For those out there looking to purchase a 52cc engine most vendors list them as 49cc motors due to liscencing restrictions for scooter use. The best direct source for the 52cc motor is Monster Scooter or Scooter Parts 4 Less, eBay is also a good source. I have just started on the 52cc motors, Mark Wollner and John O'Neal are your best source for more information on them. I ordered a 52cc from Monster Scooter late (after close of business) yesterday and it has already shipped, so that I am happy with. Location: Minnesota Couple of pics of the boat and motor Took out the motor for its first real hunt.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Last spring I decided that my old fiberglass duck boat was beyond repair since I deduced that all the gel-coat in the world was only going to make an expensive anchor.
On my previous boat I had always toyed with the notion to construct a boat blind but never could devise the perfect design. I initially was going to make it a scissor blind but I could not make the angles to my desired needs so I designed it more like the ones found in some of the larger outdoor catalogs. By going the route I chose I needed to create some brackets that would affix the blind into the up position. I used some stainless eye screws in the gunnel to run some rubber coated (brown) clothsline along the gunnel and then angled up to the corner of each side of the conduit mount. I used some olive-drab spray paint to cover any of the bright spots of the conduit and brackets.

I have not had the chance to hunt out of it yet but I have sat in it with my gear on and called to a few ducks flying over the house. Turning Safe Search OFF may display content intended for mature audiences.You must be at least 18 years old to continue. Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. Duropower doesn't plan on selling the 52cc anymore because of a lack of sales, and they don't even have the trimmer listed on their site anymore.
Did you make a jig, that was my first thought, but if you have an easier method, I am all ears. I really want to try the 5:1 reduction gear box on the smaller 33cc motor to see if the motor has the torque to push it, I know there is less than $25 difference in the motors, but it may be worth a look see, if nothing else, it gives me another reason to go shopping. I think the guy just blew you off rather than admit he had no idea how to answer your questions. So I sweet-talked the wife into letting me use some of our tax returns to purchase my neighbors older aluminum duck boat that he was selling for an upgrade. Well thanks to the internet and the hunting page here on Ifish, I was able to gleen enough information to construct what I think will work as a boat blind. It does provide some pretty nice structure so any clumsiness from occupants shouldn't ruin it. I should forewarn anybody who wants to do this that the conduit is just a smidge to big to fit into the mounting hardware.
I got 8 of them for less than the price of 4 including shipping than if I had purchased from a major outdoor catalog.

I have found that my bone white complection scares the heck out of ducks so why have the inside of my blind be the same. I wish I had taken some pictures of this but it was raining and well the camera is expensive. Based on the available pictures it appears you will need 4 longer installation bolts plus the correct drive bolt which is offered on their site.
Don`t give up you will hit the right guy (knowledgible) and he will fix you up.I think scooterpartsforless also has electric starters.
So since it was plastic and the conduit is metal I brought out the torch and heated up the conduit and then pushed the conduit into the plastic. Actually zip-ties and duct tape are essential items and I will be getting my son two rolls of duct tape and the Costco container of zip-ties for his birthday . It appears that adding an electric starter because of its additional thickness requires a longer starter drive engagement bolt which is offered on the partsforscooters web page. This assembly also requires longer installation bolts(4) which should be available locally if they don`t come with the starter.

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