If cost is no object for a great-tasting pizza, you might try your hand at making your own in this wood-fired pizza oven. If I buy $20 pizza which are sort of expensive hereabouts, $2700 is 135 pizzas plus the cost of the ingredients.
I forgot to add that delivery costs $150 and you need to add the cost of the fuel to run the thing. Yes, it says wood-fired, making this blacksmithing forge ideal for Preppers and for anyone that currently has the skills, and for those also wanting to learn Blacksmithing skills. Blacksmithing skills will be invaluable during a grid down situation, and being able to forge on, if you will, using just wood as a fuel source is the best case scenario. Optional blowers (3 to choose from) are available, and can be purchased as you order the forge.
At one time if you needed something made out of metal you had either to do it yourself or visit the local blacksmith. During an extended crisis goods and materials will not be available, so if you need or want something you will have to make it or have it made. You of course will need to work to acquire the skills now before a crisis and this also means you need supplies, metal in particular that can be heated and shaped.
However, before you can do anything you need a forge, and a forge such as the Whitlox Wood-Fired Blacksmithing Forge that uses wood is almost the perfect situation for those wanting to get started, or for those that want to upgrade and hone their skills for when the SHTF. There are classes you can take or you can teach yourself, but to become skilled, you need to put in the time and effort so you can make your own tools and material. This forge was the perfect option for me since I don’t have a designated area set up yet for blacksmithing, I can just store it in my shed and roll it out when I need to use it.
The Whitlox Forge comes in two sizes the full size and the mini forge, which is great if you want to start out small and work your way up as your skills improve. The post Full-Sized Whitlox Wood-Fired Blacksmithing Forge appeared first on Preparing for shtf. You have to build a durable foundation for the wood fired pizza oven, as to support the weight of the bricks and of the concrete countertop.
If you follow our step by step guidelines, you will make an eye-catching wood fired pizza oven, therefore all your friends will visit you quite often.
In order to make the foundation, you have to use the following concrete recipe: 2 parts cement, 3 parts sand, 4 parts gravel and water, as to obtain a compound with consistency of cream.
Ideally, you should pour the foundation at once on the whole surface, otherwise you risk damaging its rigidity. In order to lay the concrete blocks, you have to use mortar prepared using the following ingredients: 3 parts of cement, 5 parts of fine sand and water, as to obtain a compound with the consistency of cream. Continue laying the concrete blocks as we have described above, making sure you check the level of the walls.
The next day, you have to build another formwork for the countertop, as in the image, by using wooden boards. Next, you have to build the formwork on the lateral sides of the countertop, making sure it is perfectly level. Use small pieces of bricks (cut a brick in half longitudinally, and each half again in half by using a we saw) and place them over the circle with a little cement mortar. In this way, when burning the wood inside the brick dome oven, the glass mixed with the sand will retain the heat for a long period of time and it will liberate it slowly. Use a spirit level to make sure the cooking floor is level, and a rubber hammer to align them. Afterwards, you have to finish the countertop by installing flagstone at the same level with the cooking floor. Start laying the first row of bricks after you have drawn again a circle, in the same manner described above. In addition, it is essential not to use cement based mortar, as it will not resist to the high temperatures developed inside the wood fired pizza oven. Add the next rows of bricks making sure you fill the space between them with refractory mortar. This construction technique is very old, so you should be convinced it works perfectly and it is quite durable.
Starting with the third row, you should lay the bricks at angle, as to begin constructing the dome shaped wood fired pizza oven.
You should also notice the rectangular hole placed in front of the cooking floor, as it has an essential role. Continue laying the next courses of bricks, making sure you tilt them, in order to get a beautiful dome shape.
In the front of the pizza oven you can see that we created a space that in short time will become the entrance of the wood fired dome.
In order to build the entrance arch you should use a polystyrene board and cut it to the needed dimensions.
In the image, you should also notice that we started to build the chimney beside the wood burning pizza oven. Smart Tip: The smoke will come out from the pizza oven just above the entrance arch, while keeping the warmth inside the brick dome.
In this image you can see the top of the pizza oven dome: in the left side you see the place where the smoke will come out, while in the right side you can see the unfinished top of the dome. Smart Tip: Work with patience and use fire clay mortar, otherwise the dome will collapse when you will make the fire in it. Continue the project by building the smoke channel from the pizza oven dome to the chimney.
Don’t forget to clean the bricks by using a sponge and clean water, as later it would be much harder to do it.
The brick wood fired pizza oven is almost completed, the only thing remaining to do is to place several bricks over the smoke channel, and to cover the dome with fire clay mortar. If you have all the needed materials and tools, and work with great care, you can make a wood fired pizza oven in 1-2 weeks, according to your skills and the complexity of your project. Last but not least, you shouldn’t make a fire in the pizza oven for at least one week.
Thank you for reading our article on how to make a wood fired pizza oven and we recommend you to check out the rest of our projects. Chef of Locanda Verde & The Dutch in NYC, Andrew Carmellini joins TODAY to make wood-fired garlic chicken for two.
The American made KettlePizza stainless steel sleeve fits between your kettle grill’s bottom and cover creating the ultimate home wood fired oven experience.

The KettlePizza Wood fired oven sleeve is made from high quality American sourced  304 stainless steel that will withstand the heat and is made to last. The KettlePizza Basic Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit is very affordable and is perfect for someone who is just starting to experiment with pan cooked wood fired pizza cooking. The KettlePizza Deluxe USA Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit is for someone who likes their wood fired pizza cooked on a pizza stone cooked for a crispier crust.
The KettlePizza Pro 22 Pizza Oven Kit is for the ultimate wood fire pizza cooking experience.
There are a variety of ways to enter this giveaway including opportunities for multiple daily entries. Click the arrow buttons below for further instructions on each entry. This giveaway will close at midnight on May 12, 2016. If you’ve already entered one contest on USA Love List, entering another will be even easier. Disclosure: This is a sponsored post which USA Love List is proud to share with you because, sponsored or not, we only share stuff we love. How cool can cook a pizza in 4 to 6 minutes, and you do not have to open up the lid to let the heat out or get the pizza, uses a combination of wood and charcoal creates up to 750 degrees, would make and excellent pizza, such a great idea and made in the USA, We would love to try this at my home.. I would like to win the Kettle pizza , so I could make home made pizza for my family and friends .YUM!
I want to win as we just bought a Weber grill and I love pizza, I like that it can never be over or undercooked.
I <3 making my own pizza, and this would be a boon in the summer instead of heating up my tiny kitchen.
We are vegetarian and never grill outside, but I would love to start cooking pizzas outside. We’re very impressed and Doug and Erin’s wood-fired hot tub creation that they made themselves! Here at Hometipsworld we look for interesting articles covering home improvement, cleaning and gardening tips from around the world. I'm still waiting to receive the camera grip module but have decided to go ahead and finish up the review since I'm not sure when it will arrive. Now you can make and shape using just wood as a heat source with the Full-Sized Whitlox Wood-Fired Forge. Any of them will come with a mounting bracket, and duct, along with the applicable hardwareA when ordered with the forge from the website.
The reality is to have it made will cost you, so having blacksmithing skills will not only save you money or save you the goods needed to trade for that skill, it will also make you invaluable to others. You can now start gathering a stockpile of what is essentially scrap metal at this point, but during a crisis it will be as valuable as any gemstone or bar of silver. I also didn’t want to have to deal with coal or propane, being able to fire up the forge with wood or charcoal leaves me with few less things I would have to stockpile.
Building a wood fired pizza oven is a complex project, but with a little effort you can change dramatically the look of your backyard. Work with patience and make sure you use the right recipes for concrete, otherwise the foundation might crack in time. Therefore, you should make the wood fired pizza oven far away from any inflammable substances and from wooden sheds (the hot smoke might inflate a wooden construction).
Consequently, make sure you leave a space of at least 100 sq ft (10 m2) around the construction, as to set a table and some chairs. Therefore, you have to dig trenches (1-2′ according to the soil structure), install a reinforcing structure and pour concrete. In order to mix the concrete, you could use either a power mixer (we strongly recommend you to buy or rent one, as it gets the job done quickly and professionally) or mix it by hand (it will take longer and you need to use your muscles).
You should use a wheelbarrow to transport the concrete from the power mixer to the construction site.
The technique is simple: push the straight edge along the formwork (which should be perfectly level), holding it firmly, using zig-zag moves. Use a margin trowel to spread the mortar on the blocks, and a spirit level to make sure the walls are plumb and level. This aspect is essential for the look of your wood fired pizza oven, so make sure you work properly. Therefore, prepare half a bucket with cement mortar, lay the bricks and mix more if needed. If you use nails to secure the formwork, it will be very difficult to remove it after the concrete has dried out. As you can easily notice, you have to raise it a couple of inches from the formwork, by using spacers (or small pieces of bricks). As a general rule, the countertop should be 5” (12 cm) thick, to be able to sustain the weight of the brick oven. We like the traditional dome shape, therefore you first have to draw a circle on the concrete countertop. Inside the circle you could lay shards of glass mixed with sharp sand, as to store the heat developed inside the wood fired pizza oven. Make sure you pour a layer of sharp sand over the shards of glass, otherwise you won’t be able to lay fire bricks properly.
It all depends on your taste, needs and budget, but the colors and the textures should match with the rest of the materials. In order to obtain the dome shape, you have to cut the bricks in half (as to get 2 square pieces) and lay them using refractory mortar (4 parts sand, 6 parts clay and water).
From time to time, it is better to make a few steps back and look at the dome from distance. If needed, you should cut smaller bricks as to fit into location.Work with patience, as to comprehend and master this technique. Therefore, you can see the perfect circular shape and the way it looks on top of the cooking floor. After the woods have burned out you should pull there the embers, as to create a hot curtain.
Cut the bricks to the right size, using a wet saw (wear safety glasses and a respiratory mask). The entrance of the pizza oven can vary according to your needs and tastes, but for this small project, we recommend you to make it of about 10”. Our project is more complex as it also contains a cooking stove and a metal sheet oven, which is heated by the hot smoke coming from the stove.

It is important to take time to analyze the situation, as to understand what you are doing.
If you want to increase the efficiency of the pizza oven, you have to cover the dome with a insulating layer. You can also lay them down in the regular way, but you will use a lot more bricks and consequently, the cost will increase. As a general rule, for your safety and for a neat look, the chimney should be about 2′ (60 cm) higher than the brick dome.
It might be an expensive and tough project, but you always have the alternative of buying a kit. When you use a KettlePizza pizza oven kit, a high grill cooking temperature is maintained so that your pizza comes out perfectly cooked- NOT burned on one side and cold on the other. KettlePizza pizza oven kits are made from materials sourced from the USA when ever possible, and components are from manufacturing companies located in the states of Ohio, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Illinois, California, and Indiana. With oven temperatures rising to over 750 degrees, the perfect wood fired pizza can be done in as little as 3 minutes. Kids of all ages love creating their own pizza styles and seeing the quick and tasty results. This kit includes the stainless steel insert, the handles with standoffs, a thermometer, and 14″ pizza pan.
The Deluxe kit includes the same as the Basic kit, plus an American made cordierite pizza stone and an aluminum pizza peel. The winner will be randomly selected, verified for correct entry participation, and notified by email. We go to a local restaurant just for that but being able to make it at home would be awesome! Our family love pizza so this would be ideal for us & amazing for summer parties as well. The Whitlox Forge uses wood efficiently, and best of all, you do not need to make charcoal first, because it burns seasoned chunks right from the wood pile. Having a fuel that is readily available to most people is ideal, and you can of course begin stockpiling it now.
Making a wood fired oven doesn’t mean you could only bake pizza, on the contrary you can also cook bread and any other food inside the brick dome. The depth of the footings vary according to the soil structure, therefore you should consult an engineer or study the local building codes. From our experience, we can assure you that most of them are good for your project, provided you select the ones without cracks or other visible damages. Building the foundation is essential for your project, therefore make sure you pay attention to this aspect. For a small and simple pizza oven, we recommend a diameter of 3′ (90 centimeters), as to be able to bake 3 average pizzas at once. Let the concrete to dry out properly for several days, before filling the gaps with a mix of fine sand and cement. If you don’t add the sand, the mortar will crack and your wood fired pizza oven will collapse. If you have sensitive skin, then you should definitively use gloves when laying the bricks. Select and use only the qualitative bricks, as the ones with cracks will reduce the efficiency of your wood fired pizza oven.
Pay attention to the shape of the oven, as this would influence the final look of the construction. In addition, you can use cement mortar to bond the bricks together, when building the chimney.
In addition, you should also consider insulating the brick oven and check out the rest of the project. That’s why they are also called pizza ovens.Wood-Fired Pizza OvenWhat is the secret of a commercial wood-fired oven? The ProGrate contains a thicker Tombstone pizza stone that retains more heat and makes insertion and removal of pizza easier. Keep in mind wood does not store forever, it will rot if stored outdoors, exposed to the elements, so consider this as you begin gathering it. We can assure you will be amazed by the extraordinary taste of the food and that you will spend great moments together with your family, cooking your favorite dishes. Why are these ovens appreciated?Maybe because this type of oven can add a subtle smoky flavor to your foods and last but not least, it can reach the optimum cooking temperature faster than other similar devices.Although each commercial wood fired pizza oven should be installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions that are specific to the type of oven, you should still make sure that your oven is installed properly.
We recommend you to consult a qualified engineer to help you with a plan, according to the soil structure.
First you must make sure that such a furnace installation complies with the regulations and laws of the municipality where you live. Keep in your mind that this type of oven requires a good working chimney in order to be functional. So, you must be sure that your specific wood fired oven type complies with the city building code.2.
You should check your home gas connection to see if it works properly if the wood-fired oven also has the gas option.3. Make sure there is no combustible source close to the place where you want to install your oven. It is highly recommended to read carefully the instructions in the user manual regarding this issue.4. If you use a forklift make sure the forks are spread as much as possible and don’t forget to check if the forklift or the pallet jack is rated to lift this weight.5.
Place carefully the wood-fired oven in its basis and secure it in place, using the hardware from the package and following the user manual instructions.6. Connect the gas lines if your oven is equipped with this feature and then connect the oven to the chimney through its flue adapter.7.

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