The Taj Mahal, whose beauty has inspired poets and artists for centuries, is one of the worlda€™s best known monuments. Madeleine Comora is a poet and author of the picture books Rembrandt and Titus and the award-winning George Washington's Teeth.
Placed over wide, sumptuous carpets of finely detailed golden vines or other motifs and illustrated with accomplished Indian-style miniatures, this lyrical account frames a touching tale of love and loss in magnificent visuals. One of the world's architectural wonders takes center stage in this exquisitely illustrated story about its history and lore.
Imagine having this beautiful model in your living room – and being able to take credit for building it!
Behind its creation lies the love story of Emperor Shah Jahan, one of the great rulers of the Mughal Empire, and his wife Mumtaz Mahal. Falling in love as teenagers, Prince Khurram and a court official's daughter Arjumand courted in secret, and then after a glorious wedding went on to rule wisely and well as Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal until her death during childbirth in 1631.
With abundant detail and poetic license, Arnold (The Terrible Hodag and the Animal Catchers) and Comora (George Washington's Teeth) recount the legendary love story behind the Taj Mahal (which means "crown palace").
In the tradition of Mogul miniatures, his ornate, elaborately framed paintings capture the culture of elegant luxury that reached its apogee in the storya€™s celebrated structure. Using 39,080 toothpicks, you can construct an accurate model of one of the most beautiful buildings in the world – the Taj Mahal!

Echoing the style of the magnificent illustrated manuscripts that chronicle royal life in 16th century India, this book recalls both history and legend in the story of a striking beauty who captures the heart of a young prince, of the epic events of their life together, and of the ultimate fulfillment of a promise. In 1997 they traveled together to Agra where she researched the history of the Taj Mahal and the legend surrounding it, hoping to one day bring the timeless story to life. His early love of miniature painting influenced his work in a wide range of fields including painting, photography, carpet design and digital new media. Obeying her deathbed wish that all the world know of their love, he built her the jeweled tomb that is still one of the world's wonders. Shah Jahan builds the spectacular monument to entomb and immortalize his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal, who died at age 39 shortly after childbirth. Those that I've found before this one were over-written and textbookish and the art didn't live up to the story, which is about a legendary love that created the most beautiful architecture in the world. We’ll send you everything you need: pictures of the Taj Mahal, a sharp knife, a tube of glue and a 20-lb.
She lives in Southern California where she teaches in the UCLA Extension Writersa€™ Program.
He too is buried there, as the separate, black tomb he planned for himself was never built. Historical summaries and other notes (including the admission that most of the story is based on legend, since Mughal rulers guarded their privacy), plus a short reading list, cap a story based in history, and as romantic as any in folklore.

It boasts an engaging story told in an age-appropriate vocabulary, with beautiful illustrations, framed in intricate, decorative borders. One can see from the quality of its binding and the color on its heavy pages that this book has been put together with great care and without cost-saving short-cuts. Your Taj Mahal will be a gorgeous addition to any living room, and will be a real conversation starter. Intricate, narrow borders of tiny gold flowers within ribbons of ruby red or forest green surround and connect text boxes and illustrations. I bought it for an eleven year-old who was delighted with it and actually put down her Game Boy to spend the afternoon reading it. The scenes themselves, which have a formal, portrait quality (many of the faces are flat and in profile), are filled tiny details, from jewels and luxuriously textured fabrics to elaborate battle dress. In the wedding parade scene, nearly a hundred individuals in miniature occupy a courtyard, each wearing a finely drawn costume.
Facts about the royal family and the Taj Mahal, as well as a bibliography, wrap up this nonfiction narrative, though it's the artwork throughout that is sure to amaze.

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