His collection has grown into an impressive armoury of over 30 different types of gun, all of which shoot tiny Lego bullets thanks to a rubber-band firing mechanism.He has also published a 360-page DIY tutorial book called 'Lego Heavy Weapons' which has sold more than 4,000 copies. Colt Python semi-automatic: He says each gun costs around A?60 to build but he won't sell them. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Justin beiber is once again attacked by his ever adoring sony drone fans, so he has to find a way to escape from them and get to a safe spot so he can have his vacation, while he travels he encounters many sony fans, each one all tries to take him, but he crushes them all.
Justin beiber then comes to the biggest sony fan of all and then gets captured and chucked in a dungeon, with nathan drake and the main guy from jak and daxter too, they all make love together, to combined there powers and break free from the sonydrone fans imprisoment, then justin beiber continues on his journey and meets a weird doll, which names it self sack boy, he picks it up and chucks it at the nearest bin possible coz it looked weird.
The PS4 is just a downgraded xbox one right now, because ps4 has no exclusives, Wii U so far is were its at for all the exclusives you could need, Wii U is its own console ps4 looks to be just another Watered down pc, with awful looking free to play, indie titles which will only be three hours long, is this really what your going to spend your money on?
All you need this gen is a Wii U and PC nothing more, thats the perfect combo, sony failed to announce any exciting games at games com they couldn't even announce one JRPG, which is sad, the vita support is again laughable, its looking exactly like the psp, no games people care for and watered down console games, sony didn't you learn from your failures with the psp? Dayum PS4 is in trouble then If this is the case considering ps4 has little to no interesting games worth a purchase except for KH3 and FF15 which won't be realising till 2015. Wii U will do fine and even Nintendo reported a profit with its recent sales, so why are IGN, the ignorant gaming Network trying to report so much bad Nintendo news? This coming holidays Wii U will be blazing ahead with all the games releasing on it while PS4 and Xbone will have to go through its first year struggles just like every console does.
Now lets talk about the story aspects of this ending, people are saying it was original but what is original about it?
You find out that that the fire flies are bad which you already new cause there the ones who spread around the virus anyways and now they want to fix what they've done but the only way to do that is to cut open ellies head.
Heres the reason why you new Ellie was gonna die when they got there, You already new that the surgery was gone kill her as the only way to get the stuff from her was by removing her brain and considering the stuff grows all around the brain they would have to remove all  of it. You then go and rescue her and kill a bunch of other people along the way and tell her that there were more people who were immune so they could use them and she ends it of with her self saying did you lie to me and he says no and then she says okay. Now people tell me they made it linear to tell a story but to me Linear games are the games with the most unoriginals stories ever and WHY couldn't you make it open to tell a story, are you guys trying to say to me that GTA, Elder Scrolls, Zelda don't have good stories cause there open. Open world games tend to give your more insight to the environments and people of the world thats why it would have been better of open world, you could have gone back to his home and seen how its turned now, you could have done some street brawling to earn cash to buy extra weapons.
You could have freely gone down any sewers not knowing what was down there being open world would have made it harder to find a place to escape from a horde of infected but nooo as it is now it just points the nearest path for you to go too. I have so many complaints with this game, this game is incomplete and it gets a 96 out of 100, this game has many flaws which other games would have been bashed on for and reviewers go Lady ga ga over it, they go ga ga over all this linearity and quick time events and arena shoot outs. If it was open world after the ending they could have let you explore the world and actually continue looking around and seeing more of the place, it could have been so much better open world and they could have put so much more into it.
You could have gotten a bunch of quest from the people at your brothers hide out which let you actually explore the surrounding areas, cause some of the scenery actually looks really good but thats all this game is good graphics and no substance what so ever.
With it being open world they could have had different ways of getting around the environments and not just finding a bin or a ladder to use and climb up over them over an over, was that a sore attempt to add some puzzle elements in to a bland cover based shooter, I think it was.
Its time to stop trolling guys and give this a rest, trolling is pretty useless in the long run and doesn't earn you any respect, I know your trying to keep your hopes up or something but people on here have begun to take this so serial. We know the PS4 doesn't have games and you can't disprove that point, its considered trolling when you do jus don't get mad at facts, Wii U is the superior system with the most exclusives and best games, most unique features and backwards compatibility plus you don't have to pay for online on the Wii U.
The Wii U is the greatest system in the world and should be your number one console of choice the only other gaming platform you need next generation is a P.C as it has all the third party content of the ps4 but with far better hardware which is superior to PS10.
The shadow the details on Zombi U and the environments makes last of us look like a ps2 game here. Both look quite good here but the environment and detail in Zombi U looks far better, its amazing how good Zombi U looks considering it was a small budget game.
With the above Image the graphics on Zombi U look so much better from the detail to the zombie in the surrounding environments and Lighting. Heres a comparison of Zombi U vs Last Of US multiplayer graphics, not only does Zombi U look better but its multiplayer is far more original than the Last of us's multiplayer, Zombi U is truly a unique and Wonderful game. Zombi U Gameplay is so much more Original than Last Of Rust's gameplay, with the inventory management of Zombi U you have to swipe through the menu's on the gamepad but always make sure your surroundings have no zombies around you otherwise you'll be in for a nasty surprise,The combat of Zombi U is also a great and you get little to know ammo cause it is a TRUE SURVIVAL HORROR, You also get a couple of items to help you distract enemies and there are a bunch of different types of those. Zombies- Can be killed easily on there own but sometimes can be found in hordes in more larger areas which can range from 5- 30 or more zombies.
Spitter Zombies-Zombies which spit out goo to cover your screen and make you unable to see. Red Zombies- Furious Zombies with extra strength and red glow, very hard to kill and really strong. Armoured Zombies- Zombies protected by swat armour, it takes longer to kill these and you can't get a head shot until you remove their helmets.
Exploder Zombies-Zombies strapped with explosives, if you shoot them they explode so don't do it up close other wise you will die, definitely don't use melee weapons.
Clickers-Enemies which can't see you but have really good hearing, they kill you in one attack.
Overall Zombi U is a much better experience, The game is really hard and for extra difficulty it even has a survivor mode which when you die you start from the beginning of the game. All of these were sony's greatest failures they fail at a lot of things but this is the most things which failed, PS allstars also represents Sony's entire franchises as whole which fails as well.
Btw PS1 and PS2 failed when PS3 failed cause Sony lost all the money made from those consoles, resulting them in failure.

Well they are folks each one only offers rehashed shooters and Sports sims, Wii U is were its at for variety and awesome games which are original and fun!
In the end PS4 and Xbox One are essentially watered down pc, so thats why its best to stick with Wii U and PC. Notice how the monsters chew has squarish lines and the backgrounds are practically empty, some next gen this is it looks like a early xbox game. This is what you call true next gen, this is my own picture taken with the camera from Pikmin 3 and it looks Beautiful. Look how beautiful that background is with the monster flying through it too, its so awesome!
In the end Pikmin 3 has better graphics than an overhyped PS3.5, oh I'm sorry i meant PS4 Game which looks literally like garbage and very awful too.
Yes thats right the GOTY is the second best selling game in the UK charts and is selling more than Last Of Us, I'm so glad people have started to realise that LOU is garbage and moved on to better games.
Yes thats right folks Pikmin 3 is GOTY, it is the most amazing game ever released and far better than any Sony Exclusive released this year, the game offers tons of exploration and has awesome gameplay, the story is atmospheric and beautiful and the environments are the most beautiful things I've ever seen in a video game, nothing compares to Pikmin 3, it is the most awesome game ever and will be one of the best games of the generation! Things which make this better is the fact that the exploration is easier to do and doesn't get annoying, cause in the originals, you would have billions of empty places with nothing to do down them long corridors except be killed by the enemies. I think removing the combat from the game was a smart idea because lets face the fact there was little to no combat in the original games on harder difficulty cause you ran out of ammo so fast, and a wooden pole takes for ever to kill enemies with.
Gameplay altogether was great and very smooth, it felt amazing moving around and was so fluent, The animations are also great and fluid from the voice acting to the lip sinking of the mouths and facial expressions, the characters have more believability in them than L.A NOIRE and its way FUNNER!
Enemies are more or less the same creatures but i think this was done for story aspects as all the Enemies represent a faceless Cheryl trying to cling to her dad so he won't disappear from her memories. What is really cool about them though is they change appearances if you do different things in the game. The presentation is also great and never breaks from the game as your phone has all the option stuff on it, the phone can also be used to take in game screen shots of mysterious things as well and you can draw on it in the map section. When some one rings you in the  game, hold the Wii Mote up to ur ear and the voices will come out of the wii motes speaker, so it is like you are using a proper phone.
The graphics are also amazing and look better than most PS3 and 360 games, it is very beautiful and shows how lazy some developers are when it came to making Wii games as this game is phenomenal. People complain that is too short but it isn't it took me at least 8 hour to complete and would have been longer if i never used a guide for the shadow puzzle in the art room cause that one is really hard,this game is more or less the same length as any other survival horror and much more longer than the originals too. OVERALL IT WAS AN EXCELLENT GAME and i wish more were as fun as this one, btw make sure to get the Wii Version as it is the best experiences you can get with it cause it is the best graphical version and gameplay version of the  game.
I loved the story and it was so sad the ending when you find out the truth made me cry, because it wasn't harry sitting in the Psychiatric hospital it was Cheryl and she was there trying to get over her farthers death and leave the past behind so she can move on with her life, it was a heart touching moment when harry entered the door and told her he will always be with her but then turns to ice and shatters, also another great thing about this game is it has multiple endings 5 different ones you can get depending on the way you play. Another bland Sony Shooter with dull grey and uninspired graphics, now its even worse than the last one cause it caught the cod Syndrome.
Awfully overrated and Bland shooter, with no real story and dull graphics,now its even worse than the last one cause it caught the cod Syndrome. The thing what started it all, why did they even give us more when this was garbage in the first place.
People like to say its not a shooter but the main combat focus is a person shooting lightning projectiles from his hand to similar fashion as any other Third person shooter gameplay. I believe MGS4 has taken more of shooter root than focus on true stealth, i can complete the game by killing every single enemy with shooting from a third person perspective. Another bland overhyped sony shooter which people try to say it isn't, when all you do for combat is shoot enemies with guns. A game people like to not call a shooter even though the only method of attack he has is shooting magic bolts from his wand just like any other Third person shooter. I would say this is the only shooter i like from sony because of the open world and RTS elements. Make sure to leave more exclusive ps3 shooters in the comment section in case i missed any. Its sad when Vita is even better than the PS4, PS4 literally has a worse launch line up than the Vita did and vita had a garbage launch. Everything right now seems to be crushing sony's PS4 and Sony are sitting there doing nothing, as they have no games.
WII U is the best right now though with the most THIRD PARTY EXCLUSIVES shown and the most EXCLUSIVES altogether, so what is the point of the other consoles i tell you? Justin Beiber is sent back in tim to the pirate era, and fight bad guys and try to find a way back to the present, it will feature many movie cliche and have so much set piece you will move basically from set piece to set piece with no space between them to catch a breath air. He then find a gal and some how falls in love with her even though she is a stranger and is then kidnapped by a group of pirate lords, they want to know the secret of time travel in order as they heard it in a conversation u had with the girl earlier on. Justin beiber refuses to say the secrat and brakes free leaving the girl behind , he feels all guilty for doing this so plans an way to try and get her free before she dies.
Justin beiber than travels to their fortress and manages to rescue the girl and it turns out after that he girl is also a time traveller a longing them to return to the present she however has come here to  tell him that going back in time is wrong and they should never do it again, so he listen and goes back to the present but a pirate follows them through the portal and kills the girl so he has to fight him as the last boss after killing him the time stuff revives her and justin bebiber and the girl are all happy together, the en.
Here it is, here is my reasons why Lego Batman 2:DC Universe is better than Batman Arkham city!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEGO Batman has more to it, theirs so much more to do in Lego Batman 2 than their is in Arkham City, so much more to see and mess around with plus you can drive in many different vehicles from the Batm Mobile to bat Bike to Robins helicopter and more.
Yes thats right you don't just play as Batman in Lego  Batman 2, you can pick a huge range of characters from friends to villains.

Collect find and smash your way to get all 250 Golden Blocks, can you find these elusive Secrets through out each and every level?
Yes you heard me Lego Batman 2 is harder in a fair way as some of the puzzles can take long to figure out, don't get me wrong Arkham city is hard to but its unfair hard, because Enemies can take you out in 1 or two attack's and this is what i don't get, how can they kill you so fast when all they have is their fists and you wearing a full armoured suit with protective metal gloves. So far the cutscenes and All the characters are much more amazing in Lego batman 2 than they are in Batman arkham city, Joker seems like him self and not a dull tired old man plus they have the justice league their to.
Arkham city gets points knocked of for ruining jokers character and essentially being a rip off, of Escape from L.A. As usual Sony games are always overhyped here on IGN and this is another case of one getting the similar treatment.
The stealth is also extremely stupid as you get seen if you stand up and walk around but the girl can walk around and shout while talking next to you all the time, she can walk right up to the enemies and they will be oblivious to her, the enemies in Resident evil 4 were more aware of ashley. Another thing which is annoying about this is the consistent quick time events which constantly spring out of no where when an enemy approaches and forces you to tap a button quickly, if you fail you continue to do this until you can move on to the next linear arena type area were you shoot down another bunch of enemies. Their are plastered leave textures on walls which look worse than the original tomb raider, ugly low polygonal trees and bland uninteresting city scopes. In conclusion this game is terrible and has little interesting environments, linear gameplay, boring over done quick time events( like seriously devs stop putting QTE'S in your games we aren't impressed by them anymore the only game which made them fun was Shemnue) it has little to no variety in enemies all you have to kill are zombies and mercenaries, couldn't we have at least one fantasy creature something like a hunter from Resident evil?
Their are to many of these DUDE BRO games, where are the adventure games, Puzzle games, Platformers,JRPG? Its all the same sh*t on each of your consoles and I'm sick of it sony and micorosft, your gonna cause the next gaming crash, if you carry on like this!
This list is just proof and theirs even more games not on this list from launch and ones which will be announced at e3 soon to come.
Every time a new zombie game comes out you see articles downplaying them, going oh its just another zombie game like we haven't seen enough of them..what i don't get is why?
I really wish developers could make more zombie games as Zombies are my favourite fictional creature, theirs so many different styled stories you can tell with a zombie game as well from may different perspectives of the people who have come in contact with them in these horrific worlds.
Many people said to me this was an amazing game, reviewers like on ign said it had tons of content in it and vast locations to explore, while it does have a big place to explore theirs very little motivation to do so as you are not rewarded at all for exploring, the original Zelda on the NES has more depth than this game at least you can tackle any dungeon you want and not have to do it in a certain order. The Game drags on way to much,  theirs only one colossus were you actually need the bow to use it on, at the end of every boss fight you get teleported back to the shrine in order to walk across the empty field and get to the next boss, maybe i would have been more forgiving if the game let you take on any of the colossi at once while in the adventure so you have options but it doesn't. Its not even hard to find each of the bosses as well considering you get a little light which shines your way, theirs little to no story for this game too, btw the reason why your here to kill these monsters is to save a girl known as Mono, we don't know why he wants to save her they give us no backstory of the two people, the start of the game is just him riding on his horse again, and laying her down in a shrine, theirs like three cutscenes in the whole game, every time a boss is defeated the stupid voice tells you to go kill another colossi, why should i bother killing all these colossi though for a girl i know little about. The only plus side to the game is its graphics but they don't matter if you have a boring awfully bad paste game, if you want to play any good team ico game do your self a favour and get ICO instead. Instead he likes to keep them at home in case he needs the bricks to build more.But his unusual hobby-turned-profession is not about glorifying guns, he says, but about finding new ways of being creative. Three press conferences and I'm only slightly interested in two games Rime and Infamous 3, thats really sad man, I swear you should stop focusing on the western market with shooters and now your even making a controller for them, when you said you aren't gonna be about fps this generation, well we all know that was a lie. What about the article were sony had to pay 53 million to Australia, were was that article IGN???
It as the most boring last minutes of a game I've ever had to play, surely they can make you do something unique in the last part but no, you just go through a couple of rooms, shooting or sneaking past soldiers and woot, you find ellie and carry her to the nearest elevator. Really is that a good ending, nothing was explained through out the whole game, You new little to nothing about the side characters, you nothing about Tess or the Farflie girl who you shoot at the end, nothing nothing was explained it was a bland walk across america to find out that Ellie has to die so you don't let that happen, given the fact that you were in america they could have given you much more to explore and made it less, LINEAR. Sadder story, every character around the main protagonist which he meets is either dead or dies making him constantly remind him self the loneliness of the world. Its Unique like all Nintendo games and you can't find a similar experience elsewhere I played a better version of Last Of Us already and it was called Resident Evil 6. You can even fly around Gotham City as Super man and here the classic SuperMan theme from John Williams as you explore with Super man in the sky which is so awesome!!!!!!!! Mean while in Batman Arkham (boring) city all you do for the opening is press square for 20 minutes trying to take down six enemies who seem like they take forever to kill, oh then you have to watch another cutscene glide over to another building and watch another cutscene and press square against a bunch of enemies again for 20 minutes!. Oh Lego Batman 2 also makes fun of story elements from Arkham city as well which is hilarious. Yes believe it or not but Lego batman 2 has better graphics than Arkham city, the world of Lego Batman is just so much more vibrant and interesting, with unique buildings and nice locations to explore. The game is really over rated it has no atmosphere, no gameplay and just focuses on cutscenes, the main part of the game is the story not the gameplay so if you really want to experiences it just watch the cutscenes on Youtube. Than the enemies are aware of the girl in this Last of us, Ellie doesn't do anything in the game but drag its gameplay further down the whole thing is basically about you escorting her to another place in order to save the world as she is the only person left with the cure in her blood.
The game looks like it was designed for the ps2 and had a slight texture raise with the HD. Their literally hasn't even been a lot of zombie games on consoles or pc in the past few years, the only ones i can think of are Dead rising, Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil,Dead Island, Dead space, Zombi U and Day Z.
With this game you literally walk from one boss to another across a plain and empty field climb up a boss and stab it on its head three times, most bosses require this strategy and it drags on a lot by the time your on the 8th boss, you begin to feel like you've seen it all before. Were was your article making vita out to be doomed because it dropped in price to only 160 pound in the uk!
For me, it was about finding something interesting to build and guns filled that criteria.'His book also includes a warning.

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