You may be wondering how many barrels it takes to create a floating dock using 55 gallon drums. Buoyancy Weight of air filled drum How much weight will an air filled 55 US gallon (208 litre) drum support in water?
BC Dock and Marina offer a variety of products and services to enhance your lakeside lifestyle. It took a 7-man crew 10 days and $5,000 in materials to make our storm damaged float like new for 2013. Heavy equipment was brought down to Whites by a great work crew from the Catalina Island Conservancy on launch day to finish the task, and the dingy steps and ladders provided by San Diego Yacht Club have finally been permanently installed. We hope everyone enjoys this critical link to Whites Landing in the coming camp and boating season. Camp Castaway Day 4As the flickering amber slowly faded out on the charred wood, day 4 of Camp Castaway came to an end. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. Now that you have the basic shape we need to add supports.Measure out the middle of the square and place a 2x4" support there. I'm wondering if there would be a way to rig up something so that the floating dock is primarily kept at the end of another pier in a semi permanent position - maybe even connected to some non moveable posts but then when we wanted to move it out to deeper water on weekends we could easily move it.
I put a few poles on the far end through some mounts that I sunk down when it was to stay in place. The ramp was wobbly for sure, I would think just turning the barrels 90 degrees from how I set them would help a ton. Have you tried putting a small railing & trolling motor on one for a motorized family fishing boat? Thank You and your instructions, I was finally able to put in a dock, My 14 year old son and I were able to comprehend your instructions and my 11 year old daughter loves it.
Like PKM said there are so many different variables in price here but I spent just over $200. Types of Dock Kits Canada Docks Hexagon Floating Dock kit out Canada Docks http customs cottage docks. Please note that the prices here are not guaranteed and may change at any given point in time.

Rear of device is secured to rear of barrel with DuPont Extreme Temperature Polymer Clip; front is suspended above shotgun barrel by DuPont Extreme Temperature Polymer V Blocks. Make the most of your lakefront home with a specialty dock or custom walkway from BC Dock and Marina. The Catalina Experience staff did an amazing job stripping the old lumber and bolts, painting the frame, installing a new floatation pontoon and resurfacing the entire 54′ floating dock with new lumber and hardware.
The process required 650 man hours, 75 2x12x16′ boards, over 300 bolts, nuts and washers, custom made pontoon brackets and 4 gallons of paint.
I found it super sturdy, a 2x10 frame would give it a few more inches above the water which could be nice but the build as-is I found extremely stable.
We are now going to attempt your ramp, Turned out perfect with no issues had it built in 2 days ,first day got stormed out.
A good current and a bump with a log or boulder will send you and your barrels in separate directions.
I went though a few different poles though trying to find a good strong one that wouldn't bend with a good wind. We put hooks in the raft to attach to the end of the dock so we could easily disconnect it to bring it out deeper for jumping off when we were at camp. I was thinking of cutting the platform in half and adding heavy duty hinges at all the circles indicated and then splice plates on the 2x8's with lag bolts.
Tied them in with three continuous lengths of braided poly-rope, running through eye screws and over the middle of the barrels. See below for a detailed description of construction under each picture.Find your deck flotation.
I'd say we might have been able to do it with just 2 of us but 3 worked nicely.Flip it in to the water and tie it down to something.
Regardless everything sits nice and high with no water in the barrels, not sure how high a 18 foot jet boat sits but I'm sure you could climb in. We plan on disconnecting the barrels before taking to the river so it would be lighter and easier to transport but not sure if it would be strong enough. I figure with all the kids I have with me I needed to make it wide enough for all the kids to get in and out safely. For slightly more you can purchase an inflatable raft that's easy to transport and gives more to prevent punctures.

835.00 Sixteen in Vagrant Docks and our new floating sour grass kits dock in group A box available as well every bit floating docking facility supplies wharfage floats boat dock folat drum encapsulated dock floating boat dock kits.
We also added solar water proof lights to it so it was more visible in the water at night ! You will need to run a few beads of silicon caulk to the barrel plugs to make sure to keep the water from filling them.Build your deck frame. I joined my dock and walkway with 4 eyebolts, 2 on dock centered and 2 on walkway that went just on the outside of the ones from the dock.
If you put a nut on the eyebolt and mount it through the dock and walkway you can slide the pipe through and tighten the caps down easily. The wooden frame will help to hold the complete deck together as the barrels will fit snug under the deck.Secure your flotation to the deck. The purpose of the rope is to keep the barrels snug under the dock in rough water.Prepare to install the top deck.
Flip the deck over so the barrels are touching the ground and install the top deck.Install the top surface deck.
You can either make a few DIY concrete anchors or use the eyebolts to attach the deck to land so it does not float away. Mounting system reinforces the barrel nut with a sturdy clamp and anti-rotation alignment lugs. This deck weighs nearly 250 lbs and it would be wise to make an anchor for each side out of concrete of at least 50lbs each.
Easy to install, one-piece free float hand guard offers unlimited mounting solutions with four full-length true US MIL-SPEC 1913 Picatinny rails. An organized and "square" raised garden bed can not only give you fresh vegetables, but can beautify your backyard as well. Thousands of people have applied this to rims, wheels and cars on both new models and used vehicles. This neat little DIY Ladder is a simple rack that you can lean against the wall and hang your clothes on that would usually be thrown onto the floor.

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