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Select the Edit Plane Tool (V) and start drawing a quadrangle around the front side by clicking the corners of the box.
Hello, I can get all the steps down, but when it comes to copy and pasting on the vanishing point screen it will not paste the graphic??? I’m also using CS5 and I had problems with pasting the artwork from Illustrator to Photoshop. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

He is a world-wide freelancer currently working at Microsoft as online marketing specialist. Bleeds are extra colorful space around the artwork to avoid white areas incase of any cutting mistakes.
Create a new empty layer from layer pane [Cmd + Shift + N] and go to Filter > Vanishing Point [Cmd + Alt + V]. Some corners are a little bit round but doesn’t matter, this is just for analyzing the perspective. Return back to Photoshop, make sure you’re on the new empty layer and go to the Vanishing Point window again [Cmd + Alt + V].

To edit and fit the image to the box’s surface, transform the artwork by Transform Tool (T) [Cmd + T]. At first you’ll see your image with original dimensions, drag it into the grids to fit.
Press [Cmd + T] to see transform tool’s bounding box, then right click on the box and choose Warp.

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