Sure, there are other origami fish tutorials out there, but they're usually either difficult and long, or short and unsatisfying. This fascinating video shows in great detail how to fold beautiful craft paper into the shape of a fish using origami folding techniques. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. This Origami model is a variation of Origami Boat built using square paper – it stays as easy and simple as the square variation except that here we use a rectangle sized paper instead of a square one.

To get started with Origami Boat, take a rectangular sheet of Origami paper of approximate measurement 8 inch x 6 inch as seen below. When you press the right and left sides of the Origami model towards each other, the model opens up. You now press the left and right sides against each other, rotate by 90 degrees to arrive a square shape. Hold the top folds of the Origami model and pull away the two flaps away from each other to come up with a neat little Origami boat.

You just need one sheet of origami paper, like most paper folding projects, and the instructions in this video. There is a distracting musical accompaniment, but it is quite easy to follow the directions even if you have trouble hearing the oral instructions.

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