I was given this RC car for Christmas, and it came with a switch on the remote for lights you could turn on.
This tutorial will show you all of the necessary steps to convert your average Nerf gun into an amazing (and quite powerful) Airsoft gun!
This USB BB gun sports automatic firing, manual reloading, and the ability to fire based on commands given remotely from a PC. Simple techniques using styrofoam, PVC pipes, airbrushing allowed these two to create one hell of an awesome halloween costume. After that feature story, we received tons of emails asking us to write a tutorial on how a person could make their own. This BB machine gun is powered by an air compressor and can shoot about 500 BB's in a couple of minutes.
Nothing is better than seeing one of your DIY projects become an inspiration for another project that is made just out of pure love for your kids. Although the maker has not enlisted the step by step instruction on how to make this Arduino powered Lego technic RC Car but the part list and the challenges that you might face while making it have been provided.
Hailing from the northern region of India, Gaurav has a profound liking for everything upbeat in the cloud and vision to acquaint readers with the latest technology news. How to tell someone that something they said offended you without being offensive yourself? With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts.
Just leave the motors open because the mechanics and electrical physics of the motors are not hampered by exposure to fresh water. NOTE: I used plastic taken from the plastic body of the RC car to make these fins and it work very well. At this stage you may want to add a little grease and WD-40 to your motors to help protect them form water damage.

If you can find (or buy) a three channel remote with motors than this is the design for you. Hi, thank you for the instructable, I am almost done with my sub but there is two problems, my sub appears to have a leak, i do have a idea where the leak is, but how can I seal it off?
I would suggest that you try hot gluing on a similar pice of plastic to test and see if it will burn or contort. Hi, I have a couple of questions I would like you to answer as soon as possible, if the rc car I chose use a rechargeable battery how do I make it powered by regular batteries? Instructables user [nfrith] drew inspiration for making this Lego technic Car for his 8 year old son who saw the RC Lego Car project by [sath02] and though it was a real product and put it in his Christmas gift list. The code that the user has written himself has been provided to get things started and thereafter it’s you and your imagination on how to give shape to your own version of RC car.
He likes to observe nature, write thought provoking quotes, travel places, drive cars and play video games when things get too boring. All the planes below are very EASY and super CHEAP to build Twin Ducted Fan Jet for intermediate advanced RC pilots. I'm afraid if i use hot glue the bottle will be burned making more leaks, what can i do to seal it off? I have glued on lots of bottles and the worst that has happened is that the plastic bottle disfigures and hardens a little but I have always been able to fill in the gaps with hot glue. You did it really wonderfully, i will try to get materiel and start this project very soon. Technically exposure to any type of water will eventually cause rust and corrosion to your motors but especially salt water.
Little did his son know that it was a DIY project and not a real product that could be bought off the counter. Flying RC airplanes is an entertaining way spend leisurely afternoon with friends and family.

You must build a plane that is aerodynamically sound, then use the radio control fly it smoothly.
What bottle did you use for the sub (what drink was it?) And how do i take out steering parts from car? One of the major drawbacks of my design is that it will eventually succumb to water damage.
Then [nfrith] decided to make his own version of the RC Lego car and came up with an even better version that even [sath02] acknowledged. When i hot glue my propellers ( the lego ones in your picture) it fell off when it was under water so it came off and it appears that the propelleres aren't strong enough. The Arduino controlled RC car made from XBee units for the remote controlling bit was made a year earlier but the pictures and the Instructable were posted now.
Turning right or left is achieved through a trick where accelerating one of these rotors and slowing the other causes the heli to pivot.
I chose it because it was made of a harder thicker plastic (good for keeping the hull from collapsing) and because it had a large opening (good for easier access to electronics inside. However, I would really recommend you tailor your sub hull (bottle) to what you have on hand and to the shape required by your circuit board and batteries. For example if you are using a rechargeable battery you will probably have to build the hull around the battery and circuit board and make sure to be able to disconnect the battery for recharging and reconnect for use via the bottle cap opening. It could also loose its buoyancy due to a change in volume causing it to sink out of the range of your remote. If your power wires have broken off from the circuit board and there are only little metal nubs left sticking out of the board then you are in trouble; unless you know how to solder.

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