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Brickset, the Brickset logo and all content not covered by The LEGO Group's copyright is, unless otherwise stated, ©1997-2016 Brickset ltd. This ship created a lot of excitement, due to its size, relative accuracy, and quality of build. A fine ship, though much simpler in design than the earlier ships of the original Pirates series.

Definitely not a spectacular way to go, maybe the Pirates decided to stop pillaging for a while? It wasn’t easy to gather so many of them because there are much more girls bedrooms designed by professional interior designers.
Contains 15 sets.This list collates all ships released by Lego, in reverse chronological order, since the beginning of the Pirates line. One thing that is evident is that children of today require less detail than those of 16 years ago. The ship was smaller than its redcoat equivalent, but what it lacked in size it made up for in simple style.
The ship had wide hulls but only one central section, making it for a very bizarre configuration, but - somehow - it worked.

Probably that’s because a lot of girls dream about fairy tale living space and boys care a bit less about their rooms. It includes POTC but it excludes re-releases, mini-versions and any ships that are not to minifig scale (Duplo, juniorised era releases..

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