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Building a trotline is within the ability of the weekend boater, and there are no set rules to its design except for legal restrictions on length.
The basic recreational crabbing trotline is several hundred feet long, with anchors and buoys on either end. The system should hold the trotline in position, but allow it stay aligned with the flow of water. Anchors can be store bought boat anchors, window sash weights, or anything with enough weight.

Trotliners often favor baits such as brined eels, bull lips, chicken parts, pork or fish parts. If 3 people are present, the job gets easier as there is always a bait to change, crabs to cull or a buoy to recover. Runs perfectly used it all last summer just haven't had the time this year so would like to free up some space.
Get a head start on this years fishing charters, and book your special events and charters now. A day of fishing combines the excitement of the catch with the serenity of being on the water in a boat with a captain who is an expert.

Dual-compartment pontoon bladders add an extra measure of safty and oyster proof I hit some wild oysters on some rocks and to my suprise it didnt loose air ( im lucky )Dean Trace: the boat etc.

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