Please take a look at the photo mosaic of the Miniature Pirate Ship (shown alongside our Pirate Galleon in certain photos). For pricing information, please refer to our pricing page, view the pricing on the pirate ships page, or get in contact with us to make an enquiry and discuss a potential project.
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Elaborate cakes give me joy, but it’s the joy of creative process I love most.  The cake itself is ephemeral. To make an ocean I just directly frosted the wooden cutting board used as a base, making “waves” with swirls of extra frosting.
Finishing touches – pirate figurines, pirate gold, extra supply of swords, tiny treasure map and Calico Jack’s pirate flag flying off the stern. This entry was posted in Celebrating Holidays, Cool Cakes and Costumes, Parenting with Renegade Rules and tagged accepting change, art as process, celebrating birthdays, designing pirate cake, Heather Shumaker, importance of art for young children, it's ok not to share, pirate ship birthday cake, pirate ship cake, renegade parenting, teaching kids to accept change. I hang on to every single craft my children do as if I would like to document every stage and how their abilities evolve. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The King of All Media has taken it a step further and is auctioning off the virginity of San Diego native "Natalie Dylan".

The High Definite was created as a gateway from your droll, trivial, work existence to one of neverending stupidity provided by the internet.A  Escape, worker drone, from the ridiculous monotony of your day and explore the mindless entertainment we feed you. For pricing information, please refer to our pricing page or get in contact with us to discuss a potential project. The Miniature Pirate Ship features two accessible cabins, glass windows, a working bell, and a turning ship’s wheel.
Clicking an image will take you into slideshow mode where you can view larger versions of the images. The Playmobil pirate guys are back in the living room, the frosting scraped off their feet. The ship was longer than a 13x 9 pan, so I had to cut and piece cake together with frosting.  Using a pattern helps keep the shape consistent between the layers. I originally hoped to make edible sails or at least masts made of pretzels rods, but paper ones worked better.  The sails are cardstock paper poked by wooden barbeque skewers (pretzel rods were too fat to do that). Not sure why, I just do, but am mentally working up to the day I start shredding the oldest of them. Thanks for the reminder of focusing on to the process, the memories, the experiences and relationships… and to let go.
What I’ve came up to is to create a digital file so I take a picture of everything and now I have a big digital photo album that only takes virtual space but that I can go back to and see their crafts.

The ship was three-tiered, complete with poop deck, bowsprit, topsails, gun ports and a chocolate wafer plank. The cake is gone, but the fact that it was created lives on.  What we create stays with us.
I made the gun ports by poking in black licorice pieces and outlining them with colored frosting. I added skewers at the bottom of each sail for the yards, and the crow’s nest is made of cardstock, too. Then I just choose the very special ones and I restrict myself to just 3 (well maybe 4-5) for every 6 months or so and then let go the rest because all are in photos.
The pirate ship bed has a reading light installed at the head of the bed, an assortment of shelving for storing belongings, and drawers under the bed which make this bed practical as well as pretty.

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