Mark the center of the plywood with a pencil, then hammer a small nail into the plywood where the board is marked. Attach the handle to the shield by setting the handle exactly in the middle of the inner hole, vertically; the top of the shield should be at a 90-degree angle to the handle. The edging on the shield is optional but in combat would prevent the shield from splitting when hit by a sword or axe. Shields have been used to protect against hand and projectile weapons for as long as humans have been waging war. Liberate the world from the forces of hell and build your armies' strength to become King of the land in this supernatural army commanding role playing game.
It's been a while since our last update, but we're back with some new screenshots of new weapons and a new video! Hello again everyone, we're very excited to bring you some new weapons that we've been working on, and also a new video of one of these one-handed weapons in action on a horse!
The Viking Wooden Shield made by Deepeeka is an accurate replica ornate based off historical research and authentic in its design.
Using the same nail from the first circle drawn, measure out three inches of string and again using a pencil mark out a circle. Carefully sand the edges of the inside circle to prevent scrapes or nicks on the hands during use. Attach the handle by drilling holes through the handle and the shield then use long bolts (screw the nuts on the backside of the shield) to secure the handle to the shield with one or two bolts on each end of the handle.

The hand is placed inside the center of gravity in the shield, giving the bearer more control by placing the hand inside the shield it becomes exposed on the other side of the shield if not covered by the metal boss. Edging can be made from sheets of metal cut into strips 1\2" wider on both sides than the thickness of the shield. This incredible shield traces back to the end of 8th to mid 11th century, known as the Viking Age. You must add an item to the cart and enter in your zip code to see all shipping options, delivery time frames, and rates.Returns are accepted within 15 days of receiving your order. Hold the tip of the string, using a pencil; make a circle by rotating the string 360 degrees. A metal boss is made by using a sheet of metal, find the center of the metal and then draw a circle 6" in circumference, identical to the shield' s inner hole. A design similar to the pictured shield is made by draw a cross on the center of the shield, extend it to the ends of the shield, and paint within the lines. War was the most prestigious activity, and the viking weapons would display a warrior's wealth and status. If the string is correctly measured then it will create a circle that is three feet around, the authentic size of a Viking shield. A simple handle is made by sanding the edges of the wood block and wrapping it in cloth for comfort.
Rawhide can be found by soaking rawhide dog bones in water then pulling apart the bone, which will contain many long strips of Rawhide.

Use a large bit to drill a hole big enough for the jigsaw blade to fit through and then cut out the circle of wood using the jigsaw. If using a more intricate handle then start with a 2' by 4' piece of wood and shape from there.
Place the sheet metal over the hole and starting with the very center, using a ball peen hammer or any other small hammer, strike the area with force, repeatedly hit the sheet metal in a circular pattern progressively widening until you have formed a bowl shape out of the area inside the circle. Attach the metal or raw hide using rivets or in the case of rawhide, glue and upholstery nails are a good choice. If the boss becomes so large the metal cracks then stop hitting the metal, the crack will not negatively affect the look of the shield but will become bigger if the boss is made any larger. When the boss is formed, mark out a square or circle surrounding the area of the boss and cut out the square or circle using a metal cutting blade for your jigsaw. Attach the boss by drilling four holes, one in each corner of the square sheet metal or in intervals around the circle and through the shield itself .The boss should be situated over the hole in the shield. If the bolts are so long, they interfere in using the shield then cut them shorter using a hacksaw.

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