As a kid, it's easy to pretend a paper boat is a seaworthy ship, but childhood fantasies fade and paper boats turn to pulp. While the yacht outshines its simple cousin in terms of creature comforts, the details remain, as with the paper boat, merely a 3D-rendered figment of the designer's imagination. It can be used for party decorations, photo backdrop preparation, home decor or use it as gift wrap etc.
As you keep on checking these DIY tutorials, you will come to know how easy it is to make a dozen of paper flowers in a matter of couple of minutes. Understand the process because then it is easy to repeat the same process and make multiple flowers later. Its really exciting to see the latest trend in DIY party decorations, where paper garland, tissue paper flowers are in demand.
Just be careful because this is one of the cheapest, simple and beautiful DIY crafts and chances are you might get crazy loving it.
If you also wish to create a website like this then dont miss to check our step by step tutorial.
You can take any pair of shoes and transform them into elegant slippers with just the addition of some beautiful trim! I just love love love this "book worm" skirt by living with punks, and this heart themed breakfast from cute food for kids would be great any time of year, don't you think? Can't stop making things is back with this amazing and inventive charm necklace, and you can make some gorgeous ranunculus paper flowers with this great tutorial from DIY or don't, and I'm sure you'll agree that we're choosing to DIY! Just another hang up made these adorable bunting cosmetic bags, and these kimono baby shoes by nifty thrifty things, well, they are just beyond cute!
And now for a little water related crafting: I just adore this artsy boat project by Ann Wood, and these mermaid crowns by, right, you guessed it, the very crafty Aunt Peaches.
I love architecture, and had a wonderful time sharing this interest of mine with my kids last month in Berkeley, California.
I love this stream-lined mid-century modern home with its flat roof, set amongst the trees, and of course we just had to talk about this nicely preserved Volkswagen bus, since my kids had never seen one! On the UC Berkeley campus there are some amazing examples of architecture, including the Hearst Mining Circle Building designed by the architect Julia Morgan, and Bowles Hall (I think?), a dormitory that looks like it was lifted right out of an English boarding school! Start talking to your kids about everything and don't stop, they'll benefit immensely!
Every year I think about trying to harvest some of these little purple balls to fill some vases, and to attempt drying them, but it's just a bit on the dangerous side due to all those prickles.
I've been wanting to try my hand at making some giant paper flowers, ever since I saw the gorgeous giant paper poppies, here. In the mean time, collect your supplies, namely very large sheets of paper, some wooden dowels and some green paper for stem details. Doesn't this sweet work of modeling clay art, created by my 8 year old daughter, look like an oil painting of sorts? Explore the links above to learn about some more ways to use this technique for kids who might need something a little more structured for their first experience, or for toddlers who might enjoy smearing the modeling clay onto a picture of some kind.

This is a great way to combine painting and sculpting, and with modeling clay one can apply layers of bright color quite easily. Welcome to Craft Schooling Sunday, and another opportunity to get inspired for some great summer crafting!
First off, I am absolutely in love with these colorful tea towels from colorful senses, a simple applique project for even those with no sewing experience, and Se7en is back with this super creative woven fish project, just love seeing what each of her many children create! And speaking of woven, love this woven package topper from mini eco and this dyed rice art from wayward girls crafts is just too much fun!
Isn't this leaning tower of Pizza project from make the best of everything just the cutest?
Maya over at the little treasures made these simple yet elegant crocheted head band, and I just love this simple leather hide purse from between the lines, gotta love that flower too, right?
A paper plate portrait from the chocolate muffin tree is a great craft activity any time, and how about making some whacky wigs for a fun summer activity? And from now on, should I ever paint a picture with a moon in it, or more likely make a collage with a moon in it, I will feel absolutely justified in making my moon orange, one of my favorite colors! To help keep the dream alive, the designers at Artax Studio have created a grown-up variation: a 55-foot yacht in the shape of the paper toy. The central cabin is housed inside a glass pyramid, the sides of which open upward to create wing-like canopies.
Insert a wooden skewer through the point of the boat, and use that as your mast to attach two sails. My daughter is a flower girl in a upcoming family wedding, and while we were happy with these shoes from Target they were missing that special elegant touch. Here we are again, back for another week of crafty inspiration, with some great projects this week, especially for the sewers out there! Berkeley has some amazing, even jaw-dropping, examples of architecture, from Victorian to Modern with lots of style in between. And hey, look at that tree, it's actually a humongous Yucca, (from the Agave family) we have some in pots at our house!
Don't forget to talk about how things are built, like this fun red gate for example also inspired by Japanese garden design and quite simply constructed using 2x4s.
And in fact, in many cases children would much rather have conversations with you than do craft projects, alack alas, so do rise the occasion and help build your children's future by encouraging creative thinking.
I gave you a sneek peek of these giant paper flowers the other day here, and now I'm back to give you a few more important details to help you make a gorgeous paper flower centerpiece yourself. Once upon a time I was gathering props for a fashion photo shoot in Manhattan and purchased a bunch of dried thistle balls in a lovely shade of purple. Fortunately for me, we are in the midst of preparing for a family wedding, and a chance to satisfy some of my crafting desires! Well, I can assure you that it is not, rather it was made using a technique which I've told you about previously here, and here, namely sculpting pictures with modeling clay. One can draw a picture and then apply the modeling clay to the picture, but the most creative use of this crafting technique would be to simply create a picture without employing any traditional drawing tools— let the little fingers work with the modeling clay and enjoy!

There's a really great range of projects in the features from last week, something for everyone.
And I sure was lucky since these gorgeous pie pops were contributed by a blogger from Italy, il dolcelo portoio, who has some amazing food shots, and you can practice your Italian too! Here from our little spot on the earth in Israel we had a wonderful view of a total lunar eclipse which peaked around midnight I believe. A cooking island marks the middle of the living quarters, surrounded by lounge furniture and capped off on either end by private sleeping cabins.
One sail is folded around the skewer, while the second is attached onto the mast at the top and bottom. And for those of us who don't really sew, well we can practice making hearts out of ketchup, also a worthy pursuit, don't you think?
So if you happen to be somewhere where good design abounds, do take advantage of the opportunity to talk to your kids about architecture, and all that is involved in the process of planning and construction!
I was totally enamoured by these thistle balls and the photos which included them were gorgeous.
The modeling clay is smeared with the fingers onto a piece of bristol board (namely a piece of cardboard that isn't totally smooth) and layers are built. And since I realize that with so much information available to us all, there can be a tendency to just enjoy looking at projects rather than doing them, so let's all make a concerted effort to spend more time actually crafting and less time looking around! I read that we could expect to see an orange moon due to volcanic ash in the atmosphere from the eruption in Etruria not long ago, and that indeed was the case! For calm days on the sea, the bulwark folds down toward the water, extending the deck, and a retractable swimming ladder can be deployed for adventurous sailors. Not that I'm encouraging you to buy or eat Pringles, but hey if you know someone who does, why not snag some of their cans and make one of these kaleidoscopes from the chocolate muffin tree.
Ask your  kids to think of three reasons why, for example, someone would build a tower like this one.
Fast forward to late June a few years later when I found myself on a bus in Israel heading to the North of the country to the very city I now call home. Once the picture is finished, a coating of white glue is brushed over the top of the picture to preserve it. Cut the skewer if your boats will be placed on a table, or leave it full length if that suits your needs.
I looked out the window and was stunned to see the hills covered with the very same purple thistle balls I had purchased in Manhattan!

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