We’re very impressed and Doug and Erin’s wood-fired hot tub creation that they made themselves! Here at Hometipsworld we look for interesting articles covering home improvement, cleaning and gardening tips from around the world. While the fire is getting going, combine all the ingredients in a large bowl and mix together until well blended. When the grill has reached a temp of 400-425 degrees, put the meatloaf on the grate in the center as described above. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged how to make meatloaf on the grill, how to make venison meatloaf, meatloaf on a weber kettle, meatloaf on the smoker, venison meatloaf recipe. The one city that I live in – Fresno California USA – is part of an Air Pollution control district that does not allow the construction of a wood burning anything!
I was originally planning to plaster the outside leaving just the black trim bricks showing; so much of the red brick is course and the grout is different colors and unfinished.
I am so happy in the way you are proud of what you have made with your own hands, its priceless. Wood fired brick ovens have certainly added extra fuel to the LA pizza debate burning over the very last few years.
I have a wood burning pizza oven and am trying to find the natural gas burner to turn my oven into a gas pizza oven. Me too, have you had any luck to find a safe way to convert between gas and wood fuels options? As with most of the postings above, I would be very grateful if you could let me know the type of burner you used.
We have a wood fired pizza oven that we built and we would like to also have a LP gas feature. There are 18 people who sent messages requesting the name and model number of the gas burner used in the article but I could not find an answer. I added a new image into the page content depicting this gas burner installation how Ralph has it in closer detail. We have tried many dough recipes but yours has become the standard by which we measure any new contender – none have exceeded yours. Now to answer your questions about the gas burner, remember that my reason for including it was to get around the air pollution controls we have here to allow me to build the oven.
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She graciously passed this recipe along to my lovely wife, then I got a hold of it and substituted venison for the beef, and I put it on the grill to give it a nice smoky flavor. I did this cook on the Weber Kettle, so for me that was a full chimney of lump charcoal, plus about a half chimney unlit.

You can use a digital thermometer or an oven thermometer to monitor the temp of the cooking grate.
I would not have attempted this project if it was not for your plans with 1000 pictures and my life would be unknowingly poorer. I am building one also and know exactly what you mean about the difference in the size of our bricks.
Where did you get your gas burner, who makes it, and how long does it take to heat up the oven with a gas burner? I am experimenting making a venture valve (venturie value) to my propane brush burner just to see how it works. I am contacting him as of now, if he could describe his gas burner set up in his own words. No two pizzas are ever the same but one spring time recipe has won great favor in our circle: on your dough, good olive oil, gorgonzola cheese, fresh young garlic sliced thin (including the green top before it bulbs up – hence the spring timing) and sliced ripe pear.
Once I slow roasted a prime rib roast from Lobel’s of New York – hands down the best piece of beef I have ever consumed.
98% of the time firing is done with wood unless the Air Pollution Control District has designated a no burn day.
I have a cast Iron griddle that I have fashioned into a door that allows me to vent the oven to just allow complete combustion of the gas. That’s why they are also called pizza ovens.Wood-Fired Pizza OvenWhat is the secret of a commercial wood-fired oven? In my opinion, the result was the best meatloaf I’ve ever eaten, but I suppose the next time ma’-in-law is in town I should cook it up for her, as she would be the ultimate judge!
Once the charcoal in the chimney is burning good, pour it onto the pile of unlit in the grill, and allow all of the charcoal to get going. The bricks here in the US are different sizes than yours and trying to do mathematical conversions made it too complex so I just threw away all my drawings and built it by looking at your pictures. The oven burns wood so clean after the first 30 minutes I don’t think anyone would really notice the wood. We have mastered cooking Pizza with my wife rolling out the dough, everyone choosing their own toppings and me working the oven. Thus for example if cooking some other things for an hour, the preheat energy surcharge ratio drops to just 15% and all the culinary activity becomes a lot more efficient on gas.
Can you email me details about the gas burner you used as I am seriously considering retrofiting gas to my WFO. You need to daisy chain 3 or more LPG tanks otherwise the gas flow will be too high and cause them to freeze up stopping the delivery of fuel. Why are these ovens appreciated?Maybe because this type of oven can add a subtle smoky flavor to your foods and last but not least, it can reach the optimum cooking temperature faster than other similar devices.Although each commercial wood fired pizza oven should be installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions that are specific to the type of oven, you should still make sure that your oven is installed properly.

Once it is all burning, use a fire poker or fireplace shovel to spread the charcoal around the edges of the grill in a circle, leaving an empty space in the middle.
The next Holiday plan is to have top Pizza for lunch, Bake bread in the afternoon then slow cook a prime rib beef roast and vegetables for dinner.
If you use bottled gas I would ask for a cast iron Venturi burner (as they also make them in aluminium) with added to it the small pivot flame, and both the burner and pivot flame designed with manually adjustable gas delivery, plus attached on top a controlling safety system. All of our family, friends, coworkers and acquaintances anxiously await our next pizza party.
I would recommend going the B5 burner with the BASO Safety System if LPG is your only source for heat. This will allow you to place the meatloaf right in the middle of the grate over the open space and have direct heat around the pan, without burning the bottom.
Better gas fitting shops will set this up for you easily, especially those who do not focus only on kitchen equipment but also on various kilns or furnaces. We can comfortably entertain 15 to 18 persons counting ourselves at one time so it takes many parties each year to include all of our eager guests. First you must make sure that such a furnace installation complies with the regulations and laws of the municipality where you live. Keep in your mind that this type of oven requires a good working chimney in order to be functional. So, you must be sure that your specific wood fired oven type complies with the city building code.2. You should check your home gas connection to see if it works properly if the wood-fired oven also has the gas option.3. Make sure there is no combustible source close to the place where you want to install your oven. It is highly recommended to read carefully the instructions in the user manual regarding this issue.4. If you use a forklift make sure the forks are spread as much as possible and don’t forget to check if the forklift or the pallet jack is rated to lift this weight.5. Place carefully the wood-fired oven in its basis and secure it in place, using the hardware from the package and following the user manual instructions.6. Connect the gas lines if your oven is equipped with this feature and then connect the oven to the chimney through its flue adapter.7.

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