With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. Well if you have trouble getting that silly song out of your heads might I suggest the theme song to Hogans Hero's that usually does it.
With Mother's Day just a few weeks away, why not make a few things that she would adore (after all, you made them!). Instructions are in Polish and you will need a sewing machine but otherwise, an easy, peasy project.
I do upon occasion rustle up enough energy to dive into my recycling bin and make something. March Break is next week here in Ottawa and I've put together links to a few of my favourite kids' projects which will appeal to both kids and parents (I hope). The best thing about this cardboard box rocket ship is that we have had it for over a year and a half!This card board box rocket ship is pretty tough and has withstood very energetic little boys.
Obviously the first step to building your very own cardboard box rocket ship is to actually have the cardboard box.
Reinforce all edges that have been cut and tape up any holes that you might find around the cardboard box. I found this birdhouse at Michael's and couldn't resist buying it (I love rocket ships and retro-futurism).
Once you've finished painting it take some foam (I luckily had some pink that matched my paint almost perfectly) and cut it so you can line the inside of the opening with it. Our dot to dot worksheets are great for kids to learn numbers and also motor skills, it's a fun way to pass the time. I was given a very large cardboard box (held an IBM server rack) and we converted it to a space ship cubby house for my Son's birthday party.
It is a great way to do something fun for your kids that only takes your time not much money.
Here are a few ideas that I have made for my own Mom (and my daughter who is a Mom, too!).Let's Wrap Again!Instead of a humdrum box of chocolates, surprise your Mom with this sweet treat, featuring her favourite photos wrapped around chocolate bars. Every month it comes with tons of creative ideas and quite a few of these ideas feature upcycling slash recycling projects. There are literally thousands of ideas online so if none of these tickle your fancy, head out to the Internet and you won't be disappointed - but you just may be waylaid because of the sheer volume!Stuffed Paper Bag RabbitsJoanka at Joanka-Z describes herself as a good craftsman who wants to change the world using her hands and a sewing machine. I often repeat what I've done before as I can't see any reason to change what works and - for Halloween - what spooks! Munch, a French Parisian artist, who considers bottle caps a serious art medium and, to prove it, he has created a whole plethora of 'toys' just by using these ho-hum caps who until recently were not recycable!The caterpillar is just one of his many, many ideas. All of the sites shown here have tons of projects and enough ideas to keep you and the kids busy all week long and are worthwhile exploring. I had never even thought to show how we made it since I didn’t take a ton of pictures, but I think the pictures will give you a decent starting point for creating your own cardboard box rocket ship!
My husband angled the top four panels in towards each other to make the nose for the cardboard box rocket ship. I wish I had more exact instructions, but I think there is enough here to get you started with your own cardboard box rocket ship.

It was unsuitable as a real birdhouse so I decided to make it into a clock for my boyfriend for Christmas. Mine was supposed to be loosely Scott Pilgrim themed to go with the rest of the Christmas presents I made for my boyfriend. We suggest a good free collection which you can download and print and you can make your own coloring book! It would be cool to dress the kids as astronauts and take the space ship to a halloween parade.
Her egg carton wreath is as elegant as anything you'll find at expensive floral or decorating shops. Anyway, here are a few current ones using materials from my bin.Treatbox CoffinsI found the templates (hey, I never said I wouldn't borrow ideas) for these treat boxes over at our lady Martha's and used leftover scrap and wrapping paper to make them. I wanted to tie the rocket in with Ramona's subspace bag so I chose really bright colors that reminded me of her. Next choose your photographs, scan and crop so that these are the same size as the chocolate bar wrapping.
For strength, I cut cardboard from cereal boxes to the same size as the templates and glued the paper and cardboard together. Of course you wouldn’t want to climb or sit on top of your cardboard box rocket ship. You can seal it how you wish, but it’s a good opportunity to use up leftover cardboard. I really liked how the cheap (but thick and wide) aluminium foil turned out, just a light coat of craft glue and then I placed it on and trimmed the edges with a knife. Let their imaginations run wild (and keep little hands busy) by providing them some brushes, glue, paint, gift wrap or leftover wallpaper, etc. Click here to make your own.Recycled Eggshell MobileThis mobile idea is a wonderful way to use up those eggs we crack in the morning when making breakfast.
Mom will smile for days when you present her with this cute cupcake (homemade or store-bought) with its vintage topper.
To make the topper, copy images from vintage sewing patterns or use images from magazines or your family photographs. Hmmm - with all the clementine boxes I've got, I could use this idea to organize my craft supplies. This is an idea I saw in Matthew Mead's book 'Matthew Mead Halloween Tricks and Treats' that I found at my local library. This isn’t a complicated cardboard box rocket ship design, but it’s been perfect for my preschool age son!
Scan the images and then print on card-weight paper (or do as I do, copy image on recycled paper and glue to cardboard). Her instructions for this mobile are easy to follow - now I just have to find a branch and some plastic toys. In this Marie Claire project you can personalize the cardboard boxes by cutting out the first initial of your child's name (or first the letter of what is to be stored inside) into one of the sides of the box.
Then the whole thing can then be decorated in leftover gift wrap or wallpaper and a little paint.

Instead, head for your local grocery store and pick out a few flowers that you know Mom is fond of. In Marie Claire's version, this system uses a wooden picture frame and a oilcloth remnant glued to cardboard. Once I got them home, I came up with the idea of using these with a string of fairy (or Christmas) lights to make an attractive garland. Then you need some of those the magnetic kitchen knife strips and some round metal spice containers with clear lids. To make: I cut each of the bright orange pods from the stems (leaving a bit of the stem on for looks) and made a small slit at the top pod with a sharp knife. You can find old baking sheets at charity shops - bring along a piece of magnet tape to test out the magnetic attraction of these. There's a tough little berry inside the pod and you have to be careful to avoid trying to cut through it - it's very hard! To finish off, I piled the completed garland on top of a cake stand and used it as a Halloween decoration on my hall table.
The cost will be minimal but the impact will last for days.Daffed about You!Another super easy but low-cost idea for Mom. Again, head for your local grocery store and check out the overgrown daffodils and tulips stuck in the back of the flower department section. I glued the plate to the top of the candlestick and painted the whole thing black using leftover paint I got from a neighbour.Feather Boa WreathThis orange and black feather boa has been around for awhile now and I've used it in the past as a garland draped over my fireplace mantel and even as part of a costume.
Our little guy has an identical toy train set and right now it's stored in a vintage suitcase. Buy one with the best looking blossoms and, at home, remove from the container and wash off the soil from the bulb and roots. Every time he wants to play with it, his mom or I have to reassemble the track and believe me, it isn't as easy as it looks! This under the bed storage system solves the problem and would allow the little guy to play with his train set whenever he wants to without waiting for one of us to assemble it. You can buy these feather boas in either black or like the one above at almost any charity shop at this time of year for very little.To make the wreath, all you need is a wire coat hanger and a feather boa - I used two for a fluffier look. We have some large pieces of cardboard saved from Ikea bookshelving that we can recycle to make this storage system and then use a water-based paint to pretty it up. Note: When the flower has dried up, cut the stem down and place the bulb in a cool, dark place (such as your cellar) over winter. Original post here.A Note of CautionPlease ensure that a parent or other responsible adult is always present when kids are involved in any of these projects.Ciao! You can replant the bulbs in your garden in the fall to bloom again next spring.All these ideas are easy-peasy, low-cost, fast, but look like a million bucks (at least to Mom). Slip one loop over the handle of your stretched wire hanger and then simply twist the feather boa around the hanger. When you're done twisting the boa around the hanger, slip the second loop over the hanger handle.

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