A little touch of wood turning history that is still very juseful today, a home made screw chuck can be just the thing for a lot of facepalte turning.
A screw chuck is a very old and very handy way to hold a lot of projects such as bowls and platters on a wood turning lathe.
This is the first of a three part series on making the “pot” portion of your own turkey friction call.   There will be another series on making the striker. I think it is illegal to share these instructions in several southeastern states, so please keep the contents of the following to yourself.
Be sure to follow all eye, ear, and body part control safety precautions when working in the shop.
I’m not exactly sure what you are asking, but my initial entry into the pot is with the parting tool as in step 6. I’m lucky enough to have a hardwood lumber dealer just a couple of miles away called Kettle Moraine (sp?) Hardwoods.
May be I missed this somewhere along the way ,but how far is the top of the sound board from the bottom of the striking surface,is there an air pocket,, and also does the sound board touch the inside walls of the pot.
I have been reading lots on making my own pots, but cant seem to find out the gap between the sound board and the striking surface are they close for the slate, alum.
Hey husband got a lathe for christmas and I’m trying to suprise him whatdo ineed to get to go with it for him to start trying to make his own turkey calls? I want to make this call for a woodshop class project, but my teacher won’t accept thoute plans without dimensions.

For those that haven't heard, State safety Jimmaul Simmons decided to quit school this week.
If the acronym isn't obvious, it'll be so upon review of this post.For the second year in a row, the ACC has come out failing. I still have not gotten a quote for the screws from Cushman, and the machine shop in Hagerstown I plan to visit Monday apparently can't do the job. I would also suggest you check the remaining dimensions of the screws against those on the print. You can't use a CNC-controlled 4-jaw chuck because the entire reason for cutting a square thread is to FIX your 4-jaw chuck.
Begin by taking a piece of scrap wood, here about 3" on a side, and gluing it to a glue block, or screwing it to a spare faceplate. The screw chuck is typically used on the wood turning lathe with a pre-drilled hole and the point is not necessary. Simmons' departure from the team, along with cornerback Dominique Ellis' decision to transfer, has left two big holes in State's secondary. Miserably.In 2008, the college football season started with State dropping a 34-0 contest to South Carolina, followd up two nights later with a drubbing of Clemson by Alabama. I may also visit a shop in Westminster, where we have had some work done, and he has CNC, so he should be able to do it.
The instructions would be the same whether one used glass, crystal, slate, aluminum, or whatever surface one wanted.

If you've had a chance to read Joe Giglio's piece over at ACC Now, you read Joe lay out a convincing argument as to why a weaker defensive backfield might not sink State's chances at a solid season this year. The marquee Thursday night and Saturday night games in 2009 didn't fare as poorly as the year prior's, but the the tail end of the conference made up for it with a strong showing of ineptitude.
I'll defer to someone more experienced to recommend what depth of cut to use when threading. And as the student senator who authored the legislation explained on 99.9 FM today, while a wolf would be preferable, there are legal and animal rights hurdles to getting a REAL wolf. I could support the threaded LH screw in one of the chuck jaws with something to hold it down but allow it to turn on the threads. I should be able to reposition the chuck jaw to continue advancing further than the length of the screw, to make whatever length of square thread I need. WardTot79 (77)161415 (17)1222On this chart, you'll see 13 players allocated to the defensive backfield. The incoming freshman class contains five safeties and corners, but it's a safe assumption that coach Tom O'Brien plans to redshirt them.
That leaves just eight players on the roster available to fill out the secondary, including a walk-on (Koyal George, a converted wide receiver) and Javon Walker, currently on the shelf due to injury.

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