Location: midwest Hey smoothseas, are those your plans I'm seeing on ebay? I may be way off base here but if I'm a person who has never been to this forum I'm gonna read that ad and look at that pic and think thats the motor I'm buying plans for. My other question is have you ever had problems with the mounts, handle bar and moter mount moving from the vibration? Ripped off ; I think I would be flattered if someone used a picture of a motor I built, but I understand your position if you think the seller was intentionally trying to deceive potential customers and pass it off as his own design.
In looking at pictures, you still have the exhaust in the original location (now blowing at your head). When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Weed eater motors are compact, durable and versatile engines that can be used for many other projects--as long as you are willing to think outside the box.
The other way is to fit a small propeller on the engine shaft, and your skateboard would be propelled much the same way an air boat is. Ryan96se: when I type in the part number you have on that package I get a whole carb for 50 bucks. Wadedonyboy73: if i were you i would take it back, if you play with it they may not take it back210johndeere: should i ajust the carb ??
I have included a pic of my buddies Island Hopper mounted on a foam boat we built this summer. Many small engine shops, as well as go kart and mini-bike suppliers, will have driveshaft, clutch and chains that will retrofit onto weed eater motors.
There are many kits and plans to do this that are available on the Internet, which makes this one of the easier projects to tackle. Any marine store will carry a wide range of boat propellers to choose from, and they can be mounted directly onto the original threaded mounting screw on the end of the shaft.

You'll have to build a safety guard around the prop, but this would be a much simpler way than a clutch and drive wheel configuration. Most larger RC motors are about the same size, so adapting a weed eater motor may be a relatively simple process. A drive train would need to be engineered to power the rear wheel, but a high-revving 2-cycle weed eater engine can make any mini-bike a lot of fun to ride. It's a little frustrating at times to make the trimmer work but I've gotten my money's worth out of it.
I found a kit on ebay Kit #530071713A that loos similar but want to make sure I'm getting the right part. I'm going to try tapping the aluminum tube for two grease fittings on each side of the center bearing and fill it with marine grease. It could be someone that bought the plans a long time ago from me, and decided to sell them hiself.
And another thing, if I said something out of line in regards to your outboard I apologize.
From there, and with a little engineering, you can use that motor to power a bevy of projects.
Depending on how much money you want to spend and the time it will take you to complete, this might make a good family, school or science project.
Tighten it down with a lock nut, and after that, just figure out a way to attach it, shaft and all, to the back of your boat. You may have to change wheels to accomplish this, but the small size of a weed eater engine makes this a very practical application.
Obviously, the smaller the boat the more practical this idea is, but for those of you that like the water, this might be a great idea. I mounted it to far back so the moter trys to dive and it's hard to keep it up on the surface.

King Crawdad Motors is also making a version of the gear head style conversion utilizing Stihl brushcutters as the donor unit. I have made it point to only use alcohol free gas and empty the tank and run engine to it quits. Whered you get yours?microraver: Although I didn't build this, I believe that he is using a simple AM car radio system with standard sized servos. Please keep up the good work, your designs and fabrication techniques have helped a lot of us out here.
I choose not to oil it since I would be operating the engine in an over water environment only. I've been using it every since with minimal problems except for the last few times of Operation.. After a good use, say 15-20 minutes worth of running after shut down, it refuses to start back up.. ThanksRobert Crawford: I have built a 4 foot vee bottom with a 27cc homelite stock engine and am getting ready to test it tomorow I dont know how fast it will run but I hope it runs good ??? What Do you think?Elkins24: Hi Donyboy73, I have a weed eater blower 175 that looks quite a bit like this one.
Will I have to take the unit completely apart to get to the fuel tank?kirk12702: I have this same model.

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