I find birthday cake making quite stressful – I pile pressure on myself (Will it taste good? So as you can imagine, I was pleasantly surprised at just how easy making this chocolate pirate ship cake turned out to be. Especially since I had to make it in one morning (date night Friday, baby shower Saturday, party Sunday)!
I just kept a close eye on the cake in the oven and checked on it frequently until a skewer came out clean. You can bake and decorate this cake in one morning – perfect for a little buccaneer’s party!
Cut one of the cakes in half across the centre and sandwich one semi-circle on top of the other with chocolate frosting (if they have risen a lot, you may have to cut a little from the top to make it flatter, allowing the two halves to adhere to each other).

Cut the rounded edges off the other cake (but do not discard these), forming a strip of cake that is the same width as your ship base (I used a piece of scrap paper to measure this). Take one of the rounded edges and use chocolate frosting to stick it, flat (cut) edge down, on the front of your ship base. Cover your ship base all over with a second layer of chocolate frosting and smooth with a pallet knife. Mix the mini marshmallows with the blue food colouring in a bowl until they are take on colour.
I’m making this for my boys 1st birthday I was thinking of putting a layer of rasberry jam as well as the frosting when I piece the two halves together what do you think? Everyone commented on how fantastic it looked (not nearly as good as yours after it had melted in the car and only had one mast!).

The recipe you posted is for a vanilla cake, what did you change to make it a chocolate one? Very helpful btw, yours is the only blog among the many with DIY pirate ship cakes that provides a recipe.

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