May I convert this map into a Mario Kart-style track for a server if I give you full credit and a link to this page please? Can I use this for a YouTube story based series filmed in Minecraft?Might have to alter some parts for the story but will still credit whatever we end up doing to it. This is amazing, from the first screen shoot I thought that the ship was actually a real-life made photo.
Learn the secrets to navigating the cities and cruise terminals your cruise will leave from. Clean, simple and tasteful, featuring a lot of Art Nouveau influence, seems just right for a ship this size. The ship's elegant main restaurant features a crystal chandelier a grand, three deck staircase.
It's obvious that the multinational staff and crew enjoy watching their passengers enjoy themselves. Freedom also now has the DreamWork Experience - an agreement with the maker of such animated hits as Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, Megamind and others. Freedom of the Seas, at 160,000-ton, was the biggest cruise ship in the world before 220,000-ton Oasis arrived. One of the first differences you will notice is the H20 Zone, a children's water park with enormous, brightly colored figurines spouting sprays of water.
At 445 feet long, the Freedom Royal Promenade is a bit longer and a bit wider than the little sister ships.
The breathtaking Royal Promenade -- four decks high, longer than a football field, wider than three lanes of traffic -- has no windows to the outside, but several windows to inside (promenade view) staterooms.
The enormous Casino Royale, through which passengers must pass on deck four to get to the main show lounge, is gilded to within an inch of its life, with nearly 300 slots and tables for blackjack, craps, roulette and Caribbean Stud Poker. The gorgeous La Scala Theater, a state-of-the-art 1,350-seat show lounge, features such decorative elements as a Murano glass chandelier and a jewel-bedecked velvet stage curtain. That ice rink you hear so much about is a two decks below the atrium and right in the middle of the ship, which means some fancy footwork is sometimes required to get to other public areas. Amply decked out with recliners, the pool areas bustle with activity and also are the staging area for fashion shows and planned games. The best spots for being alone with a book during days at sea are the sea view Seven of Hearts card room and Cloud Nine Lounge on Deck 14. Mouthwatering descriptions on the menus notwithstanding, you just won't hear people raving about the food. Royal Caribbean is known for small cabins, inside cabins are just about big enough to turn around in.
Some of the more interesting cabins are the inside promenade cabins with (non-opening) windows looking down upon the interior promenade. The most noticable thing is the boxing ring, a first on a cruise ship with sister ship Freedom.
Another innovative program is Scratch DJ101 classes, which are available to all ages, along with special two-hour sessions just for teens on Liberty of the Seas. RCI has added new activities for those three to five years old in conjunction with Fisher-Price.

A new program for infants and toddlers 6 months to 3 years, in partnership with toy maker Fisher-Price, offers 45-minute playgroups for children accompanied by an adult, involving storytelling, creative arts, music and a variety of Fisher-Price learning toys and games. The new Royal Babies and Tots Nursery comes with specially designed Fisher-Price® activities. If you were referred to this site by an existing member of CruiseMates, enter their username here. Currently I am considering wether I should rebuilt the interior completely since I no longer really like it.
The atrium boasts modern sculpture based on your typical red, yellow and green traffic signals at one end and a more abstract display at the other.
The three decks it spans are separately named for famous operas; Carmen, La Boheme and the Magic Flute. The purser's desk is notably responsive, especially in view of how much troubleshooting they must have to do on a ship this size.
She is an expanded, though nearly identical version, of RCI's popular Voyager-class ships, but with more happening on the top sports and pool decks. The adults-only pool area has two cantilevered whirlpools extending out from the side of the ship. Those windows are almost always shuttered however, so people on the outside cannot see what is happening on the inside (picture). In fact, the great and spacious interior of the ship is almost completely surrounded by private cabins, so to get any look at the ocean at all you'll have to head for the cluster of lounges on the upper decks or outside on the decks themselves. The real action takes place on the sports deck, where fitness fans work up a sweat playing ping-pong or basketball or rock-climbing.
Serious misanthropes can retreat all the way up the curving stairway to Deck 15's Skylight Chapel, where no one ever ventures, and where no music is piped in. In fact, some of the menu names can be downright deceiving, for example a chocolate fondue came out looking and tasting much more like a vanilla mousse. During the day these add plenty of space to the room, although you have to sit on the couch to look out at the action. One new program is Adventure Theater, developed by Camp Broadway in New York City to give kids an immersion into the performing arts.
After their lessons, teens can showcase their music mixing knowledge in a graduation performance that friends and family can attend. Children and teens can now also enjoy Crown & Anchor Society repeat passenger benefits. Glass elevators in the verticle atriums at each end of the promendae make for breathtaking views of the interior of the ship.
Room service was surprisingly efficient, usually telling us delievery would be a lot later than it actually was. The movie's star characters also make appearances during the Grand Promendae parades and at certain functions for the kids. The English-style Bull and Bear is for beer lovers, it features a live acoustic guitarist playing favorites, and Sorrento is a pizzeria. There is an ice-skating rink for recreational skating as well as for Ice Capades-type shows.

The 500-foot-long, over three-lanes-wide four-deck-high Royal Promenade is all too evocative of an onshore mall. The mall is always dazzlingly illuminated, unless the lighting effects are turned on for the Mardi Gras-style parades complete with stilt walkers, a swaying inflatable dancer, streamers and confetti.
The well-stocked library, which feels like an urban bookshop, provides seating along its glass wall for an overview of the Royal Promenade.
For children sailing as third or fourth passenger in the stateroom, tipping is at the parents' discretion.
The probems occur at night when the light in your stateroom become brighter than what;s outside, essentially making your cabin a fishbowl for the world to watch.
The ship's well-equipped gym still draws serious fitness buffs with its full range of state-of-the-art machines. On each RCI sailing, teens and kids can learn acting fundamentals, vocalization, and dance techniques during a series of three 45-minute Adventure Theater sessions. Rewards for youngsters on their second or more RCI cruise include Crayola Twistable crayons or a Royal Caribbean bag. The rate is usually between $8.00 and $10 per per hour depending on the number of children in the family. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. The vast Lido deck restaurant for casual buffet-style meals is cleverly designed to look like two individual eateries, minimizing the sense of size and crowds. There's a three-story dining room, one of among the biggest casinos at sea, and a 9-hole miniature golf course. The two-level Steiner Spa, with its winding staircase, looks more like the lobby of a boutique hotel, albeit with a Greek motif. In fact, you will feel slightly out of place if you are not dressed appropriately n formal night. You can get married in port in the ship's Wedding Chapel, bringing up to 60 of your closest friends and families. It houses a small attractive thalassotherapy-like pool in an airy glass-enclosed but private semi-circular room.
In general, though, this ship offers so much to do onboard that passengers don't all dress alike. The other alternative dining venue, Chop's, is for grilled entrees and large lavish desserts.
A obvious addition to this class of ships are the cantilevered jacuzzi spas that actually hang over the sides of the ship. They look most dramatic from the outside than the inside, still, its an interesting novelty. Moreover, there's lots of storage, especially nice for a ship that is essentially a destination unto itself.

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