How to Make an Easy Origami Boat – In this video you will learn how to make an easy origami boat.
History tells us that the art of origami was derived to make concrete shapes such as cranes or boats.
STOP PRESS we are doing this again in 2011, send us your paper boats for WORLD COMMUNITY ARTS DAY 17 02 11.
It's time to have fun with paper and host Michael LaFosse has just the project for you.

When you are making some origami model, you will be doing the same set of folds in the beginning stage even though the final outcome is different.
Three-dimensional origami is an offshoot of the original Asian paper folding technique whereby multiple sheets of smaller paper are used to create an elaborate object. A quick and easy model for beginners, the sailing boats have their own built-in stand so that you can make a display – and create your own flotilla! Does anybody remember how to make one of those folded paper "duck puppet type which engages the mouth is closed when you move your hands?

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