The best thing about this cardboard box rocket ship is that we have had it for over a year and a half!This card board box rocket ship is pretty tough and has withstood very energetic little boys.
Obviously the first step to building your very own cardboard box rocket ship is to actually have the cardboard box. Reinforce all edges that have been cut and tape up any holes that you might find around the cardboard box.
Meanwhile, I cut fins from a cardboard box and we attached them to the tubes using our hot glue gun (which then proceeded to explode…). I then inserted the circular, tubed part of the flames inside the bottom of the rocket and secured it with hot glue. A simple, rhyming book that tells all about rockets, their adventures in space and their return to earth.
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Little Charley Bear is heading to the bright lights of London’s West End this Christmas! We've teamed up with Women's Weekly and Good to Know to bring you this cute Little Charley Bear knitting pattern. Little Charley Bear loved being an astronaut in 'Teddy for blast off', so why not help him have some more time in outer space by building him this super power space rocket. I had never even thought to show how we made it since I didn’t take a ton of pictures, but I think the pictures will give you a decent starting point for creating your own cardboard box rocket ship! My husband angled the top four panels in towards each other to make the nose for the cardboard box rocket ship. I wish I had more exact instructions, but I think there is enough here to get you started with your own cardboard box rocket ship. While in space, he has quite an adventure, but then returns safely to earth and his mother’s outstretched arms. As they like rockets, your boys will probably like this text – let us know what you think. As a former teacher she tries to bring fun and learning into the activities that they do each day.
Draw a circle on the cereal box, you can do this by drawing round the sticky tape, then cut it out. After that get your two triangles and make careful cuts as shown in the photo, then slot the two shapes together, now you have made your rocket feet!
Download by clicking the button (right) and print out the rocket pattern with Charley Bear on it! Your rocket is complete, time to imagine the space adventure you're going to go on with Charley. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site.

Cut a small wedge out of the circle, a bit like a pizza slice, then bend the circle to make a cone shape, add a dab of tape to secure it.
Fold it in half so that you make two triangles, then cut down the fold, so that you are left with the two triangles. Strips about 30cm long.When done attach with sticky tape to the inside of the tube at the bottom of the rocket.
Which toys will come with you? Why not post you're picture on Charley's facebook page to let him know how you got on with you're rocket games. Of course you wouldn’t want to climb or sit on top of your cardboard box rocket ship. You can seal it how you wish, but it’s a good opportunity to use up leftover cardboard.
Wrap it around the tube and secure it in place with a few dabs of sticky tape, or double sided.Now it’s time to attach the feet! This isn’t a complicated cardboard box rocket ship design, but it’s been perfect for my preschool age son! We got our tube at Kmart, but you can get them at office supply stores and post offices as well. You can follow the design in the image below or use your own design to add initials or numbers to the cake.

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