For a while, Budster has been enjoying a book about a little tugboat, and summer seemed like a perfect time to give him his first boat, so we got some wood cutouts together and made him a toy paddle boat. Though I used wood, you can modify this tutorial to work for other materials you might feel comfortable with. After making the boat, we headed out to our neighbour’s pool, and had the first voyage there. If you want to stay updated on other stories from Adventure in a Box, consider subscribing to our Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram pages.
When not building towers and measuring the depth of puddles with her toddler, Liska likes to make toys and write about them.
July 23, 2014 by Kara Leave a Comment Do your boys love boats?  Today Liska from Adventure in a Box is sharing How to Make a Toy Paddle Boat.  And this boat is seriously adorable!  In fact, I would pay good money for that.
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First, take a bamboo skewer and pierce one side of the container about half-way up the side.
Now, if you want a smoke stack on top of your paddle boat, you'll cut a small piece of tape and wrap it around the cup. By replacing the oars with paddles, as shown in the illustration, the operator can see where he is going and enjoy the exercise much better than with oars.
The bearings, B, may be made of hardwood, but preferably of iron pipe filled with melted babbitt.
The hubs, C, should be made of wood, drilled to fit the shaft and mortised out to hold the paddles, D.

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In order to attach the paddle in the future, drill two small holes at the sides of the boat and at the same level insert two little dowels on the rail. At this point the boat is functionally ready for attaching the paddle, but I want to add some decorations on top to make it look more like the tugboat from the book.
They need to interlock and form a crest. The paddle need to fit inside of the cut made at the back of the boat and not rub against its sides. But as soon as my son was born, I wanted to make toys for him, and wood seemed like the most durable and safe material. Using the extra lid, measure and cut out a piece that is a little shorter than the distance between the bamboo skewers and a little smaller than the height of the container.
We used colorful tape and permanent markers so each child could design their own special paddle boat.
The operation of the oars is both tiresome and uninteresting, and the oarsman is obliged to travel, backward.
He can easily steer the boat with his feet, by means of a pivoted stick in the bottom of the boat, connected by cords to the rudder.
If babbitt is used, either thoroughly smoke or chalk the shaft or wrap paper around it to prevent the babbitt sticking. The covers, E, may be constructed of thin wood or galvanized iron and should be braced by triangular boards, as shown in Fig. At one-and-a-half, Budster just delighted at the speed with which the funny wheel at the back turned, but for older kids, it could be a fun way to experience the mechanics of movement in a hands-on way. This summer I wanted to make a wooden toy boat for my son, and Kara’s series Summer Survival for Moms of Boys encouraged me to start working on this project. I wanted a craft that we could make inside but use in the pool, so we decided to make fun little boats.

You will also want to put tape on the outside of the container where the skewer goes to prevent water from getting in as much as possible.
The pieces of pipe may be then fastened to the boat by means of small pipe straps, such as may be obtained at any plumber's at a very small cost. The paddle will be secured in the middle, and if you wind it and then let go, the paddle will start turning. Varnish will protect the wood and the paint against water, so that the boat could make your children’s children happy. I hope that in the next couple of days this boat will also have a chance to explore the Great Lakes.
It will be necessary to furnish a sketch giving all the dimensions of the shaft, which should be designed to suit the dimensions of the boat, taking care that sufficient clearance is allowed, so that the cranks in revolving will not strike the operator's knees. If galvanized iron is used, it should be exposed to the weather two or three months before painting, or the paint will come off, spoiling its appearance. In the water it will make the boat move, and outside of water, it makes for an interesting little experiment.
If desired, split-wood handles may be placed on the cranks, to prevent them from rubbing the hands. Then it can accompany Budster on adventures to lakes and rivers, and we will not worry about losing it.

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