If you’re reading this and I happened to be on the phone with you yesterday and were laughing and talking and I was telling you all about how I was going to make these beeswax candles and I went on and on about it and told you I was going to post it on the blog…..
But that is a story for another day when I’m not trying to tell you all about how to make a pallet wood clock. Remember the brother that made the pallet wood letters and the pallet wood Christmas trees? So he explained to me how he made it and even gave me a link to where he found the clock hands. Cut out a 4 inch diameter center of the circle (this is where you will attach the clock movement piece). He also suggested using the end of a plywood spool (like the ones you find hardware stores).
Then….lay the pieces of pallet wood end to end and stagger them like bricks on top of the plywood circle.
Once dry, flip the glued pallet top over to show the plywood circle which now has rows of pallet wood glued and nailed on to it. Then cut out your circle with a jig saw.  You will cut through the plywood and the pallet wood together at the same time.
You can follow the directions that come with the kit…but essentially you will be drilling a hole in the plywood and attaching the clock hands to the front and the clock movement piece to the back connected by a threaded shaft in the center. Perfect place for the rustic yet industrial project and it even has a practical use – telling time even from across the room or the next room and maybe getting people to places on time.
It looks amazing KariAnne- I have always wanted to make one of these (okay, maybe not always, but for several months now). A woodburning tool would also make letters and stars for those who are wanting to do something similar. I have projects that have been like that, and I told my blog readers I would be doing them–um, yeah. That is it!  I love my new sign.  It is proudly displayed in our guest room, which is quickly becoming my favorite room in the house. Hi there, I had a question about the letters as well… how did do the letters like B or D where there are parts of the letter not visible on the stencil, just the outlines of the letters would be.
But no where did you say it is a magic clock, so I guess I will have to make it and see for myself. I am so sorry about your backsplash and your lack of potential light in the future power outage but you made me feel so much better because…. My daughter and her husband just finished building their rustic country home and this would be the perfect accent for their family room. Did he do something to the pallet wood where the hands are suppose to be to make it thinner?

People use wood in their households, offices, kitchens, bars, bakeries, restaurants, and cafes and anywhere they need some piece of furniture. I have been having alot of fun with pallets lately – my latest project is a vertical garden and planter box!
You can use a piece of paper, a water bottle, or, if you're feeling tough, you can even use your forearm.
You remind me of one of those fantastic figure skaters who perform a difficult jumps and they twirl and twirl and almost fall but then land gracefully. The size makes it stand out, but the materials keep it from overpowering the focus of the room! But why do that when you can make your own bottle opener for nothing?If you've got a piece of wood, a regular old nail, and two small magnets, you can make this awesome bottle opener like Ethan Hagan did over at The Art of Manliness. After bending a 3-inch nail to a 90-degree angle using a clamp and a vise, he stuck it and the magnets in place with hot glue. Check out Ethan's full tutorial for more details, and check out his first one ever made on One Project Closer For the redneck version, just find a piece of scrap wood and put a bent nail in it—it's as simple as that.
It is absolutely necessary that wood gets exploited to its best possible mean and gets used up as well.There are people who create things like furniture pieces from wood without thinking about the money they are going to make.
However, it would not be wrong to make some wood projects that sell and earn a person certain profits.
From small cupboards to huge cabinets, everything needs to be created out of wood for use in house or other places.Wood work has been a hobby of many people. They adopt wood manipulation as a hobby and turn it into their profession for earning a livelihood. If you want to opt wood making as a hobby that can be later used for earning purposes, you need to start off with something very simple.
Do not get yourself mixed up with stuff like engraved and carved chairs and tables when you need to start things off with objects such as bar stools, benches, rolling pins and the like.Every kitchen needs a rolling pin, every garden needs benches and every bar needs bar stools. The first thing any wood maker needs to do is list down the simple wooden things that are used in households’ kitchens. Do not take yourself to a higher limit and start working on complex utensils utilized in kitchens by cooks; rather go for ordinary kitchen items.
Why make it carved and engraved when all the customers require is a simple finely cut slab of wood for cutting?Think about people who cannot walk and need walking sticks and canes. Use your wood cutting talents and carve out a plain, straight and firm wooden cane for those who need assistance in walking. Canes sell more than we have ever noticed.Have you thought about other wooden items used in households? Start by creating a simple table with firm four legs, no carving and absolutely no complex design.

Then match the table with plain wooden perfectly carved chairs which have no designs and no extraordinary carvings. Once you have mastered the art of making furniture pieces with plain designs, you can start adding flower and leaf carvings on the sides of the table or on the back of the chairs.
Then you can change the entire design and create spaced between the chairs for a stylish yet subtle design.Starting off with a simple routine has really helped people working with the wood to kick start their careers!
Think about the different calligraphic carvings on the jewelry boxes and then draw them on a piece of furniture.
You can also make them smaller and paint them for girls who like delicate piece of ornaments.
The main purpose is to enjoy what you are doing and making wood is something all wood lovers enjoy with all their hearts. They just need a little help and a little guidance for turning their habit into a profession.Another simple woodworking project that sells easilyThere are certain more wood projects that sell fast. Creating sign boards and similar billboards which are required for advertisement and for traffic purposes is a job that pays well.
The rectangular signs require some wood that can withstand all temperatures and storms and stands erect even when it rains on top of it.
There are wood workers who have a hobby of creating artistic and illusive sign boards to stick outside their rooms. This hobby can be turned into an earning activity as there are a lot of teenagers who would love to have creative signs these like these outside their homes.
And there are cafes which would invest in imaginative sign boards to make their ambiance more attractive.Simple hobbies of the woodworkers can be transformed into a professional career.
This niche can be anything, like a creative round shaped chair or even a tiny stool that has not been introduced ever in the market before. We might not notice the wooden items we use in our homes but they are enough to make someone earn a livelihood.
These are furniture pieces, kitchen utensils, books, bookmarks, and stools, bar stools, garden benches, study tables, unique chairs for decoration, jewelry boxes, birdhouses and many more.
An office cannot possibly do without furniture and a wood worker is the right person to get the job done. Have a look around and you will find out many things made out of wood which might have never crossed your mind. You can also begin a habit of working with wood, after all the trees are being planted every second they are being cut down for human needs.

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