Two chefs battle it out in a competition where they have to create a series of dishes, all on the fly in one hour, that include whatever secret ingredient they are presented with at the beginning of the show.
This LEGO sushi roll was created for a competition on Flickr which is based off the Iron Chef America show. They each had one month to create as many elaborate builds as they could using those parts. Siercon & Coral submitted this LEGO sushi roll a few days ago as one of their builds for the January competition. Creative agency NPIRE recently outdid themselves by using 55,000 LEGOs to build a nifty room divider for their Hamburg office. The finished 3 foot wide, 2,80 high wall has an arched entrance to the kitchen and the company’s logo even acts as a window to peek through. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments.

I’m a huge sushi and LEGO fan, and this is just what I needed to make me smile today.
Sometimes their secret ingredients are super bizarre, like a rare kind of fish or a vegetable I’ve never heard of.
The LEGO wall works to separate the kitchen and the hallway, hiding away dirty dishes and food leftovers, and looks insanely cool to boot. While we do wish that they'd reused all old LEGOs instead of buying new ones (they used some recycled ones and about 80 fresh packs), we're impressed that the playful pixelated wall can always be taken down and reused for a number of other purposes. I’m contemplating doing another Lego party (this time for my youngest son) and they would make cute party favours! This was created for a competition, and after I tell you the deets, I hope you will be inspired to go out and kick some butt today. The two groups that competed in the competition for January were Bart De Dobbelaer and Siercon & Coral. The winner not only gets bragging rights, but the loser has to build a LEGO trophy for the winner!

The seaweed is made from blacktron baseplates and wrapped around a whole bunch of loose white LEGO bricks. If you are familiar with the television show called Iron Chef America, you know it’s a cooking competition based on a secret ingredient. They were each given a batch of secret ingredient parts, which in this case was the Bionicle Tridax Pod Half. You are totally creative and this would be the coolest thing for a boys party or just for anyone in general who loves legos.
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