With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. I have always wanted to go deep sea fishing and I thought why don't I make my own deep sea fishing boat right her, but with legos!
Some of that sounds superficially close to the upcoming MMO LEGO Universe Online, but we’d like to see this kind of experience offline, too. LEGO Prince of PersiaMostly, we’d just like to see how a game based on a toy based on a movie based on a game would play.

Attach the yellow roll-bar to the second row of the 4x10 (grey) block up from where your fingers are located. You should include a supplies list at the beginning indicating what you need to have to complete the project before you start. You might consider going back in and maybe adding a comma or two here and there to make things a bit more readable. I fully appreciate that it takes a long time to do, stop-motion is like that, but it needs more frames and longer scenes.

Put two 2x4 in the front hole of the boat then put the 2 2x4 windshields on it, which will make the front.
Next you need to make the house around the windshield that is 8 dots long and 2 levels high.

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