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Our special Modular Pooja Room is a room or shelf, which is used to house the image of god.
House model make from wood stick on artificial grass field with blurry background use for home nad housing abstract model.

Recreate the charms of a bygone age now with this Showa Era Dagashi Sweet Store Model, a paper doll's house of an old neighborhood confectionary shop that even lights up. Made entirely from paper, this superb model brings the past to life in all its wooden architectural and postwar glory. There's a school satchel to make, plus posters, a mail box, and of course lots of sweets in their colorful packages. Pooja room is a place of worship and should be always clean and neat both by its physical and environmental architecture.

Pooja rooms are designed as per vassthu sasthra and tailor made designs to suit clients taste based on their demand. Selection of wood can be based on client choice and quality of products is influenced by selection of wood as well.

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