In this insuctable i'll show you how to make stop motion on iMovie pick your characters For my characters I chose lego mini figures.
One of the most sought after LEGO accomplishment among Star Wars LEGO fans is to create an army of clone troopers as we've seen in the Star Wars movies and television series. After successfully repairing a broken hinge, I decided to add some stylish element to my glasses, and replace the original branding by another famous branding: LEGO!
Submitted for the approval of the Instructables society, I bring to you another electronic LEGO project with a retro video game theme!Using the exact same principles for design and engineering as my Electronic Super Mario Starmen, I've built another series of small musical LED sprite pieces. Our hack space (Leicester Hackspace) has been given a batch of Sugru for us to improve anything and everything we see fit. This Instructable will show you how to make a functioning lego calculator that can add +,subtract -,multiply x, and divide \! In this Instructable, I'm going to show you how I made my very own Lego Rube Goldberg, or, LeGoldberg! This classic casino game can be made from a Lego spinning mechanism and a cardboard top cone.
Hey guys, After an entire year, I finally opened my box of LEGO's to let my imagination run wild. This is a very simple drawbot I've built with our Lego Mindstorms set.It's quick to build and program and once you've got it up and running you'll be printing one page after the other with it. We’re going to build a two foot tall robotic Minecraft Creeper powered by a LEGO Mindstorms EV3! Hey Folks, Here is a quick an simple way to recycle old crayons (or use new ones) to make really cool lego crayons.
As many of you know, most of my LEGO creations are a blend of my childhood passions, notably Transformers, Nintendo, and uh, traffic lights? For secret Santa this year, team sugru all made each other presents that used sugru - this little Santa LEGO man was made by Ben and instantly became one of our favourites.
Build a Lego man lamp!(If you are using a mobile and want to see it in action, click on the last picture (its a GIF)If I could be any lego man it would be vintage space man.
There is a multitude of DIY phone stands out there and frankly it's pretty easy to make a stand from old credit cards or a piece wood with a groove cut in it. Hi, this is my first Instructable, I hope you will enjoy it !The aim is to control Lego buildings from Arduino boards with low cost parts. We had a fun little project with my friend when we were asked to build a demo board for the visitors of the Robocup Junior Finland 2014. Sorry for kind of rush for this document.This is a simple 6 legs, 12 mini servo spider and make used of Lego plate, you can add more lego on your final design. In this instructable I will show you how to build a 2 Wheel LEGO RC Racer.The idea for this robot comes from a google advertisement from the makeblock robot. This instructable will show you how to make the LEGO Galaxy squad set, Hive Crawler, motorized using LEGO Mindstorms (either NXT or EV3 should work). Lego Table DIY with PVCIn this Instructable I will show you how to make a PVC Lego Table for home and travel. This is a fun and unique project that I began initially building shortly after the release of my Electronic LEGO Star Wars DL-44 Blaster Pistol -- which of course means this particular project was built using my acquired knowledge of the blaster, as well as it uses a very similar functionality.
This is a method to quickly and easily make a musical instrument capable of melodic percussion and noise experimentation.
This is my first Instructable, so all comments are welcome (positive and negative, as long as I get feedback!).

I'm going to show you how to make a guitar with your kids out of a tissue box, paper towel roll and some rubber bands! Dig Dig a 6x1 block hole Dig More Dig a little hole in the third block from the left Add Water Add one tap of water to the very right of the hope Add Lava Add one tap of lava to the very left of the hole. If, like many, you like the BGP100 bluetooth gadget for playing bluetooth on smartphones and PDA's, but don't like the buttons and feel of the controller that comes with it, how about rehousing the controller into an original Nintendo SNES controller! There is a lot more to these stances than it looks, but I hope I can give you a basic understanding of the basic stances.below is how you stand at attention. I'm a big fan of DDR as a game and form of exercise, but since by foam pads and PS2 died, I haven't played for a couple years. In this instructable I will show you a few easy methods to make it even more costly for companies who do mass junk mailings.
Recently I bought a PSOne with two Dualshock controllers, one being the Diamond Black PSX controller and the other the stock white PSOne controller. Hello my name is FXAscensionz and I thought i would show how I custom painted my nerf guns.
It’s really easy and really cool and its the way that most magiciens use ecept for the pors that can do it like 5 feet in the air.
An overhand serve in volleyball is a serve in which the player tosses the ball with one hand and strikes it in the air above their head with the other hand.
This instructable is to teach you how to ollie on a fingerboard (tech deck)Please like this instructable if it helped and you enjoyed it.
This tutorial shows you how to make a semi-automatic sugarcane farm in Minecraft Pocket Edition (tested in 0.10 alpha). Here's a quick and simple contact staff you can put together with things you might have lying around the house. This project was to build my own 5 string banjo on as low a budget as possible, yet still making something that looks good and sounds nice.
After recently visiting a Souvenier Shop in Missouri, while touring, my friend had bought a Rattle Snake Eggs prank. Make sure it is 12" in diameter or larger if making yours out of clay or wood but you could also use a pre-made wood clock face.
Then try this lego version, it's a little less theft-proof than a real one, but it comes close.
It uses a gear train that turns one rotation of the control knob into a tenth of a rotation on the tens dial. I did not include the drawer that slides out when the combination is made, or the cover for the top.
But first, here's a few tips to help you out!-Sort out the brick colors you'll need before hand -I recommend building this on a clean, hard surface, like a table-Don't rush yourself.
Have you ever wondered how they make those "ship in a bottle" displays, you know, the ones that look like it's impossible since the ship is bigger than the neck of the bottle? The goal was to build all of the mechanical workings directly from Lego pieces with little to no modification.
It took me anywhere between 40 to 60 hours to complete the model, spread out over about two weeks. Today I will show you how to make a Lego Iron Man Helmet and by the way, this is my first instructables!
This was made completely and originally by me though the grabber might look like it was copied from Mr.

What's not to like?Here's a sample video shot using my cellphone on this home-made motorized LEGO camera dolly.
This first projet consists in adapting the traditional servo-motor 9g to plug it with Lego blocks. Lego building and Hot wheel raceway both; with storage box built from an old drawer to contain all pieces.
It just sounded like more fun than spending my money on fireworks and alcohol.Just playing with it, I noticed that you can go through quite a lot of batteries, just experimenting and programming this smart brick.
This time, I will be showing you how to build Pikachu and Charmander from the well known Pokémon series. The difficulty level of this tutorial is easy and is designed for both adults and children. Fun and vibrant, and perfect for any minifigure fan who wants to show off their favourite figs.
You can buy replacement shells from many different places, such as ebay, but dealextreme had the best price and free shipping. With just a few tools and a short amount of time you can be out throwing your very own boomerang.
After a while the sticks started to drift on the black one, so I decided to take it apart and completely clean it. Overhand serving is more advanced than underhand but that does not mean it’s impossible. Total effective yield is 60 sugarcane (30 plants times 3 sugarcane, reusing 30 to plant the next batch).
Get ready to watch your victim struggle to get his or her possessions out from inside of an upside down, filled water glass. This is a great device if you want to troll your friends or desolate your opponents structures and builds. Can be fine tuned to be used as a real hunting bow hitting targets up to 50ft away (depending on the arrow used).
The giant LEGOs were made by painting cardboard moving boxes in the classic primary LEGO colors. So after looking around online at shadowbox versions (also expensive), I was perusing for pieces in Michaels when I came across this circular slatted board. If you missed my last one, go ahead and check them out (gotta build 'em all, you know it's your destiny)! A growing trend has been the development of LEGO walls or a wall with studs that you can build on. I thought it would be fun to make a portable 4 player Bomberman themed arcade cabinet, that would be compact and light enough to carry to parties and barbecues.
So I decided to recreate the prank but with different materials, and make it easier to work.
A custom mountain with LEGO baseplates encourages building scenes and racing vehicles down the slope.
But even if I never get married, these lovely little Lego wine glass charms are cute and lots of fun.

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