After looking around quite a bit, here is a PVC Kayak Cart I made from various different designs I found online to suit my needs.
This instructible will get you out on the water to fish without pulling too much cash out of your pocket. I recently purchased a 14' aluminum Springcraft with EZ loader trailer from a local classified site for $500.00. Make your own quick and easy zip tie & ply mini boat - maximum fun for the least money! Intro, Braving the elements?I'm entering this build for the 'brave the elements' contest as this project has enabled me to get out there and experience the elements in my local environment. In this part of the Greenland kayak instructable you will be getting the gunwales ready for building the deck of the kayak.
Cut a patch from a shower curtain and use PVC pipe cement from your dad's garage to patch a leak in a PVC air mattress, inflatable boat, dry bag, etc.
I'm starting this topic to both log my experiments and to petition contributions and ideas from others.
Spring was just starting to arrive in northern Minnesota, and after a long winter, I was getting anxious to get back out into my little wood shop and start another project.
I have a large canoe (approx 17 feet long and 4 feet wide at the middle) and more often than not I am the only one physically able to move it (at least until the wee ones get bigger MUH HAHAhahahaha). This Instructable will describe the construction of a heavy duty milk jug raft built out of recycled materials and capable of supporting over 700 lbs. This instructible will teach you how to build a 17 foot long Greenland kayak that will weigh between 30 and 40 pounds and cost less than $300 in materials. Have you ever stood on the shore and looked out at people boating and wished you could be out there too? Alright, Finally got a little time to do some work so I made new seats and motor box for the back of the boat. This Instructable documents how I built a small sailing boat out of a mussel float, and advice on how to build your own! This is a small cabin boat that sleeps 1 person with lots of space and great to have for kids to play in even in the swimming pool. I tried to build the lightest and cheapest (~150€ total material bill) sail-boat I could come up with.
I've been wanting to combine my two favorite hobbies - woodworking and sailing for a long time, so I thought I'd build a boat.
I set out to make a simple rudder that did not cost the typical $250 but at the same time was a bit more effective than a plank on a stick.
Browsing Imgur one day I saw some guys that made a duct tape canoe, and decided to try my hand at the same. Sometimes I like to get on the water by myself and sometimes a canoe will suit me just fine.
Living in Cambridge near the historical Charles river and watching people kayak down it's length, I nurtured a growing desire to be able to interact with the natural structure on my own schedule.
Epilog Challenge VI: I have entered this into the Epilog challenge please vote on it if you like the build. If you are not looking for super-speed, or want a quiet way to fish, get around the lake, or extend your camping trips, an electric canoe is the way to go!
We haven’t really used this dinghy much in Vizag, the water here is just too polluted (and smells of ammonia and sulphur) to want to go sailing in harbour and the beach surf is too rough to risk putting to sea from the beaches. Here are some of the superb Wooden Project Boats that people like us are working on.Seeing what others are managing to do is always a great inspiration and encouragement. Entering your story is easy to do, just type and don't worry too much about syntax as I will proof your entry before publication or you can copy and paste from your word-processer.
21 foot DIY Cabin Cruiser (from scratch, no plans) My friend and I built a 21 foot cabin cruiser from scratch using strictly wood from home depot. I honestly thought that this would not work because it is way too simple and easy for me to be the first person to think of it.
Typical small boats have transoms made of wood, as the years pass the wood will rot and become useless.
Apartment life has its perks, weekends free from yard work and unexpected home repairs, But one thing most apartments lack is storage space for fun weekend things like canoes. This is a light weight Kayak Storage Rack that can be moved into the garage in the winter and down by the river in the summer.
So back when I lived in Portland, Oregon for a few years, my friend and I were talking one day and he thought it would be cool to make a Slip and Slide that did a turn around our Fire Pit. OK, so you’re trying to plan some fun summer activities with friends and family and what is one thing that is always a bit hit at outdoor parties and cookouts? I can read a book and think I understand a topic, Watching a video I pick up some more information and am certain I have mastered it. A floating dock can be useful year round, but is especially fun place in summer to hang out, swim, or launch boats. I have long been an instructable reader, first time 'ible writer so with a new project, I figured my time had come!We bought our house late last year and a previous owner had added a large deck in the garden. We had a fish pond in our backyard for many years, and have always taken precautions to protect the fish from hungry animals. A biosand filter is a simple type of water purification system that uses sand, gravel, gravity and some simple engineering to purify water contaminated with biologics and some chemicals. The number of overweight and obese cats has exceeded to that of normal weighted cats in recent years.
If you’re new to earthbag building, please read the introductory Step-by-Step Earthbag Building Instructable first. The Aquarium is controlled artificial environment where fish and aquatic organisms can live away from their natural environment.
This instructable is for everyone who has ever wanted to build a Laminar Flow Water jet, it sounds complex but it is actually very simple.

I googled for several months to find an above ground pool lift, but only found in-the-ground pool lifts.
Barefoot waterskiing is one of the most intimidating and rewarding water sports in practice today.
My sister-in-law shared with my about the swimsuit dryers they used on their trip to Hawaii. This is a simple camera mount for under water video, that floats to the surface if you drop it.
Sometimes a lazy person should think hard and work hard to enjoy laziness.I am one of those lazy people.
Don't you hate it when you are having a lovely camping trip and then it starts raining and pouring, then it gets worse. This is how I made a pair of folding launch pads to use with mid-power model rockets.The launch pads are made from plywood along with some bits of other common materials. The traditional stove takes a long time to heat up before it builds pressure to make a nice burner ring. In 2011, like many, many other desert goers, I built a geodesic dome for shelter from the sun, wind, and some of the dust to be found in the Black Rock Desert. The difference between a good camping trip and a great one comes down to the details.These 21 camping hacks and projects will be sure to make your next camping trip more warm, clean, illuminated, tasty, and comfortable. With new bike season already starting it is good idea to insure that your bike is well protected against theft. Balkan bikes have been around in Bulgaria for years no longer produced they have been pushed for newer models.They are very sturdy bikes and are foldable (some models). If you ever played with clay, either in school or as a hobby, you might have wondered what it is and where it comes from.
After seeing some of the amazing projects made from paracord here on Instructables I decide to try my hand at making some. Snake Lashing is a decorative way of fastening the top of a pioneer-style table to the frame - lots of sticks or canes fastened with a single knot.It's a very satisfying knot to use, and not very difficult to master, but you do feel like you need three hands to tie it the first few times. Hi Instructables Community,this week I would like to share with you a great design for a very small alcohol stove that I recently found in a German survival magazine.
I have a tiny (8X10 Mtrs) urban garden that I have always watered using a watering can with no problems. Sometimes things just come together like pieces of a puzzle you didn't know you were doing:There was this bike I had hanging for almost a year on the wall of my cellar. It can be intimidating to transition from car camping to your first backcountry experience. We are proud to announce that in addition to our regular lines of windows, we are able to offer our customers the Pella brand of windows!
Although we use our own special design for constructing this style of dock,do-it-yourselfers can view the Dow website (maker of the billets) to see their step-by-step instructions on how to build your own dock by clicking here. There are many accessories to outfit your dock in a manner that best suits your boat and lifestyle. This is a change from how MNRF authorized the majority of structures in the past and at this time, there is no fee associated with applying for and receiving an authorization for this activity or occupation of Crown land. Applicants should contact their local MNRF District Office to initiate the application process.A  District staff will provide an estimate of the time required to process your application.
We have refined the design and small details over the years and we feel that you will be purchasing a trouble-free dock. Please note that in the months of July and August, there are Provincial and County restrictions on delivering our 10' wide and 12' wide docks. You can save a lot of money and build a comparable frame with as many options as you desire!
I live in a town which is surrounded on three sides by water, in the middle of a river estuary.
You will be shaping them and you will also be marking them for later installation of the deck beams. The hardest decision was to design my own or build from a set of plans that were already available. Problem is, I had one canoe of our own, and a truck, but no canoe rack (and didn't want to drive all the way to the river with a 15 foot canoe hanging out the back). We will show step by step the entire process using materials and techniques proven over many successful rebuilds. This project took me about four days working on and off and in a rush, so there were many corners cut and compromises made. Item's neededHot glue gunWaterproof led strip from ebay12v 6800ah lithium battery The project cost's $40 total. It's a simple design where the boat sits inside of the loop and stays on by being pushed forward. The camp and canoeists were running into trouble keeping themselves dry while launching and retrieving the boats! Other times the weather is not suitable for a canoe, too windy, too wavy or I just want to cruise the waterways a little more efficiently.
I would use the laser to help me with some really cool projects like laser cut wood objects, led illuminated signs, engraved tile and much much more. This instructable will guide you in removing, fabricating and replacing the transom of that old boat you just bough againt your wife's wishes. This project is good preparation for making a board from scratch.This repair method uses epoxy resin and microballoon putty.
In the warm season, we would use a motion detector sprinkler, that would spray water on any animal that came near the pond. The Laundry to Landscape greywater system was developed by Art Ludwig of Oasis Design and published unpatented into the public domain for all to use. These steps will help you determine whether your home has a hidden leak that needs to be addressed.

According to veterinarians, extra pounds on your cat lead to various disorders such as diabetes, arthritis and hepatic lipidosis.
You will need some PVC pipe, some brass pipe, about 300 straws, 4 test plugs, and some sponges. If you need a humble cover so you can change into your swimwear, then this is the Instructable for you! I was intrigued because my family often goes swimming at the pool and carrying bags of soaking wet swimsuits can be a smelly. I got the idea from a mixture of different mounts and bobbers but a good bit of the credit for the idea goes too mcogan and their Underwater camera mount.
In this quick ible I'm going to show you how to hack a cheap LED light making a useful Brake Light for your bicycle.It's a really simple and easy project but I took some photos to make this instructable more understandable.
Other materials:Lag bolts 2 that match your d ring procured from your local hardware storeD-ring from your local Homeless Despot hardwear shoppe.
I was thinking that demonstrating how to tie a quick release knot would be an interesting addition to previous knots & lashings before we move on to other skill areas.
Watch this quick and easy tutorial that will help you make your own gorgeous succulent planter + key tips and tricks.
Commercial clay is mined from high-grade sources and then further processed, usually with other additives until a desired composition is achieved.
A quick easy and fairly cheap way to recycle (maybe even up-cycle) the basic folding lawn chair. Fresh air, trees, scenic hikes, and sleeping on the ground can reset your brain like nothing else can. Relive the smell of balsa cement and wonderful sound and site of your own mini jet rising above the flying field.
There are some gear recommendations and techniques that will make your 1st (or 50th) backcountry experience very enjoyable. One thing I wanted to do was build a kayak cart for when there is a distance from the car to the water. We have recently introduced a secure area of this website to help our valuable contractors. The landing must be suitable for large trucks regarding width of the laneway and the suitability of the ground so that we do not get stuck.
I have to look at the water every time I cross a bridge or pass a lake, and I envy the people I see on the water. I'm going to show you how to build a big board that keeps you afloat even at river speeds.Friends of mine started this hobby some years ago with a rope and an old door from a wardrobe.
To some this is appealing; however, due to the mental obstacles barefooting brings, many beginners can be discouraged.
I had removed my rusty kickstand last week when I finished making this PVC Bike Wheel Stand.
Not only do you not have a spare pedal, but you don't have the tools required to install it even if you had the pedal.
In this instructables I will share small trick on how I made my velocipede less appealing for thieves. By using solar ovens, you can cut back on smoke emissions and keep your carbon footprint to a minimum. If you're looking to escape reality and reconnect with nature, this collection of projects, tips, and essentials will get you on your way.
Some customers have problems with pesky muskrats burrowing around them but generally, this is not a serious problem. Our general hardware is black powder coated which is considered superior to the galvanizing process. Over the past few years, many people have chosen to accept delivery during the weekdays which seems to work out well. With the owner's permission, we sometimes deliver to a marina or a neighbour's access point.
I will try to give every detail of the build so you can have a basic understanding before and during the build. Leave the lights on for a few hours, and millions of little fish will be attracted and circle the lights.
The wooden panels are modular and can be removed in sections to make things even easier.We recommend cedar lumber for the decking, which must be purchased seperately. We have a selection of stock docks (see below) but generally, most customers want some type of accessory installed; so give us a week or so to set this up.
You will need to re-size any photo larger than 800x600 pixels using your graphics software or a Web-based re-sizer, such as Google's Picasa for PC users or iPhoto's Export function on a Mac.Should you have problem uploading photos you can use the link below to securely send them to me.
You can order by phone or e-mail but many people like to see the docks, so a visit to the store is a good idea. We can provide you with a computer generated accurate quote for the dock and any other items (e.g. There are a few lakes in the county that do not have an access point, in which case, the towing process will be longer if you are able to navigate from another lake. Most of our deliveries are within Haliburton County although we will deliver outside the county for a fee.
In the spring, ice can shift and heave (depending on your lake, shoreline and prevailing winds).

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