Being as it’s been so long since I did anything with hama beads, I started with something really simple –  a mario mushroom!
Itty bitty paper Nintendo Stars are really easy and quick to make, and the more you make of them the better they look.
Zelda’s come along just in time to make sure your life size cardboard Iron Man doesn’t get lonely! We have features a few cool handmade lamps, but if you’re a big fan of LEGO bricks, you may like to make your own mosaic LEGO lamps.
Baron von Brunk, a senior member from instructables created these pretty cute mood lights with LEGO bricks.
LEGO turns many a great vehicle into a child’s (or adult’s) play set, with standouts including Batman’s Tumbler, Marty McFly’s DeLorean, and the Millennium Falcon. According to their Flickr page, the three friends built these fantastic figurines – we count 12 main characters in total (including Bullet Bill) – for an exhibition in Perpignan, France.
Every little detail looks well executed and purposeful, from Bowser’s motorcycle, to Lakitu’s cloud, and frankly every bit of Toad. Check out more of the figurines below, and make sure to see them in all their glory at the group’s Flickr page, linked above.

Amazingly, the relatively simple polygon based graphics make the translation into Lego surprisingly well. Feel free to contact us with your MOCs or Custom Minifigures if you would like to see here. If you don’t know how to make these tiny origami stars, keep reading for a quick tutorial. No, I don’t mean the birthday of Albert Einstein and Johann Strauss, I mean International Pi day! Pi (a Greek letter) is the symbol used in mathematics to represent a constant — the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter — which is approximately 3.14159. As we can see from the images, the lamps feature amazing pixelated design along with gorgeous colors, and all patterns come from Super Mario Bros, the classic video game series.
However, thanks to the wonders of hands-free kits I was able to do some geeky crafting at the same time, so it didn’t feel like much of my evening had been swallowed up by work stuff after all!
Most importantly, all the patterns are built with LEGO bricks, and the talented crafter has released all making steps. And that was a bit of a problem for one group of friends. So the trio set out to create their own Mario Kart figurines using the ubiquitous bricks, and the results are frankly amazing.

Getting the Lego bricks and plates to fit into the desired angles and looking correct is very difficult.
Their spherical shape is usually difficult to capture in Lego, but here it has been accomplished. If you want to bring a cute 8-bit LEGO lamp on your desk, jump to instructables for more details. Put down that controller, skid off of Rainbow Road, and get a load of these brilliant blocky figures! Featuring a grassy hill with a dry refine that Mario must traverse in order to defeat the boss, “Big Bob-omb.” The Battlefield has many memorable moments, the canon transportation system, the scary Chain Chomp tied up in the center, the boulder chase up the hill, and even a floating island. The details are so well done that you may not even notice that the scale of the Bob-omb Battlefield has been reduced.

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