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Police were seen pointing guns at protesters and firing shots into the air amid chaotic scenes in Mong Kok early Tuesday morning.A TVB video showed the moment police drew guns on protesters and fired two warning shots into the air on Argyle Street around 2am. Nikkari comes from the Aoe school of sword smiths from the Kamakura Period(1185–1333), most likely being crafted by Sadatsugu.
Nikkari’s name which means to grin comes from a chilling tale during the Azuchi-Momoyama period(1568-1600). After his adventure in demon slaying, Nikkari went on the the bloody battlefields of the human realm during the Sengoku Period, first accompanying Shibata Katsuie, the retainer of Oda Nobunaga.
During his Recollection with Ishikirimaru, Nikkari revealed that he had a wish of becoming a divine sword, but Ishikirimaru pointed out that he had lost that right when he slashed a child even if it was a spirit. He was first crafted as an oodachi(75cm) though this size classifies as tachi now, his size was later reduced to a wakizashi(60cm) but he is still big for a wakizashi, thus standing out as adult-sized among the younger looking wakizashi boys. It started with a rumour about a demon who inhibited Mount Hachiman, which called for the lord of the region Nakajima Shuuridayuu to act on the matter so he entered the forested mountain with the oodachi Nikkari on his belt.

After the Shibata family was defeated and killed at the Battle of Shizugatake, he came as war spoils in the possession of Niwa Nagahide. The victorious Nagahide allowed his son Nagashige to take Nikkari with him to the Invasion of Korea, and later presented Nikkari to his lord Toyotomi Hideyoshi.
Many swords of the Aoe school have the divine status of being offerings to shrines and temple, Nikkari with his bloody history and ominous name was the exception.
She put the child on the ground and invited him to pick up the child, all the while grinning. Nikkari stayed in the Toyotomi house and came to Hideyoshi’s son Hideyori, who handed Nikkari as a gift to Kyougoku Takatsugu. The most famous divine sword of the Aoe school is Juzumaru who is also one of the Five Great Swords. The crowd reacted by throwing glass bottles and flower pots and police used pepper spray at one point. As the child crawled towards him, he thought that it was very odd to encounter a mother and child deep in the mountains during late night, so it must have been the trick of the mountain’s demon. The Kyougoku family later moved to the Marugame Castle which was rumoured to be an ominous castle which would bring bad luck to the owners due to the vengeful spirit that resided within.
Juzumaru was the sword of the sage monk Nichiren, who proclaimed him as the sword that could purge evil and uphold righteousness.

Police officers were also seen swinging their batons at the massive crowd, which immediately retreated but not before some began throwing objects and the scene soon descended into chaos.The commotion broke out at about midnight early Tuesday when police put on protective gear, including helmets and shields, to fend off the unhappy crowd that flung objects at them. Nakajima drew his sword and slashed the crawling child, but the woman continued her advancement with a creepy laughter, beckoning him to hug her instead.
Due to Nikkari’s reputation of being a spiritual sword which could exorcize demonic presence, the Kyougoku family were confident that Nikkari would protect them from the evil spirit. Curiously, Nikkari chose Ishikirimaru to confide the issue of the divine swords, when another divine sword in-game is from his Aoe school as well, in the form of Taroutachi. Ironically, Taroutachi felt neglected as he was enshrined and longed for the thrills of the floating world while Nikkari longed for peace and wished for the status of a divine sword that could protect instead of kill. As Nakajima returned to the same spot the next morning to investigate, all that remained were two stone lanterns cut in half. The grass always seems greener on the other side, if their circumstances were reversed, maybe they would rather return to their original statuses. I was chatting with the police,” said a man identified as Kam, who was hit with the spray.

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