply because that wouldn't bend as much as the ply but i was thinking about weight. I used four cup head bolts to fix it from underneath the seat,ground the length of bolt off from above & glued foam to the seat to make it comfortable.
What do you get when you blend classic, time-tested craftsmanship and cutting edge design?
I’ve been asked on numerous occasion to post the plans I have for a hang glider trike. Business Insurance Talk » Liability Insurance » Home built Hang Gliders aviation but have you checked the high cost of new gliders lately?
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The Cape Fear River, Charleston Harbor, Tampa Bay; these open water bays are now navigated with surprising smoothness. The Freda M Himmelmann from Atkin might fill your needs building your own grand banks dory. Long It is an marvelous Banks style dory suitable for many a sturdy beam on which your boat I Artium Magister contemplating building antiophthalmic factor opulent banks dory that would be close to 18 20′.

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