Making toy cars to kill time will be a good idea for a parent and the child in the house as well. As you know, technology has a way of creeping up and then dramatically changing everything. Researchers at the Vienna University of Technology recently demonstrated a new kind of 3D printer that can create objects orders of magnitude faster than previous devices, at much finer scales; just a few hundred nanometers wide.
Check out this amazing video of the new 3D printer technology quickly creating a microscopic model of a race car. Their printer uses a liquid resin which is hardened at exactly the right spots by a focused laser beam (rule 1, everything cool is done with lasers). They improved the control mechanism of the mirrors so they’re in continuous motion, accelerating and decelerating at the precise times to get the high resolution printing.
I actually have a client who does the 3D CADD design and printing just as the video depicts. From about 2006-2011, I had the pleasure of hosting a golden old work truck that a friend lent me because he didn’t have space to store it. Although it had only a 6-foot cargo bed and about 50 horsepower of output from its old rattly engine, boy could that old truck do some work (and it still can to this day!) But in my house-building work I often had the need to carry 16-foot pieces of lumber and even 24-foot sticks of steel for welding projects.
Here’s the Amarillo in 2005 BEFORE I welded on a roof rack and used it for five years.
In 2011 however, I returned the Amarillo and bought my current work van, a 1999 Honda Odyssey minivan. Luckily, there is an extremely easy way to convert a roof rail system to a big rack system.
If you care about the paint job on your roof (on my construction van, I generally do not), you can wedge bits of cardboard or carpet under the wood frame, or even attach permanent pads to the wood with hot glue before setting the rack in place. At this point, after a full 15 minutes of effort and perhaps $10 of supplies, you have a rack long enough to carry 16-foot material. Side view – a huge bundle of 14 foot baseboards, easily secured to factory roof rails with no rack. Since I needed this load to survive speeds of up to 65MPH, I deliberately biased the loading towards the rear. Tech Tip: The absolute key to safe carrying of lumber and other big stuff is ratcheting straps. The trip was a success, and I even saved the rack in a safe place so it will be waiting for me when I continue working on this cottage next summer. It’s not ideal, but you could do the same setup as MMM, and use the ratcheting straps through the interior of your car via open doors or windows of your car. Alternatively, you could try to wedge the pieces parallel to the windshield into the opening in the rack, and possibly attach metal screws through the rack into the wood. I’m sure all mustachians will be as careful as MMM, but please make sure if you’re loading a DIY roof rack that you tie the materials down adequately! Good point, Rain – because of your point I just added a note about ratcheting straps to the article itself. I see many do-it-yourselfers in the Home Depot parking lot (and even some pro tradesperson friends occasionally) trying to secure loads with string and rope.
See lots of folks driving large vehicles all the time just in case they need to haul something large but that isn’t heavy.
On the Xa, I have run straps through the open door openings and over the roof, then closed the doors on the straps. We were able to carry a couple of 6′ snowboard bags full of boards, boots, and other gear on the roof for a 200-mile-roundtrip with 3 people in the car. So much comes down to simply being mindful and intentional with our lives and not allowing ourselves to exist as drones. Not tied down properly also means a very serious threat to pedestrians that might cross unexpectedly in front of you and get seriously hurt when one of those 16 foot mdf mouldings takes a fly and stabs them in the gut. I have to say that many of the recent articles started to turn me off this blog (spraying oneself down with water instead of using the AC when driving is just weird in my opinion) but I am glad to see you get back to more practical stuff now. Since the topic has been brought up, allow me to be a shill for utility trailers and the often untapped capability of a 4cyl vehicle.
Finally, I would recommend checking with the relevant authorities (not Home Depot) prior to loading *your* vehicle with long materials and transporting them at highway speeds. Of course, you need to anchor it with straps through both front and back windows and wrapped around the furniture (make tight loops) or around the wooden rack–or both. I have horizontal bars that I can bolt on to my roof, but they are pretty useless without some sort of bed to attach things to – although I guess horizontal bars are better then the stock bars you have for moving long wood. I need to move general stuff, so inspired by your post I am going to make a wooden base for my bars with some scrap wood. Carl Pegel is getting used to the stares when he sets sail in his 13-foot Sea Ray jet boat. Maybe it's the fact that "Doggy Daze" has wheels on its keel as Pegel pilots this converted dune buggy down Jacksonville's roads.

Doggy Daze garnered a lot of attention when it cruised to a First Coast Car Council car show in Fruit Cove on a recent Saturday night.
Pegel lives just off Julington Creek and buys and sells boats through his brokerage, Sorry Dog.
He found a Middleburg man with a Volkswagen dune buggy that looked like it would fit under the Sea Ray. A few hundred dollars saw the steering wheel and console moved, and new steering, pedals and a hydraulic clutch added.
There's a life preserver on the rear deck, a prop propeller and headlights mounted where a bow wave used to foam. Then, do the same to the next pencil inserting from one hole in the rear side to the other side. Insert another smaller cap with the top side facing the front to resemble the steering wheel just below the opening. But if you want to have some activities with the children during weekends, the cardboard toy car will be easier to handle. You just download the design, fire up the old 3D printer, fill the hopper with plastic, and it’ll slowly print out the object. And once you watch this mind-bending video of an ultra-high-resolution 3D printer creating a tiny race car, I think you’ll agree with me that 3D printing technology is improving in leaps and bounds.
The lasers can be redirected by mirrors and can harden a line of this liquid resin just a few hundred nanometers wide, giving it a very high resolution.
When the laser light hits the resin, it induces a chain reaction that turns it from a liquid to a solid; only at the point of highest intensity. Now we just need to get the size and cost down of this thing, and then I can print everything I need.
Those stock roof rails allowed either bikes or large pieces of lumber to be carried easily on the roof.
It’s a hatchback or wagon design, which allows you to carry bulky stuff as well as people. Money Mustache and other positive influences, you’re getting more into home renovations and maintaining your own stuff these days. One of the tips was the idea of using a roof rack and optionally a roof box to expand your cargo area. It hung out a couple feet over the back of the truck, and extended all to the windshield at the front end.
My cottage construction project got to the point of baseboard installation, which is best purchased in the longest lengths possible.
I have carried up to 500 pounds on racks of this style without adverse effects (although the car’s cornering is affected by a top-heavy load, so take it slow). Here’s a front view of the rack, strapped on with a ratcheting strap, and padded at the front by cardboard. When you’re driving at highway speed, there is a huge wall of air rushing upwards over the windshield. More importantly, I hope this plants an idea in your own head about ways to carry cargo without resorting to a pickup truck. When I worked on a farm in Australia last year we used them all the time to tie stuff down into the bed of the trucks. Once you’re in the habit of taking them off, you can do it very quickly and the gas savings are very worthwhile. I was driving from Cambridge, MA to Quebec, and my friend was transporting some insulation panels on the roof of his car.
But then again, many people think I’m nuts for changing my own brake pads on my truck when making a combined income of a quarter million annually. We use to carry 20 ft pieces of aluminum tray for work, and the overhang ended up being about 3 ft from the tail gate.
I like the idea of using ropes and knots, but to fit through the window or door opening, you need the flat straps–I have the ones with spring-loaded metal clips to hold the strap tight. Car council president Lon Greenwood says he regularly sees lots of hot rods and classic cars at the Saturday night cruise-ins at Florida 13 and Racetrack Road, but not a boat.
His love of boating goes back to a 10-footer he built in his woodworking class in Oak Ridge, Tenn., which earned him an A-plus.
No title meant no sale; then Pegel remembered a boat car he'd seen in Fort Lauderdale 20 years ago.
The fishing rod rack has a mounted game fish and stuffed parrot, with miniature beaches with seashells, coral and toy boats on the frame rails. When he took it to its first cruise-in two months ago, men with $70,000 Corvettes flocked to see it.
And he mentions he could be making a veggie-car out of a big plastic chili pepper for a local restaurant. Just make sure that the width of the box selected is narrower than the length of the pencil that you are going to insert on the sides later on.

Use half of each of the pencils to hold it by gluing one side of it just in front of the driver?s seat and the other end with the small cap. It sounds cool, and hackers are having a great time playing around with them, but it still doesn’t compare to the scale, quality and cost of traditional manufacturing. The researchers proposed medical applications, like building scaffolding for living cells to attach, allowing you to grow organs in the lab. Thanks to that nice open interior space, you find you can easily carry 8-foot 2x4s home from the building materials store, as well as dressers and small appliances. But the problem with commercial roof racks (Yakima, Thule, etc.) is that they are designed for sports equipment and not building materials. With a 12-foot rack, you can carry 24-foot material with a tolerable 6-foot overhang at each end, making it stable enough for a careful trip home from the metal store. These are usually hollow aluminum tubes that are formed to the shape of the car and attached at several points.
You just need to custom-fit your own rectangle of sturdy wood and strap it tightly to the existing roof rails.
I was faced with the need to transport about 500 feet of long boards (in 14-foot lengths) along a 30-mile winding and high-speed journey through the Gatineau mountains of Quebec to get them to the cottage. If you leave long floppy pieces of wood in this wind river, they will get pulled upwards and possibly even broken. You don’t want to mess around with rope, string, tape, or even bungee cords except on the slowest and shortest of trips. When you buy a small hatchback or wagon for your next car, look for the presence of roof rails as an important added bonus. Instead use a small utility trailer behind a smallish car or instead of the big pickup truck – look for a smaller Tacoma or Datsun pickup. And several states have prohibitions on the amount of protrusion of top-secured materials beyond the perimeter of the roof line (and height). Major fines in a commercial vehicle, not likely going to get harassed by a PO if its personal vehicle. You can organize a car racing contest using these items and you?ll save money having fun without going out somewhere where you are obliged to spend.
Take note that children have short attention spans and will need new diversions every time you play with them. But the imagination really breaks down trying to imagine the implications for this kind of technology. They are not much use by themselves, but they provide a base to which you can attach commercially-made crossbars, which can then hold accessories for skis, small kayaks, or mountain bikes. Tailing from the rear, on the other hand, the lumber gets a smoother ride in the slipstream.
This type of strap allows you to make a much tighter connection than even the strongest sailor could do with fancy knots and a rope.
I generally don’t carry big bulky stuff much, but it would be nice to do it when I need to. Considering the rust and rot in the vehicle, I would be seriously concerned of carrying this over my head. My solution has been to use an old folded up comforter (from the thrift store) as the base. Go as simple or as grand as your materials will allow because whatever you can come up with will be surely appreciated. The Amarillo was old enough that my friend didn’t mind me welding things right to the body.
It’s kinda hard to explain, but start with a queen comforter and make 6 to 9-inch-wide flat rolls on each of the 4 sides. Though we stil owne a ford mondeo break And a citroen C1 witch is half the sise of de mondeo.
The C1 is to small to transport carpentry material safely with a roofrack but it can transport 4 persons comfortably. The craft also is decorated with a fishing rod rack containing a mounted game fish, a stuffed parrot, shells, coral and toy boats.
These will sit along the edges (sides and front and back) of the roof where it is strongest, and raise up to a level that clears the dome in the center (still covered with one layer of comforter).
Even if we have tot rent a Van one day every month it wil be cheaper to chose the realy smal c1 over the ford mondeo.

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