No matter how beautiful your engagement ring is, the ring's box typically isn't quite as special.
Daniel Christal posted photos on Reddit Friday of the special ring box he used to propose to his soon-to-be-wife Danielle Guerra (he popped the question last week). Christal told HuffPost Weddings that the original box the engagement ring came in was maroon, the school color of Texas A&M University, which was a problem since he and Guerra went to rival school University of Texas at Austin (represented by burnt orange.) So he went online to search for ring box ideas, and decided to create his own box out of wood.
Finally, he stained and oiled the entire box, lined the ring hole with black felt and wrote "D [heart] D" on the bottom. Christal said when he gave Guerra the box and she saw the ring, she immediately tossed the box aside and said, "yes" -- then, after a few minutes of celebrating, she took a closer look. Stator of Three Phase Induction Motora€? Stator Framea€? Stator Corea€? Stator Winding or Field Windinga€? Types Slip Ring Vs Squirrel Cage Induction MotorThe three phase induction motor is the most widely used electrical motor.
Like any other electrical motor induction motor also have two main parts namely rotor and statorStator: As its name indicates stator is a stationary part of induction motor. You can to get this amazing graphic about Rainbow Loom Charms Made By Mommy, right click on your mouse and choose "view image" and "save image as" to save this picture to your PC.
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Wiring of the Distribution Board with RCD , Single Phase, (from Energy Meter to the main Distribution Board) Fuse Board Connection. One man decided to get crafty and make a more meaningful ring box -- out of a tree branch from his own backyard.
Almost 80% of the mechanical power used by industries is provided by three phase induction motors because of its simple and rugged construction, low cost, good operating characteristics, absence of commutator and good speed regulation. If you really like it and want to get another good images related with Rainbow Loom Charms Made By Mommy, you can browse in loom bracelets category.

They were making rainbow loom sandals, which feature a band around the ankle with a strap which hooks around a toe. In three phase induction motor the power is transferred from stator to rotor winding through induction.
It acts as a covering and it provide protection and mechanical strength to all the inner parts of the induction motor.
Modern coins tend to be made up of more than one metal and you'll end up with a copper color band in your silver ring," he said.
The Induction motor is also called asynchronous motor as it runs at a speed other than the synchronous speed.
The other parts, which are required to complete the induction motor, are: Shaft for transmitting the torque to the load. The frame of three phase induction motor should be very strong and rigid as the air gap length of three phase induction motor is very small, otherwise rotor will not remain concentric with stator, which will give rise to unbalanced magnetic pull. All the stamping are stamped together to form stator core, which is then housed in stator frame.
The stamping is generally made up of silicon steel, which helps to reduce the hysteresis loss occurring in motor.Stator Winding or Field Winding The slots on the periphery of stator core of the three phase induction motor carries three phase windings.
The three phases of the winding are connected either in star or delta depending upon which type of starting method is used. The squirrel cage motor is mostly started by star a€“ delta stater and hence the stator of squirrel cage motor is delta connected. The slip ring three phase induction motor are started by inserting resistances so, the stator winding of slip ring induction motor can be connected either in star or delta. The slots are not made parallel to each other but are bit skewed (skewing is not shown in the figure of squirrel cadge rotor beside) as the skewing prevents magnetic locking of stator and rotor teeth and makes the working of motor more smooth and quieter.

The squirrel cage rotor consists of aluminum, brass or copper bars (copper bras rotor is shown in the figure beside). These aluminum, brass or copper bars are called rotor conductors and are placed in the slots on the periphery of the rotor.
The rotor conductors are permanently shorted by the copper or aluminum rings called the end rings. In order to provide mechanical strength these rotor conductor are braced to the end ring and hence form a complete closed circuit resembling like a cage and hence got its name as "squirrel cage induction motor". As the bars are permanently shorted by end rings, the rotor resistance is very small and it is not possible to add external resistance as the bars are permanently shorted. The absence of slip ring and brushes make the construction of Squirrel cage three phase induction motor very simple and robust and hence widely used three phase induction motor.
As its name indicates three phase slip ring induction motor consists of slip rings connected on same shaft as that of rotor.
The external resistance can be easily connected through the brushes and slip rings and hence used for speed control and improving the starting torque of three phase induction motor. At starting, the resistance are connected in rotor circuit and is gradually cut out as the rotor pick up its speed.
When the motor is running the slip ring are shorted by connecting a metal collar, which connect all slip ring together and the brushes are also removed.

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