Filter: All types Articles Slideshows Videos Sort: Most relevant Most popular Most recent No articles available No slideshows available No videos available How to Make Custom LEGO Clones Oceanic zone plants & animals The Best Paint for Wood Crafts Innovative ways to reuse old farm implements as garden art How to measure steel beams Intex Test Strips Instructions How to overcome small-town gossip How to make a beaded handbag charm Tips on breaking in birkenstocks What Type of Paint Can You Use on Plastic Models? Yes, yes, I know this is the second vignette I’ve written about on custom minifig, but lets be clear these Lego vingettes are pretty darn impressive, take this Lego Star Wars Custom Minifig Planet Hoth Vignette by Brick plumber, talkA  about dedication and artistic prowess. Despite the scale the details within the vignette are equally impressive, there are 50 real lights, and some remote controlled mechanism, that allows that AT-ATs to deploy Lego minifig storm troopers.
Sponsored Custom Clone Wars Combatant Contest, interestingly the helmet doesn’t rest on the minifigs head properly but somehow it actually works, mainly due to the decal, the reason for this is due to the chest piece on the minifig, which helps to make this minifig more unique, another thing to point out is the minifig guns which are highly detailed and custom moulded. Anyways the set to look out for is the Hoth Base set, as its got a few winter rebel troops, by the way check out the super power gun thingy on the left being held by the snow storm trooper.

It’s 5 feet by 10 feet large, and has over 60,000 Lego pieces, took 4 years to make and recently won a star wars building challenge and got featured in the Lego magazine.
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Gold Bricks are earned as rewards for completing missions, so you will need to complete six missions before you can create a custom LEGO Clone. Select one of the Bacta Tanks on the back wall of the Medical Bay to enter Create-a-Character mode. In the Star Wars universe, Clone Troopers wear white coloured armour and matching helmets, so use that as the basis for your custom character.

You can now select your custom Clone Trooper for Free Play mode or while you explore the Resolute game hub by accessing a holoprojector.

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