On this page you can download blue prints on how to make some COOL paper airplanes and one very COOL paper helicopter. I love making tissue paper flowers, this is not a new idea but an old favorite always worth recycling. Find a small vase, select your favorites and make a bouquet for your kitchen table or guest bathroom. Klutz makes several great books with templates and patterns for learning to make Tissue Paper Flowers. Legal stuffNorth Texas Kids is dedicated to bringing you the best in parenting resources in the North Texas area. Beautiful pictures of cherry blossoms—the inspiration for many paper flowers (known as kirigami in Japanese). 3.   Make an eye with a hole punch or pushpin and adjust the legs so that the bird can stand on its own. Spring is a colorful time of year and so inspiring that we just had to make tissue paper flowers of all the colors of the rainbow. Step by Step InstructionsTo begin, take the smallest square of tissue paper and fold it twice, then fold it twice diagonally, and if you can manage another fold do one more.

Apply some glue along the shaft but not on the shredded part, then push it into the straw near the bendy end. To make the petals crumpled, fold them in half and then fold into an accordion, squeeze it and then open it up. Cut out the shape so you have two double leaves, and make a notch in the center of the fold for the holes.Glue those together and let it dry.
Now apply some glue and insert the straw into the hole and push all the way up to the flower and stick in place. We used these one year to decorate for my daughter’s birthday and they were beautiful! This nearly no-mess project is easy enough to make in minutes and let kids add lots of inspired elements of their own. These Spring crafts for kids are quite easy to make and of course they are done KKC style by our crew. You can also use wrapping paper, tissue paper, crepe paper or other light weight paper that is easy to crumple and shape. Use a glue stick to join the two matching figures, sandwiching the paper clip legs between them.

If you happen to put too much glue on any then just stick on the next without glue which will soak up any excess.
To do this, hold the leaf between your finger and the edge of the table and pull it through gently.
I think I like making tissue paper flowers the best for their bright colors and fluffy petals but be creative and have fun.
If you hold the petals in your other hand it will keep them in place and out out the way while you stick the middles to the straw. Once you get started, you will find excuses to make more and more flowers, they are so bright and cheerful!

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