The design is laser cut from parchment paper and the cylinder is held together with strong plastic inserts at the top and bottom that hold the shape. If you do decide to make your own paper table lamp ONLY use CFL or energy-saving globes that don't generate heat. Have you ever seen those lamp kit adapters that you can use to make a lamp out of an old bottle? In the Dos Buddy-project I spend time with friends documenting fun ideas and projects from their life. All the instructions for how to make a lamp are simplified at the end of this post if you want to skip to it, but I’ll go through step by step first with more details. But in real life, the scale of this lamp was a big deal to me because of the high ceilings in the entry.
Because my lamp started out its life as a glass water jug, notice how the words are upside down since they are designed to be used with the spout down. And of course, every jar or vessel you use for a lamp will be different so you will have to assess your own particular container to decide what would work best. If you look at a lamp you already have, basically all a lamp is the container, a socket and a cord. There are actual lamp kits at Lowe’s that come with corks to hold the socket in place specifically for making a lamp from a bottle, or you can buy a set that has the cord and socket attached and ready to go (easy peasy), or you can do what I did which was to buy individual lamp sockets and lamp cords.
Once the socket and cord were connected, I just stuck the socket into the spout of the jug, with the cord sticking out and put a little hot glue around the metal to adhere it to the glass.
If you want the cord to go inside the glass, you would need a special drill bit to cut glass so the cord would go out the side near the bottom or even through the bottom if you wanted to cut the bottom out. If you are looking at the lamp from the side, this is what you would see (photo above and below). I actually thought seeing the cord dangle out the back like this would bother me but it really doesn’t at all since it is a clear cord. For my lamp shade, since I didn’t use a harp to attach it, I found that the ring style lampshades they sell at Target worked great. You can find a similar clear glass jar on Amazon here if you’re hunting for one to make your own lamp!
Pssssssst…I got on a roll and made ANOTHER lamp! I made it out of a cool antique barrel. I find it difficult to find shades that do not cost a fortune and I do know that some people make their own, but I am NOT a DIY person! Not only did I learn how to make a pretty lamp, I learned that there is such a thing as a clear lamp cord! Most lamps in Europe have the cord coming out the top, rather than thru the vessel…very chic.
When you were a kid did you imagine building a life-sized house out of LEGO bricks, complete with hard, uncomfortable furniture?

The lamps are made of parchment or wax paper and although Hannah uses a laser to cut out the designs on each lamp, you can use a craft cutter. Line the inside of the lamp with acetate sheeting and be sure to make a hole for running through a cable to the lampholder inside. Read more about me here! Jenny and Jens both work from home, in their house outside Ystad, Sweden. Have you ever noticed when you take pictures of things in your house that accessories and items often appear smaller than they really are? So easy in fact I wondered why I had never tried to make a lamp before and my wheels started spinning with all sorts of DIY lamp ideas. Anything I say should be confirmed with professionals as I am not responsible for any DIY mishaps you might have in attempting this at home. If that would bug you, you might want to try cutting the glass and making the cord go inside and out the bottom. I guess I don’t really look at it from the side anyway, and it is a glass water jug lamp so it just adds to the funky unexpected nature of the lamp. You can see what it looks like from under the shade, it just sets right down over the spout of the jug. PIN the above photo from this post so you can refer to it later and help spread the news that The Inspired Room MADE A LAMP! If your cord is not attached to the socket, attach the wires (consult an electrician if you do not know how to do this).
The color is so beautiful and you make it look so easy; I feel like I can actually do that!
For years I have wanted to make lamps – but was afraid I would fail and cause a fire!
I have one outside in the garden just begging for me to do something with it..(other that hold a motion sensor light)! I agree that its better to have a few large bold pieces rather than a lot of small things that look like clutter. I think these could be great gift ideas, especially some boozy bottles for those with man caves n’ such.
I also love BIG lamps (well, and tiny ones) but they are not that easy to find at an affordable price. I didn’t really find a tutorial I used for this I just made it up myself according to what I thought would work with this jug, although I know many people have made bottle lamps and might have their own way of doing it. Maybe there is a better adhesive so you can research that, but the hot glue gun worked fine for me. Because the cord is clear and the lamp is against a wall, it isn’t that conspicuous from most angles. Or even our own lamps that might be a one-way socket that would be better as a 3-way socket.

I’ve been wanting to create my own lamp with a shade made of stained paint sticks, so this tutorial is perfect! The LEGO Table Lamp, designed by Jung Ah Kim, is a working lamp that’s built out of LEGO bricks. In fact, truth be told, I’d rather have a few bolder accessories than a thousand little things teetering on a table or mantel. So armed with my vast un-tested knowledge of lamp making, I headed off to find a socket and a cord that would work for this jug! I’m sure it will not compare to this lamp however you definitely inspired me to do some large lamps next.
Who knows, maybe you can try to make some yourself…View in galleryLet’s start with something simple. Not the “mostly red but then I ran out of red so I filled in the rest with blue and yellow” look most of your own creations had as a kid. Usually I can compromise and find something else that would work, but this time, I knew what I wanted and I wasn’t going to settle. Although I would buy that too… you know, to make it seem plausible that I made it myself. They are evenly spread on the pipe and you can use them as hangers for your coat, bag, etc.
Instead of being a single, long piece it has a circular design with faucets in the center and with small hooks on both the top and bottom area. You basically just have to take plumbing pipes and to join them in order to create a base for your table. To give it a nice fresh look you can repaint or stain the door and you can also give the pipes a new finish.View in gallery Chairs can also be made of recycled pipes.
The pipes form the supporting structure and the seat is made of fabric with cushions that make it more comfortable.View in galleryView in galleryUsing recycled pipes you can also create a very practical shelving system.
You just have to make sure everything it nicely supported and can hold the pieces you wish to store. The pipes can be sued as elements that form the structure of the unit or as connecting pieces for the shelves.
You can also include enclosed storage spaces.View in galleryWe’re going to finish with another very nice lamp made from recycled pipes.
It’s a table lamp made of galvanized pipework fittings and a tube that holds the light bulb.

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