The wooden spokes will not be able to attach to the original wheel's hub, so to get around this you need to create something to 'accept' the spokes. Repeat the previous step for all spokes and use some wood glue to secure them in place in the wooden hub. This is our 2nd year of the Pirate Halloween house complete with a creaking pirate ship, treasure chest, lot's of pirates as well as pirate music. Click The Link Below For More Information: Pirate Ship Playhouse Plans Review-Is It Worth The Cost? Why not create a little rocket for your little space people with this really simple and quick tutorial? Besides price the biggest difference between this ship and a pre-built ship is the rounded edge 24 members. Instructions to make a cardboard pirate treasure chest from recycled materials and craft materials. From This cool Viking Ship was built out of nothing but a milk carton, straws, some string, a plastic bag and masking tape! You need to remove the tyre, the inner tube, and the lining strip covering the ends of the spokes.

I cut this circular piece from some 2 by 4, drilled a hole through the middle (to the same diameter as the hub), marked out the placement of the eight spokes, drilled some holes for the spokes to fit in to, and then sawed it in half.
The job will be so much easier if you have a clamp or bench vice to hold the dowelling screw in place.
Using the handle just made, push the dowelling screw through one of the holes in the wheel rim.
Not sure what my next project will  be, but I’m thinkin a submarine would be fun to make! Start your next project for how to make a cardboard pirate ship with one of our many woodworking plans.
Doc insists that the end-of-year project for all physics classes be a challenge to build a boat of cardboard and race across the school's pool. Then, after drilling a pilot hole in the end of the spoke, screw the spoke onto the free end of the dowelling screw and repeat this step for all spokes. It was created by The Interior Gallery design team and is one of the newest addition to our pirate theme life size replicas.
You don't have to do Jack Sparrow you can do any character from any show or even one of a celebrity or yourself.

For the full recipe, Disney Kid's Party Cakes is available now from newsagents and supermarkets.
The spokes, tyre, inner tube, and lining strip will not be needed for this project, but keep them for a future project. Sure, it just looks like a pile of cardboard and foam (and it is), but soon your friends and enemies will gasp in terror and delight. It is ideal for pirate theme or nautical theme decor, parties decoration, backyard and garden theme design, bar decor, commercial stores, media and game room decor, event theme decoration and so on. This pirate statue is made from durable materials using cast resin mold mixed with fiberglass.

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